"Let's do it together!"

An elder shouted loudly, and at the same time, he shot at the first time.

The other elders also realized the seriousness of the matter.

This old demon is too tricky, let's not talk about the level of cultivation.

The two secret treasures in his hands are simply too powerful!

Such a passive defense will obviously be broken sooner or later.

The only way at the moment is to hit the old demon first, and then there is a chance of survival.

After seeing this, the elders did not delay.

Swish swish! ! !

In an instant, an elder named Guiyuan Sect each ran the Guiyuan True Art, and his spiritual power surged.

As the rays of light flickered, each of them sacrificed their own magic weapons.

There are knives, swords, fans and bottles, and so on.

Under the urging of powerful spiritual power, the sky is full of brilliance, and the atmosphere of terror is rippling.

One after another powerful attack passed through the Guiyuan Sect's guardian formation, and bombarded the old monster overwhelmingly.

The guardian formation can block external attacks, but at the same time, it does not affect the cultivators in the formation to attack the outside world, which is also a powerful part of this formation.

Seeing this scene, although the old demon was not panicked, there was also a dignified expression on his face.

He quickly pointed at the golden sword, and the sword turned into a golden light, charging towards the dozen or so rays of light.

At the same time, the ancient book of earthy yellow suspended above his head was also a little more radiant at the moment, and the pattern protecting his body became more and more solid.

Naturally, the rest of the disguised demon cultivators didn't just watch the show, and they reacted quickly for a month, and they all cast their magic spells and rushed away.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

Soon, with a loud bang, the sky above Guiyuan Mountain was already illuminated by all kinds of brilliance!


The powerful aftermath of the energy set off a storm and swept across.

In an instant, a gust of wind whistled between the heavens and the earth, and there was even more smoke and dust on the ground. Some tall trees under Guiyuan Mountain were blown to the ground, and the unwanted monsters were also affected, and they were thrown off and fell to the ground.

The cultivators in the Nascent Soul realm are not common, let alone now, more than ten or more cultivators of the Nascent Soul are going all out together!

If it weren't for the fact that the Guiyuan Sect's guardian formation was still there, it would definitely have an impact on the Guiyuan Sect!

In the Guiyuan Sect, almost all the Guiyuan Sect disciples were shocked by this scene.

They looked up at the sky, dumbfounded.

It was their first time seeing such a scene.

"Okay... so scary!"

"Should... should have died?"

"With so many elders working together, the demon clan must be dead!"

Many Guiyuan Sect disciples murmured in shock, even though they were within the guardian formation, and there was still some distance to meet on the battlefield.

But just by looking at it with the naked eye, you can still feel that it must be extremely terrifying!

Although the demon cultivator is terrifying, after all, none of the elders in the sect gave it for nothing!

"Hahaha, you want to hurt me even with this little skill?"

Suddenly, a sneer sounded between heaven and earth, and a strong demonic energy rushed out from the chaotic light generated by the explosion.

The figure of the demon king appeared.

His whole body was still shrouded in formations, and the ancient book of earthy yellow was suspended above his head.

The golden sword was suspended in front of him, and his whole body seemed to be completely intact.



A disciple of Guiyuan Sect below saw this scene, and immediately showed a look of horror.

This old demon is too powerful, under such a terrifying attack just now, it seems that he has not suffered any damage!

In the sky, an elder named Gui Yuanzong didn't look good.

Although I had expected it in my heart, seeing it with my own eyes is still a little hard to accept.

That native yellow ancient book is too evil, and its defense is so amazing!

Just now, all the magic weapons have been released, and they will be displayed separately.

However, it still can't be shaken!

"Elder, this monster has a secret treasure in his hands. It's really hard for me to deal with it."

"Yes, if this continues, the terror will not be able to support the Sect Leader and they are here!"

"At the moment, I'm afraid I can only use the secret treasures of the sect."

All the elders opened their mouths one after another, and set their eyes on an old man with white hair and beard wearing a blue Taoist robe.

The old man's face was slightly wrinkled, and he looked like an old man in his 80s.

This is the contemporary Grand Elder of the Guiyuan Sect. Like Taoist Xuanjing, he is also a late Yuanying cultivator.

His strength is unfathomable.

The Great Elder gave the old demon a solemn look, and nodded immediately.

"That's all!"

As one of the major sects in Lingyun Prefecture, in addition to guarding the great formation, Guiyuan Sect naturally also kept secret treasures of the sect!

This is the foundation of an immortal sect!

It's just that existences like Zhenzong's Secret Treasure will never be used unless it is absolutely necessary!

Such secret treasures are generally used to suppress the sect's luck, and they will never be used easily on weekdays!

Only when the sect is at the critical moment of life and death, will he be invited out!

"Junior and younger brothers, please come out with the secret treasures of the sect, and work together to kill all the evil spirits!"

The first elder shouted loudly, and immediately the first hand seals were made again and again, and the fingertips flickered.

The rest of the elders followed, and they used special techniques to display special seals.

For a while, everyone's fingers flew, and a mysterious aura emanated from their bodies.

This breath spread out, and it seemed to have a feeling with the entire Guiyuan Mountain.

Suddenly, towering into the clouds, thick clouds and mists rose from the majestic Guiyuan Mountain, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth suddenly became incomparably rich.

"This... what's going on here?"

This sudden change made many Guiyuan Sect disciples feel at a loss and couldn't understand the situation.

Fortunately, an elder's voice came from above, saying: "Don't panic, this is the vision of the secret treasure of the sect!"

Hearing this, the disciples were relieved, and at the same time they were all excited.

"The secret treasure of the sect, are you talking about the treasure of the sect!"

"It is said that the treasure of Zhenzong of my Guiyuan Sect is extremely mysterious. I have hardly used it a few times since I opened the sect. I don't know how terrifying it is."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it too!"

A disciple named Gui Yuanzong talked a lot, and he was already looking forward to it.

Although he is a disciple of Guiyuan Sect, he doesn't know the treasure of the sect's sect.

They only learned a few words from the ancient books of the sect, and they have never seen its real appearance.

However, even so.

But even just in these few words, it is enough to understand that the treasure is very extraordinary!

Because, according to legend, this treasure of the sect is suspected to be the thing of an immortal!

Fairy treasure!


Every time I think of this, whether it is the Guiyuan Sect disciple or the other cultivators, they all take a deep breath!

Because this is really too shocking!

The strong Nascent Soul is very terrifying, enough for one side to rule the roost.

And the powerhouse of God Transformation is enough to traverse the borders of Lingyun Prefecture!

However, whether it is a cultivator in the Nascent Soul realm, or a great power in the realm of God Transformation, none of them can compare with the word "immortal"!

Thinking of some rumors about the treasures of the sect, countless old disciples of the Guiyuan Sect were completely relieved at this time.

Even if those monsters are powerful, since they have already invited the treasures of the sect, they will definitely be difficult to fight!

bang bang bang...

All this happened in a very short time.

With the display of the mysterious seal in the hands of the Guiyuan Sect elders, the entire Guiyuan Mountain trembled slightly.


Suddenly, a column of pure white light shot straight into the sky from the top of Guiyuan Peak!

The powerful spiritual power spreads like a ripple, shaking a large fog.

"That is?"

Outside the great formation, the demon king stared intently, his eyes condensed.

Naturally, he also heard about Guiyuanzong's treasure of Zhenzong.

And the reason why he came to attack the Guiyuan Sect first this time is directly related to this secret treasure!

The word immortal is too tempting!

Whether it is a monster monk or a human monk.

Or a magician, etc.

Cultivation also has only one purpose, and that is to pursue the immortal way!

However, the road to immortal cultivation is so difficult!

Not to mention the illusory immortal way, even stepping into the gods is extremely difficult!

Not to mention, it is hard to see Lingyun Continent's internalized cultivator now!

"Jie Jie Jie Jie, is it the fairy treasure of the Yuan Sect?!"

After the demon king looked at it, he suddenly laughed out loud.

I saw that in the pure white beam of light, there was a delicate treasure vase that was as pure as jade, and the whole body was crystal clear and white!

"Treasure bottle!"

"The treasure of my Guiyuan Sect turned out to be a treasure vase!"

Countless Guiyuan Sect disciples exclaimed below, and they all focused their eyes on the pure white treasure bottle.

At the same time, he was in the room at this moment, while he was cultivating, and Su Yu suddenly felt something, and opened his eyes a little differently.

"This is?"

At this moment, his face was a little surprised, and his eyes were a little strange.

His eyes flashed with divine light, his eyes passed through the wall, and after he raised his eyes and glanced outside the house, his expression became more and more strange.


Su Yu's thoughts moved, and suddenly there was an extra item in his hand.

This is a small bottle, the whole body is blue, it looks very delicate and extraordinary, and there are faint patterns on the bottle body.

Invisibly exudes an unusual aura, making people feel that they are not ordinary at first glance.

However, the only regret is.

If you look closely, you can see that there is a small gap at the mouth of this cyan vial!

"There is a slight connection between Guiyuan Sect's secret treasure vial and this vial, don't you think?"

Looking at the vial in his palm, Su Yu's heart moved, thinking so.

The vial in his hand was what he got by signing in under a moonlit night several decades ago.

However, what made him very depressed at the time was.

It looks like this vial is very unusual and mysterious.

However, it seems that it cannot be used at all because of the gap in the bottle mouth.

It can almost be said to be a piece of waste...

It is precisely because of this that the matter of this vial will be gradually forgotten in the future.

But just now, he, who was in retreat, suddenly had a feeling.

He faintly felt that the breath of the treasure bottle of the Guiyuan Sect was very familiar to him.

Surprised, he suddenly recalled this mysterious vial!

You must know that now his divine sense is extremely powerful, and he has long since forgotten it!

Su Yu was overjoyed when he thought that the small bottle in his hand, which he had always thought was a waste product, was somehow related to the Guiyuanzong treasure!

These days, he has also seen some things in Wanshu Pavilion.

Guiyuanzong's secret treasure is suspected to be related to immortals. Does that mean that this mysterious little broken bottle in his hand is also very likely to involve immortals!

Su Yu learned from ancient books.

Cultivator Jindan has a life span of about 500 years.

The Yuan Ying cultivator's life span is about 1,500 years!

Even if it is a god, it is only about five thousand years old!

As for the so-called immortals, they can be immortal and live the same life as heaven and earth!

Only in this way can he be called a fairy!

Not to mention anything else, just talking about this lifespan is enough to see how terrifying it is to become an immortal!

At this time, even though Su Yu got a lot of cherished things by signing in, at this moment, he couldn't help but stop his cultivation and stared at the Guiyuanzong treasure.

Return to the void outside Yuanshan.

"Not bad, hahaha!" The demon king laughed.

Even though he was guarding the great formation apart from each other, he could still faintly feel the mysterious aura emanating from it that was different from ordinary magic weapons!

Suddenly, he was ecstatic!

It seems that the rumors are not groundless!

This Guiyuan Sect's supreme treasure is really so unusual!

Most likely it has something to do with immortals!

Thinking of this, the demon king couldn't calm down, he laughed out loud: "Hahaha, this king will accept this thing today! Let me all work together to break the great formation!"


The demon cultivators responded in unison, and cast their magic spells again.

The golden little sword suddenly soared several times, reaching a full hundred meters, slashing straight towards the great formation.

Before that, the guardian formation had already endured too many attacks, and at this time it was already shaking, and the formation was flickering!

Under the slash of the golden sword, there were even more cracks!

It will be shattered right now!

Seeing this scene, the elders of Guiyuan Sect are naturally not vegetarians.

When they decided to invite the treasure of Zhenzong, they had already given up the guardian formation!

"You are arrogant, die!"

The Great Elder shouted and pointed towards the bottle of pure white treasure that was floating in the void!

After that, the other dozen or so Guiyuan Sect elders were not idle.

They all held the same seal as the Great Elder, and all moved towards the treasure bottle!

Dozens of rays of light converged and left~www.mtlnovel.com~ In an instant, the aquarium tilted.

The mouth of the bottle was aimed at the demon king and many demon cultivators in disguise!

In an instant, I saw a faint white light flickering at the mouth of the jade bottle, and then, the void at the mouth of the bottle began to twist strangely at this moment.


Not far away, when the demon king saw this, an ominous omen suddenly rose in his heart!

Looking at the mouth of the bottle, he only felt as if he was being stared at by a terrifying ancient beast. His whole body was actually blown up, and his body froze!

"Take it!" The Great Elder shouted loudly, and the light at the mouth of the aquarium was a little brighter.

A terrifying suction surged out, and the demon king showed fear in his eyes, desperately urging the ancient book on his head to resist.

Immediately, the ancient book on top of his head quickly turned the pages, condensing formation patterns that enveloped him.

The rest of the disguised demon cultivators were also frightened and reacted one after another.

However, the magic weapon in their hands could not be compared with the ancient book, and their bodies flew towards the mouth of the treasure bottle uncontrollably.

"Ahhhh!!!" A famous demon cultivator suddenly panicked and screamed in panic!



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