"This... Chaos? No, right, pure chaotic energy does not possess this stickiness and destructiveness."

Wang Feng was shocked.

The world in the Kuroshio, because there is no light intake, is a darkness.

This point is very similar to the Chaos World.

But there is a big difference.

When Wang Feng was in chaos, there was only pure loneliness.

Anything you want to do in it is the only soul, the freedom of the devil.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Because in chaos, everything is nothingness and will be assimilated by chaotic energy.

In the world in the Kuroshio Current, the soul is constantly under strong pressure.

Wang Feng's soul is already very strong. After the test of chaos, his soul power has reached a very high level.

Stronger than those demon gods.

But in this way, it can be clearly felt that the soul is very heavy.

The negative effect is obvious.

The soul is like being put on a yoke, for the demon god, the strength will be greatly reduced.

"Other than that, the situation in the Kuroshio Tide is seven points similar to Chaos."

Wang Feng slowed down.

Nothing can be sensed in chaos, because nothing is born in the chaotic world, so nothing can be sensed.

But it's different in the Kuroshio.

Wang Feng felt a lot.

The original earth, the corpse on the ground, and the dark tide energy around him.

These energies are more irritable than Dark Devil Qi, so irritable that Wang Feng dare not inhale it with Devouring Origin.

Because he had a hunch in his heart, once the swallowing source was used to inhale these Kuroshio energy into his body, it would be extremely dangerous.

‘This place is really not a place for normal creatures. Not to mention other things, just being seven-point similar to the chaotic world, normal creatures can't stay at all. Once affected by this kind of Kuroshio energy, even the demon **** cannot escape death. ’

Wang Feng looked around.

After entering the Kuroshio, there was only darkness all around. Although Wang Feng could sense the details of the surroundings... but he could not sense the end.

‘It’s the breath of the law of origin. A special law of origin has been placed in the Kuroshio Current. Once you enter, it’s almost difficult to get out from the inside. This original law...should be laid down by those emptiness in the Kuroshio? ’

Wang Feng walked forward calmly in his heart.

The Kuroshio has spread so quickly that there are many soul demons on the ground that will not be able to evacuate in the future.

Most of their strengths are not high, capping the upper rank soul demon.

Demon Lord is almost rare.

After all, after reaching the level of the devil, the induction of many dangers can be avoided. The speed of escaping is also much faster than other soul demons.

Soon after Wang Feng got used to it a little bit, he began to accelerate.

"Strange... the situation of the Kuroshio is similar to the Chaos World by six or seven points. Could it be that Hell binds the Eternal God Killing to the Chaos World in order to allow those who can get the Eternal God Killing to solve the Kuroshio?"

On the way, Wang Feng suddenly thought.

It must be so.

He adapts quickly to the Kuroshio.

If he were to be another Demon God, he would probably be far behind him now.

It only takes a long time to adapt. After adapting, the soul can't bear the pressure.

The most important thing is that you cannot feel the flow of time.

This is the most similar to the chaotic world.

I don't know how long it took before Wang Feng finally felt the devil's body.

It means that the devil has fallen.

The demon king understood the origin, even in the dark tide, he would not die easily.

Only possible battle broke out.

Wang Feng suddenly felt the dead demon.

His demon body has completely decayed.

There is not even a trace of original aura.

His demonic soul also remained, without even a trace of breath.

Eighty percent may have been eaten.

On the remaining devil's body, there was no trace of battle, nor did it know how it died.

"Nothing life, is it a spirit body similar to a ghost?"

As Wang Feng thought about it, his soul suddenly trembled.

In an instant, several clusters of light emitting a purple halo emerged from the front.

"Nothing Life..."

The light appeared for the first time, and in this dark tide, Wang Feng was really surprised.

However, he could not sense the slightest breath of life.

That's right, Wang Feng can only see the few light groups in front.

But it can't sense anything.

Nothingness means non-existence.

But life is an entity that exists in the real world.

Void life is very contradictory.

Before Wang Feng came, he didn't quite understand what this existence was.

Even if it is a ghost, it belongs to the rebuilding of the devil soul and belongs to the spirit life.

Just like those ghosts and ghosts in ancient legends in previous lives.

And these...

"This should be the most dangerous existence in the Kuroshio Current?"

Very weird.

Can only see, but cannot sense.

In other words, from the line of sight, it exists.

But with the spirit and soul to perceive, there is no at all.

Is not the same dimension of life.

Wang Feng felt the illusion of soul annihilation from these purple light clusters.

The light group rushed toward Wang Feng quickly, and Wang Feng's vision became clearer.

Only when the distance is close can we see the purple water like magma flowing through the whole body of these light clusters, without faces.

Does it resemble the void life in Wang Feng's imagination?

However, it seems to be composed of pure Kuroshio energy and only possesses basic killing consciousness.

At least Wang Feng felt the desire to kill.

‘Very low-level life... not even basic consciousness, no self-awareness, not even wisdom. ’

Wang Feng frowned slightly.

But in the Kuroshio Current, this purple light and shadow life exudes a very terrifying breath.

What exactly are these things?

Wang Feng's eyes flickered, and Hongmeng originated, printing the appearance of these lights and shadows into the origin model for analysis.

At the same time, Wang Feng gently uttered an ancient sound in his mouth, playing the chaotic eighth tone, to see if it could be pushed back.

These lights and shadows will certainly not be attacked by normal origins. If they are attacked by mental power alone, they may be effective.

The ancient sound dissipated like water waves in all directions, but the light and shadow did not stop at the slightest and attacked Wang Feng.

"Don't eat any harm?"

Wang Feng was taken aback for a moment.

Then, in this dark tide, how can these void lives be resolved?

This is not so good.

Like the ghosts in the Tianming River, they don't take physical damage, but mental damage can cause damage to scale.

The purple light and shadow, more and more, showed a ring shape, directly surrounding Wang Feng.

The shackles of the soul, as if shrinking, greatly increased.

Wang Feng frowned.

The origin of Hongmeng has been urged to the extreme.

The more these lights and shadows, the greater the pressure around them.

If I changed to another Demon God here, I am afraid it would be close to collapse.

This is too exaggerated.

Once surrounded by these void lives, I am afraid that it will be hard to say what to end.

"Adapting to the Kuroshio Tide does not mean that you can survive in the Kuroshio Tide... Eternal Killing of Gods, in addition to the origin of Hongmeng, maybe there is a solution to this thing in the Eternal Killing of Gods?"

Wang Feng thought.

The analysis speed of Hongmeng origin is extremely slow.

These lights and shadows belong to all unknown types. Unlike Pangu Axe, King Feng of Pangu Axe has a great understanding of himself.

So the analysis speed is actually quite fast.

But like this kind of life never seen before ~www.mtlnovel.com~ the resolution speed is not fast.

But it's just unpleasant. As long as a certain amount of time, the analysis can also be completed.

"Yan Mengyao, when the Hell Lord created the eternal killing of the gods, didn't he inject the details of this kind of emptiness into the killing of the gods? Give me detailed treatment."

Wang Feng immediately called for eternal killing of God.

Eternal Killing of Gods is now acting as the heavenly way in the Ancestral Realm, and is the source of the Ancestral Realm, and generally cannot be left easily.

But it does not mean that eternal killing of gods has no other effect, on the contrary, it has many effects.

As long as he has the information, Wang Feng can urge Hongmeng Origin to analyze it faster.

"No, because these emptied lives change all the time." Yan Mengyao's clear voice sounded, "The Lord formed the Ye Mojun and guarded the dark boundary. He has a lot of information about the dark tide. However, the dark boundary is true. The Kuroshio is two different things. The Ye Molord is just guarding the border instead of actually entering the dark hole plane, which is the source of the Kuroshio."

"These void beings have also been seen occasionally. But although there are many materials, these void beings change all the time, which means that the materials have no effect."

On the way here, Wang Feng and Yan Mengyao exchanged views with the Kuroshio.

Since the eternal killing of the gods is made by the hell, then the **** will definitely back up many important and extremely important treatments in the eternal killing of the gods.

The Kuroshio that erupts on the Dark Hole Plane is a disaster for many worlds and is the main research direction of Hell.

However, these materials have very little introduction to the void.

"Life that changes all the time."

Wang Feng groaned, “It’s not going to work like this... Yan Mengyao, cast the ancestral world! Since it can’t be solved, then I will directly use the ancestral world to compress the space where the Kuroshio is, and directly collect it in the ancestral world for sealing. I can’t solve it!"

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