Outside the Holy Soul Village.

   The sky was bright, and the white mist covered the small wooden houses in the village.

   A little boy dressed in plain linen, ran out from the misty village gate.

   He has wheat-colored skin, bright eyes, and even breathing. He ran to the small mountain in front of him without any rush.

   ran halfway, suddenly remembered something, stopped at the foot of the hill, and looked over one of the boulders.

   I saw a little boy about his size lying on the boulder.

The little boy had beautiful eyes and looked very attractive, but now he looked lazy, lying on the boulder, with Erlang's legs, his mouth still holding a blue silver grass that can be seen everywhere in and outside the village, chewing it. Delicious.

   "Brother Feng, wake up so early every day, do you work out with me today?"

   He smiled at the little boy on the boulder.

   "Little San'er? Get out, I lie down righteous, and squint for a while. The sky is getting hotter and hotter. When you finish exercising, come and wake me up again."

   The little boy on the boulder didn't open his eyes, he seemed to have known the person, so he said lazily.

   "...Brother Feng, can you not call me by the name San'er..."

   Tang San gave a wry smile.

   Feng Ge, his full name is Wang Feng.

   is a few months older than him, a famous little slacker in Holy Soul Village.

  Other five or six-year-old boys, at this age, mostly get up and exercise in the morning to prepare for the imminent awakening of the spirit.

   Either get up early to cultivate the land and do some farm work with your parents.

   Brother Feng, often looks hopeless from morning, lying down and doing nothing.

   However, Brother Feng is very pitiful. When he was first born, I heard from the village chief’s grandfather that his mother had passed away because of a dystocia.

   Later, my father was overwhelmed with grief and became ill from overwork. Within a year, he also died.

   Then, Brother Feng was adopted by the village chief's grandfather.

   As the days passed, Feng Ge gradually became the governor. In addition to paying homage to his parents every year, he would not be immersed in the sadness of his parents' early death.

   Although he is lazy, Feng Ge is really smart.

   Thinking of this, Tang San still looked at the little boy lying on the boulder with some admiration.

   In the past few years, Feng Ge didn't know how to make Shenghun Village's food and vegetable output greatly increase, making the originally barren Shenghun Village gradually richer.

  Ge Feng also stood up at the entrance of the village, the pillar that was in the mouth of the village chief’s grandfather, which may be the legendary soul saint’s handprint.

   claimed to the outside world that this was the handprint left by the soul sage, and he also compiled a lot of stories, saying that as long as they come to pay their respects and touch, they may become the soul sage in the future!

   It just attracted a lot of villages around, even Notting City, there are often tourists who come to the village to pay their respects.

   The remote and barren Holy Soul Village will be built like a small town within two years.

   Even my father said, this Maple boy, his brain is different from others...smart and sensible.

   The whole village likes him.

   is too lazy.

   "Not called junior..." Wang Feng thought for a while, "Could it be called junior?"

   "..." Tang San looked speechless, "Let's call Xiao San, Brother Feng, I'm going to exercise first."

   As he said, Tang San waved his hand and swiftly climbed towards the distant hill.

   Although the other person is small, his hands and feet are very swift. The hills over a hundred meters high seem to be flat in front of him.

   Within a few minutes, I climbed to the top of the mountain.

   "As the saying goes, one-third of the sky is doomed, seven points depend on hard work... Ninety points depend on gold fingers... As the protagonist of the Douluo Continent, it is different..."

   Wang Feng looked at Tang San's clean and sleek expression with an expression that was just right for lemon.

   Is this what a six-year-old boy should have?

  Like himself, let alone climb up, he can't kick him after running for a while.

   "They are all traversers... Xiaosan, you are the strong reborn..."

Wang Feng sighed leisurely, "I'm different, I'm a rebirth of the weak...I am a small house in the 21st century, my duty, how can I cross into the world of Douluo Continent? A supporting role in a dragon suit."

   "Don't give me a gold finger. How can I play it?"


   Wang Feng is also a traverser, but compared to the protagonist Tang San, it is much worse.

   There is no background against the sky, no Ding Ding system, and no martial arts spirit...

   Of course, Wang Feng is very eager, but no!

   Therefore, Wang Feng has been salting fish for six years, but with the wisdom of his previous life, he can barely improve and improve the Holy Soul Village, so that he and the villagers can live a little more comfortable.

"Soon, it will be the official plot of the Douluo Continent, and the tool man Su Yuntao should be about to come... If I awaken a sickle spirit or a **** spirit, I will just slam my head on the tofu and kill him directly. "

  Wang Feng chewed on the blue silver grass and looked at Tang San, who was on the hill, breathing out, cultivating Xuantian Gong and Purple Demon Eye.

In the eyes of   , that is extremely envy

  He was on this boulder every day, watching Tang San practice, just wondering if he could secretly learn a trick.

   Unfortunately, he is not a genius, and he has no perspective.

   I watched it for more than a year, but I didn't see anything.

   But watching Tang San slowly grow stronger, the lemons are full of baskets, and the baskets are full.

   "Those Douluo fan fictions that I read in my previous life, just behave with Tang San and make a brother, and they will teach you all of Tang Sect's unique knowledge... It's a mess!"

   When Wang Feng thought of this, he suddenly scolded the authors who hated Shabi.

   This Tang San is not a six-year-old child, but the soul of his family is a genius who has played tricks on many high-level Tang Sects, and can also create the Tang Sect's supreme hidden weapon, Buddha Fury Tang Lian, and learn the highest internal strength of Tang Sect.

   is still the soul of an adult!

   Even his father, Tang Hao, didn't mention this Xuantian Baolu.

   When he was six years old, he was hidden as the biggest secret.

How can    tell you an outsider?

   People have just crossed to the Douluo Continent not long ago, even if you are a real brother, Tang San might not pass it to you.

   "I really want to go back... Oh, no cell phone, no computer, can't use Douyin, can't play games, S9 doesn't know if G2 won or FPX won."

   "I can't find the resources even if it's special... Forget it, I won't move."

   Wang Feng sighed.

   For the past six years, he has always wanted to go back.

   If there is a gold finger, Wang Feng feels that he must be proud and ambitious. In this Douluo Continent, he fought fiercely in all directions, married a few beautiful girls, created a reputation and left a legend...


   Forget it, salt the fish.

   After a while, as the rising sun was born on the horizon, the purple clouds were scattered on the ground, as if they were covered with bright clothes.

   Wang Feng also felt a touch of warmth.

   "Mr. San, you should be done soon, right?"

   As soon as Wang Feng finished muttering, he saw Tang San walking down from the hill in a glamorous manner.

   "Brother Feng, why are you still holding blue silver grass in your mouth?"

   Tang San looked at Wang Feng, who was still lying on the boulder, basking in the rising sun, and said helplessly.

   "Why, do you still look down on Blue Silver Grass?"

   Wang Feng chewed a few times. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

   "This is... the most common grass after all."

   Tang San said seriously, "However, even though it is an ordinary grass, its vitality is also the most vigorous and tenacious. In this regard, the blue silver grass is not ordinary. I don't mean to look down upon it."

   Hearing these words, Wang Feng looked at Tang San dumbly.

   deserves to be the protagonist. He is different from the rest of the little kids, and he can say these very meaningful words.

   "That's right, so I decided, Xiaosan, your martial arts spirit will be Lan Yincao!"

   Wang Feng said lazily.

   "Brother Feng, you are too bad, right..."

   Tang San gave a wry smile, "Curse me!"

   After all, this is the most common plant grass, Tang San still hopes that his martial soul will be a little better...

   "However, the spirit of the martial arts will only appear after awakening, Brother Feng, what you said is not counted..."

   Tang San left with a smile, not forgetting to turn around and say something, "Brother Feng, remember to go back to the village for dinner."

   Wang Feng watched Tang San go away silently, sighed faintly, and his heart was sour for a while.

   is also at this time.

   "Ding, the story of Douluo Mainland officially begins... Congratulations to the host for the first time to check in and get the item: Meteor Tears!"

   "Note, the item will be delivered to the host in a realistic way. It is expected to arrive this evening...Please check it carefully."

   "Next time you check in: Holy Soul Village, Wuhun Hall! If you can check in with the innate full soul power, it will trigger additional mysterious martial arts! Hope the host will work hard to improve!"


   With this sound in his mind, Wang Feng jumped directly from the boulder like a cat with exploded hair!

   flushed with excitement...

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