Yan Mengyao was taken aback by Wang Feng's thoughts.

But in an emergency, the heart pounded.

The Hell’s legacy does not contain detailed measures on how to deal with the Kuroshio Current.

There is only resistance.

For example, Wang Feng is now able to adapt to the situation inside the Kuroshio Current, because the Hell Lord connected the Eternal God Killing to the Chaos World.

So that the emperor who got the eternal slaying of the gods can adapt to the Kuroshio, so as to find a way to solve it.

But Hell has no solution to the Kuroshio.

After Wang Feng entered the Kuroshio, Yan Mengyao analyzed according to the data left by the Hell Lord, but even the eternal killing of Gods could not come to a solution.

It can only be said that Wang Feng will not be swallowed by the Kuroshio.

Although Wang Feng could not solve these emptiness, Yan Mengyao could use eternal death to kill Wang Feng and enter the ancestral realm.

So as to avoid danger.

But this is obviously not Wang Feng's purpose.

In the Kuroshio Current, the only source that can function effectively is the Hongmeng source.

Once in the Ancestral Realm, it would be impossible for Wang Feng to use the Hongmeng origin to analyze these void beings, let alone solve the Kuroshio.

But now, as the first master of Eternal Killing of Gods, Wang Feng's thoughts made Yan Mengyao feel a little unimaginable.

But after thinking about it carefully, it seemed that it was somewhat possible.

"The master is the master," Yan Mengyao said, "The idea is great..."

Thinking of this, she felt a little surging.

The master is standing at a higher level to solve the Kuroshio.

It's not just wanting to resist, nor is it just wanting to solve these void lives.

"Then I will try!"

Yan Mengyao's voice slowly disappeared.

Wang Feng took a deep breath.

Whether it is the special energies in the Kuroshio Current or these void beings, even the Demon God cannot solve it through normal means.

Otherwise, the Dark Demon Realm would not be afraid.

Since it cannot be resolved through normal means, there is only another way.

The scope of the Kuroshio only covers part of the three demon realms, and the spread speed is extremely fast, but it has not yet spread completely.

The ancestral world is different.

As a new world transformed by chaos, the scope of the ancestral world is still expanding, and its area is larger than any of the nine regions.

Wang Feng intends to directly mobilize the ancestral realm with eternal killing of gods directly in this area, compress it, and then seal it, and slowly study the origin of Hongmeng, maybe it can become some kind of opportunity.

Just controlling the whole world directly, it felt like the first time for Wang Feng.


Wang Feng ignored the purple light and shadow around him, even if they wrapped Wang Feng into a tuft, Wang Feng did not change at all.

I saw that his palm was lifted upward, and an ancient giant tree grew directly from the center of his palm.

The branches of the giant tree grow upward, and every branch and leaves tremble, as if stirring the rhythm of the universe, responding to changes in the week.

In an instant, the pressure of horror came from this giant tree.


First, countless regular patterns began to flicker around the giant tree, and then rushed towards the inner surroundings of the Kuroshio.

At this moment, Wang Feng sensed the Ancestral Realm.

I felt everything in the ancestral realm, from the rules of heaven and earth, to the lives of all things, and the eternal killing of gods in charge of the heavens of the ancestral realm, passed everything in the ancestral realm to Wang Feng.

"Although it is a newborn, it is such a magnificent world." Wang Feng muttered in his heart.

Pressure comes from the ancestral world.

In the nascent world, everything comes from nothing, and all the rules and avenues are specified by eternal killing of gods.

"Ancestral Realm, come!"

Wang Feng let out a low cry, and the countless regular patterns around Eternal Killing God began to surge wildly.

Suddenly, the Dark Demon Realm of Nuo Da, the Nine Realms shook.

The sky is a boundless vast earth, and the space begins to crack from all over the nine regions.

The biggest impact is the sky above the Kuroshio.

Wang Feng held the palm of his hand up to the sky, as if he was carrying the entire world, and countless rules blended at the junction of the Kuroshio and the outside.

The Kuroshio has its own world and has unique rules.

But now, as Wang Feng controlled the eternal killing of the gods and brought down the entire ancestral world, the rules of the two different worlds began to collide.

In the void, countless black wormholes were exploded, and countless void lives began to be swallowed by these wormholes.

Cracks began to form around the Kuroshio.

The screaming screams passed from all around to Wang Feng's soul.

"Master, it seems feasible!" Yan Mengyao was extremely excited, "The Kuroshio was formed soon, and the interior is not big, and the ancestral realm is a new world, both the rules and everything are surprisingly powerful. It is impossible to withstand the coming of the ancestral realm. This way. Going down, the Kuroshio might be compressed directly into the Ancestral Realm!"

She was very excited.

Probably I didn't expect this method to work.

Because no Demon God had ever thought of doing this, and never encountered the combination of Ancestral Realm and God Killing.

We must know that in the vast majority of the world where Chaos first opened, Heaven's Path has not been produced.

How could it be possible to have eternal killing of gods as the way of heaven, guiding the development of the world, quickly customizing the rules of the world, and synchronizing the universe.

Wang Feng was silent.

He seems to be in the center of gravity of the cosmic storm at this moment, and his whole body is full of countless regular energy. The emptiness of UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is not affected by any regular energy. Even the devil can't do this.

From the perspective of life, these emptiness purple light and shadow, although the level of consciousness is not high, they are indeed an extremely abnormal existence.

It is impossible for Wang Feng to actually descend the Ancestral Realm directly into the Dark Demon Realm.

This will only cause disaster.

The collision of the two big worlds is bound to cause endless disasters.

However, Wang Feng held the giant tree transformed by Eternal Deity, descending the Ancestral Realm over the Dark Demon Realm, and at the same time, he must focus on the position of the Kuroshio to compress it, which requires a lot of effort.

Moreover, it also needs to bear the mighty power of the entire world.

For the devil, the mighty power of a world is nothing.

After all, the devil can destroy those worlds at will.

It just depends on what world it is.

Like the Demon Realm they are in, it is a big world in itself.

With the mighty power of the Demon God, it is very difficult to hold up this big world, because in this big world, there are still the aspirations brought by endless lives.

But that is not impossible.

And the Ancestral Realm, from Wang Feng's perspective, he believed that it was stronger than any of the Nine Realms of the Dark Demon Realm. More powerful than the God Realm.

It just hasn't developed yet.

It is not easy to bear the power of such a world.

The storm formed by countless rules twisted Wang Feng's demon body, and the power of the entire world was added to him, which put great pressure on Wang Feng.

Vaguely, there is another peculiar perception.

To reach the level of the demon god, you need to change the origin of your own comprehension in order to reach a level that can change this great world.

Therefore, to perceive each big world and evolve its origin is an indispensable homework for the devil.

For Wang Feng, this is also an indispensable part.

(End of this chapter)

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