at this moment.

   "What is above the source?"

   Wang Feng thought.

   Origin, one source word is enough to do everything.

   The origin of everything is also the end of everything.

   Logically speaking, the origin means the end and limit of life cultivation.

   It's just different in intensity.

   The life origin in the ontology is a very powerful life origin.

   This kind of powerfulness may be the origin of many worlds and countless years.

   has its origin, and it can change in a single thought.

   But is there a stronger cosmic power above the source?

   Wang Feng thinks so.

  Because there are still universe-level life.

   The mystery of the universe is endless. Even if this clone reaches its current level, it will only vaguely touch another switch for Wang Feng.

"The origin of the demon gods can change the world. The nine demon gods where the nine demon gods are located all have different changes. This is formed by their own changes, changing the nine domains into the most suitable world. Any trespassing demon **** will be greatly affected. Influence. But... the origin of the demon **** cannot truly control the entire demon realm."

"Otherwise, when the three major demon gods besieged the soul demon holy city, the Qingluo demon **** alone can solve it. To put it bluntly, the demon domain they control, the end of the rules, is the dark demon world formed by the nine domains. And it is not Yan who controls the dark demon world Lord, but the magic source of creation that controls the well of reincarnation."

   "That is the only true **** that controls the rules of the dark demon world. These demon gods, at best, can't, at best, rely on the powerful lives of the dark demon world. But they can never break out of the rules of the dark demon world."

   can't jump out of this world, the devil can only be the devil.

   cannot become a real chess player.

   "But from another point of view... the demon gods also own many worlds. For those worlds, their demon gods are also the only true gods of those worlds... and the rules of those worlds are also created by the demon gods..."

   Thinking of this, Wang Feng's thoughts calmed down.

  He stared at the sky.

   The dark world has already shed light.

   That is the light of space breaking and breaking rules.

   The demon gods cannot solve the Kuroshio, because they are not the real masters of the dark demon world.

  Especially the pseudo-world of the Dark Demon Realm that is unified on the surface, but actually divided.

   is not just the Dark Demon Realm, many big worlds are the same, and there are few that can achieve the unification of rules and truly control a realm.

   came to the ancestral world, let Wang Feng see the way to go in the future.

at the same time.

   Outside the Kuroshio.

   The sky of the nine regions has become extremely gloomy.

   This kind of spectacle is the first for the Dark Demon Realm.

   But for the Demon God, he probably knows what happened.

   "The world collides? Such a magnificent world...Which cosmic life is this coming?"

   On the demon ship, the Demon God Nan Huang looked at the sky with cold sweat.

   As far as the line of sight is, at the junction of the two worlds in the sky, there are only countless rules to touch.

   The real shadow of the world clearly told him that this is definitely not something that the original source can do.

   The power contained in that world, not to mention the devil, even a demon can feel it.

   can understand the origin, the power perception of the world will begin to become clear.

   let alone the devil.

   "I can control such a huge world and suppress the dark world..."

   Nanhuang Demon God couldn't believe it, "This is definitely a universe-level life... it can only be done just now, but why didn't this world come down? Is it a warning?"

   Nan Huang Demon God clearly felt that this world was huge.

   Because of the news from the God Killing Terminal, there is the same vast ground in the sky above the sky above the Nanhuang Demon Realm.

   Such a vast area means that the size of this world is at least half that of the Dark Demon Realm.

   Because of the distance of Nanhuang Demon Realm from this place, he has already passed through at least four Demon Realms.

"This is definitely a warning... Directly use such a huge world to suppress the Dark Demon Realm. Once the rules of the Dark Demon Realm are shattered, all lives below the Demon Lord in the Nine Realms will be suppressed. Even if the Demon God escapes by chance, Will be greatly hit."

   Nanhuang Demon God has a fearless demon heart, and at this moment there is a little fear.

   This kind of method is rarely seen by Nan Huang Demon God.

   Because even they deal with other worlds, they would not use such a thankless way.

   For cosmic-level beings, it is possible to deal with the Dark Demon Realm just as they deal with those small and medium planes.

   can achieve a certain degree of suppression, but it is not so exaggerated.

  In this way, it is very laborious.

   can only be a warning.

"Who would it be? There are only a handful of universe-level beings who have been to the Dark Demon Realm, and they have long since disappeared... and most of them have been sightseeing and have no grudges against the Dark Demon Realm. After all, they are dignified universe-level beings, even if they have enemies. It is also against other people of the same level, not against the Dark Demon Realm..."

   Nan Huang Demon God yelled in a low voice, "Little Eight, immediately lower the demon ship, don't float an inch."

   "Zun, it has fallen." Guard Xiao Ba said.

   "Are you very witty?" Nan Huang Demon God breathed a sigh of relief.

   If the whole world is directly suppressed, if he is attached to the air, the moment the rules of space are broken, the fleet may be destroyed for the first time.

"It's okay." Guard Xiao Ba said, "Your honor, I suddenly remembered the things about the spirit demon holy city before. Do you remember that ray of devilish energy? And the emperor who took away the Tianming River... this is Two things that have an important relationship with the first demon. Especially the wisp of demon energy taken away by the Demon God of the Wild Sea."

   "You mean..." Nan Huang gasped, as if recalling something, "Is that the first demon who came? This **** Demon God of the Desolate must be so!"

   The first demon had become a universe-level being very early, but he had almost disappeared in the long history of the dark demon world.

   There are very few soul demons who know.

   And now...

"Retreat, stay away from this place first. This is definitely a warning, the first demon will come, and use this method to warn that the guy in Huanghai is afraid that he will be a bully. We'd better not get involved at all, the farther the better. "

   Nanhuang Demon God just wanted to return to his hometown in Nanhuang Demon Realm, and he couldn't leave behind closed doors.

   What are you kidding about, this kind of warning has come, who would dare to mess around?

   is almost the first time.

   Nan Huang Demon God then left the demon ship, and left first, alone, and even traveled directly through the void, for fear of getting him into trouble.

   It's not just him.

   almost at the same time.

   The remaining two demon gods in the demon world, who were hiding around the Kuroshio Current, also left in awe.

"what is this?"

  The flaming smoke looked at the sky. She had just sensed the location of the Nanhuang Demon God. She planned to solve the Nanhuang Demon God first, but she encountered this situation unexpectedly.

   At the same time, it was almost the same as Nan Huang Demon God thought.

"The first demon? He has returned to the dark demon world? Because of that wisp of demon energy...what's a, maybe because of Diye? After all, the only thing that can be related to the first demon, except for that wisp of demon energy , And Tianming River..."

   The flaming smoke has a lot of thoughts, and the context cannot be the same for a time.

   But what is certain is that this guy who has just entered the Kuroshio is inseparable.

   "First demons overtake, directly suppress the dark world with the big world, those demons hidden in the dark, probably only want to protect themselves...for fear of being affected."

  The flaming smoke looks at the Kuroshio in the distance, frowning slightly, "It seems that something is wrong..."

   In the dark tide.

   Somewhere, surrounded by the center.

   "It seems that things have changed."

   The Flowerless Demon Lord stared at the gradually shattering Kuroshio, only to feel a supreme pressure, constantly coming from above.

   At the same time, as the world inside the Kuroshio gradually shattered, the rules collapsed.

   A feeling of rushing into Bibi Dong's soul.

   "This feeling...Is it him?"

   She stood in place and muttered to herself.

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