Sign In From the Handyman For Ninety-eight Years

In the territory of Zhao State, there are Liuxuanmen of the martial arts sect of Jianghu. Su Yu became a handyman disciple who was just getting started. Having obtained the sign-in system, he signs in at different places every day, and there will be various rewards. Sign in at th.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 160 surprise Chapter 159 Destiny Chapter 158 change

Chapter 157 Returning Yuan Treasure Vase Chapter 156 step flat ~ One hundred and fifty-five? Absolute certainty Chapter 154 demon clan Chapter 153 genius Chapter 152 Big Brother Chapter 151 read books, think Chapter 150 Sign in Chapter 149 scramble

Chapter 148 you are here to make trouble Chapter 147 1 It must be so, the day of the apprenticeship Chapter 146 ah?

Chapter 145 get out! Chapter 144 Behind the scenes, yin and yang are reversed Chapter 143 Bugs on the wagon Chapter 142 1 letter from home in the afternoon Chapter 141 Wannian Trail, Guiyuan Peak Chapter 140 1 thing about Li Xuan'er's past Chapter 139 practice sword Chapter 138 Nearly ten thousand years of Taoism Chapter 137 Guiyuanzong

Chapter 136 leaking jug Chapter 135 1 sword repairer Chapter 134 so what? Chapter 133 Say what's in your heart Chapter 132 Your honor, this seat Su Yu! Chapter 131 Black Demon Flag, stunning beauty Chapter 130 Master Youquan's plan Chapter 129 The monk outside the world, the magic gate of the secluded spring Chapter 128 Gorefiend, save the soul Chapter 127 In the wave of hands, a thousand feet of sword light Chapter 126 people are stupid Chapter 125 The big dream is a few years in autumn, what year is today

Chapter 124 Disband the sect, terror comes Chapter 123 The old ancestors, the mana is boundless Chapter 122 The devil is born, Shaolin blood cloud Chapter 121 Heavy snow, blood moon late at night Chapter 120 Kendo genius, big dream real pill Chapter 119 Time has passed, and 4 wars have arisen Chapter 118 Time flies, 30 years later Chapter 117 Gather the stars and leave quietly Chapter 116 Dream World, Chaos Sea of ​​Consciousness Chapter 115 Okay, I can cure it Chapter 114 pill Chapter 113 cure disease

Chapter 112 strange disease Chapter 111 think too much Chapter 109 foodie Chapter 109 father beating son Chapter 108 Um? this is 1 egg Chapter 107 1 painting Chapter 106 mission completed Chapter 105 Aura recovery, A1 on the mountain Chapter 104 0 times 9 Yang Shen Gong Chapter 102 Mission progress, incense in the snow Chapter 101 task progress Chapter 101 9 steps

Chapter 100 Get the news, Netherworld Gorefiend Ancestor Chapter 99 Sign in Longhu Mountain Chapter 98 Mystery Vial Chapter 97 Ignored and angry ~ ninety-six Chapter 95 Dragon Tiger Mountain Crisis Chapter 94 absorb Chapter 93 Thunder and the Heart of the Demon Chapter 92 shot Chapter 91 Someone came with a sword Chapter 90 Green Hair Green Corrosion Pills Chapter 89 huge gain

Chapter 88 The battle between good and evil, 3 strong Chapter 87 Enlightenment elixir, unintentional evil sect Chapter 86 rescue plan Chapter 85 Snakehead Purple Ginseng Chapter 84 The world has changed, Wang Xiaoxiao's mind Chapter 83 Gorefiend Party Chapter 82 Righteous Path Alliance, the peak of Wusheng Chapter 81 Jie Jie smirk, eat my Yuanshen 1 sword ~ eighty Chapter 79 which village? Chapter 78 Serious blood three, teach me to do things? Chapter 77 The first person in Kendo, Xiaoshan Village was destroyed

Chapter 76 Sword Breaking the Unparalleled City, Divine Sword Yulei Jue Chapter 75 Today the old man is invincible! (1 Chapter 74 warm wine Chapter 73 The senior turned out to be a sword fairy Chapter 72 Just relying on old and lonely loneliness! ~ cough cough Chapter 71 so brave Chapter 70 Absolute Sword Qi Chapter 69 1 sword blossom, 1 sword intent Chapter 68 VIP Chapter 67 I have you, brother Chapter 66 handsome man

Chapter 65 How is my Su Yu? Chapter 64 Dugu takes the sword ~ sixty-three Chapter 62 outside Chapter 61 Shaolin monk Chapter 60 Turns out I'm an ant Chapter 59 new form Chapter 58 Boys don't speak martial arts Chapter 57 Buddha Appearance Chapter 56 1 palm from the sky Chapter 55 1 pot of blood Chapter 54 baby

Chapter 53 holy messenger Chapter 52 girl Chapter 51 Go to the Shaolin Temple to sign in, the Tathagata Palm can make do with it Chapter 50 genius Chapter 49 sanctuary Chapter 48 Laga Wasteland, Gorefiend Sect Master Chapter 47 3 years later, super sign-in Chapter 46 6 Xuanjian Sheng, martial arts conference Chapter 45 Are you going to teach me swordsmanship? Chapter 44 Look at my Dark Lord's Mahamudra! Chapter 43 Thousands of swords flying Chapter 42 breakthrough

Chapter 41 Evil breath, unknown world Chapter 40 The death of Zhang 3, Tongfu Inn Chapter 39 Qi Perspective, Anonymous Senior Chapter 38 Thank you senior Chapter 37 Halloween Guiyuan Knife, there are surprises at sign-in Chapter 36 seniors are seniors Chapter 35 to deter Chapter 34 Zhang Kui, the main blood knife of Dazhai in Blood Sword Village Chapter 33 3 yuan is 1, can't bear 1 blow Chapter 32 Go to Xiaogu Mountain and destroy the Blood Sword Village Chapter 31 Little black bird sends a secret letter Chapter 30 Qigong Dafa, Innate 8th Grade

Chapter 29 The Su family's past, the 8 hexagram sword technique Chapter 28 Have a little wine, family martial arts Chapter 27 Fragrant secret poisonous wine Chapter 26 brother grown up Chapter 25 magistrate Chapter 24 Emerging gang Blood Sword Village Chapter 23 go home for new year Chapter 22 cute little girl Chapter 21 Enter the 7th grade of the innate, and sign in the library Chapter 20 learn medicine Chapter 19 Take 1 mouthful of blood, congenital rank 6 Chapter 18 I was careless, bitten

Chapter 17 Huanhe faction, yin and yang silkworm Chapter 16 Just a child Chapter 15 Angry Yan Guoxiang Chapter 14 Beautiful Nangong Yuer Chapter 13 The dire consequences of swearing Chapter 12 Yupei token and rejuvenation pill Chapter 11 Changchun Chapter 10 Legend of Martial Arts, Nangong Wentian Chapter 9 The Demon King in Flowers, the Hungry Ghost in Colors, Yan Guoxiang! Chapter 8 The Cliff's Secret, the 4th person in the field Chapter 7 trailing Chapter 6 Innate strong, hidden master

Chapter 5 Sign in Tianshuangquan, suspected treasure land Chapter 4 Yi Jin wash marrow, the first day after entering Chapter 3 Childhood playmate Zhao Pingan Chapter 2 Qiangjinjiangu pills, wash marrow and improve tendons Chapter 1 Handy disciple, sign-in system

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