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Sign In From the Handyman For Ninety-eight Years

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Novel Summary

In the territory of Zhao State, there are Liuxuanmen of the martial arts sect of Jianghu.

Su Yu became a handyman disciple who was just getting started.

Having obtained the sign-in system, he signs in at different places every day, and there will be various rewards.

Sign in at the center of the training ground and get the reward [Jiuyang Zhenjing]!

Sign in on the cliff near the residence of the handyman disciple and get the reward [Millennium Snow Lotus]!

Sign in in front of the sect library and get the reward [Lingbo Weibu]!

In this way, it was not until decades later that Su Yu discovered that he seemed to have surpassed the peak of martial arts and reached the level of cultivating immortals before he knew it…

Ninety-eight years later, a martial arts devil who was born out of nowhere made waves in the territory of Zhao, and no one in the martial arts world was his opponent.

Until this day, the martial arts devil killed Liuxuanmen and met Su Yu who was sitting outside the library, basking in the sun on a rocking chair…

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Short Title:SIFHFNY
Alternate Title:从杂役开始签到九十八年
Author:Naive 2016
Weekly Rank:#2377
Monthly Rank:#2428
All Time Rank:#4133
Tags:Adopted Protagonist, Cheats, Eye Powers, Game Elements, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Ruthless Protagonist, Strong to Stronger, System, Transmigration,
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19 Comments on “Sign In From the Handyman For Ninety-eight Years
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  1. Sudah bagus menurutku, aku akan memberi nilai 3/5. Karena dibeberapa chapter author seperti tergesa-gesa ingin menyelesaikannya, sehingga terlihat sangat kacau. Yang saya suka adalah untuk MC dia tidak bermain wanita, dia hanya memiliki 1 orang istri. Tetapi yang saya sesali di akhir chapter author menulis dengan tergesa-gesa berikut cuplikannya... Mulut Su Yu menunjukkan senyuman, memikirkan Wang Xiaoxiao. "Aku tidak tahu apa yang terjadi pada Xiaoxiao?" Sekarang dia telah mencapai keabadian, dia tak terkalahkan di dunia ini. Saatnya memikirkan pernikahan... ... Waktu berlalu, tiga tahun telah berlalu. Di sebuah kota kecil, Su Yu dan Wang Xiaoxiao hidup bahagia bersama.

  2. Chapter 12 sign in got rejuvenation pillx99 can dissolve 99% of strange poisons and treat 99% of diseases..then later he found nangong yuer obviously poisoned... So what to do? Of course suck the fckin poison out of her because I got plot armour not only will it not hurt me but it will be beneficial...but what about the rejuvenation pill? Who cares...

  3. Turns out that the poison is a silkworm... I don't know if rejuvenation pill can solve it.. so maybe he made a right move..

  4. Finished reading... It's interesting but when the chapters had an authors note of (kneeling and begging to subscribe) the story slowly feels to become more rushed.. and in the end he got dragged in the hole created when he killed the part of soul of nascent soul cultivator and went in cultivation world.. got picked up by a girl.. helped the girl..applied to the sect which the girl belongs to..sign in.. practice cultivation..then suddenly the demon raid the sect.. sect use the treasure bottle but not enough so he helped too (he got treasure bottle too but broken and they resonate to each other).. then turns out the liquid from treasure bottle can increase Taoism and when he reach immortal only then he can fix the bottle.. then timeskip to when he became immortal..then few words of instructing the sect master he came back to the old world where he and Wang xiao xiao got married (no details how he came back) just a simple "Time flies, three years have passed. In a small town, Su Yu and Wang Xiaoxiao lived happily together." And the end..

  5. I don't know how their brain circuit work. Mc just save two old man from sect and those people think him as ancestor from their sect. And mc didn't even use their sect techniqueCan't they think some expert pass by and save them . And mc become cocky starting from ch 38.

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