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Crossing Xu Fan, who became the last hope of the Thousand Hands Clan, began to sign at the border of the Fire Country.

Reward: Chakra between the pillars and the Chakra release!

Since then, a series of sign-in tasks have been opened: Ninja School, Naruto Building, Valley of the End, Naruto Bridge, Death Forest, the three major heritage sites…

The sign-in rewards are god-level rewards that shock the Naruto world!

Sarutobi Rischi: No need to be suspicious, thousands of hands are enough to inherit the name of the strongest Naruto, the god of Ninja world!

Da She Wan: I have to admit, Xu, you are the most perfect existence so far.

Payne: You are the god…

Uchiha Madara: What a powerful force this is, even beyond the pillars. You are the enemy that makes me the most troublesome so far. Madara would like to call you the strongest!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SIFN
Alternate Title:从火影开始签到
Author:A lying rabbit
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#253
Monthly Rank:#138
All Time Rank:#266
Tags:Cheats, Fanfiction, Kingdom Building, Marvel Universe, Naruto, Overpowered Protagonist, Strong to Stronger,
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17 thoughts on “Sign in from Naruto
  1. kakashi, anbu, root, become stupid fools… there no technique or trick when fighting…even they cannot use/play 3 basic jutsu (clone, substituse, transfrom) when fighting… and MC use it to kill them with One hit… when MC use substituse jutsu, MC can kills them like they are just chicken, and make kakashi(already anbu) awe and amazed… wtf is that… no clone, no substitute, no transfrom, no kawarimi, even basic class C jutsu rarely use, basically Enemy Mode Easy : On

    1. Jangan dibaca, ini sampah lain dari penulis China sialan, idiot perusak karya orang lain, jika masih keras kepala untuk membacanya, akan ku katakan,kau pasti akan menyesalinya

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