This trace of divinity in the Nine Leaf Longevity Immortal Grass is extremely strange.

Ye Yun did not find any divine existence in the soil of that valley.

But this nine-leaf longevity fairy grass has a divine nature.

This shows that this strand of divinity was deliberately added.

"It seems that the existence is not dead, everything he is doing now is in the layout, I want to take a look, what he wants in the end..."

Ye Yun said with a smile.

It was not the same as the Red Immortal Land, in this Jiuyou Digong, there were not too many demons who had fallen.

It doesn't seem to be the fall of the demon clan to feed back this Fang Jiuyou Digong, it seems that it has no deep meaning.

Ye Yun was very interested.

He wants to slowly appreciate this good show and see what kind of back-ups the guy behind the scenes has.

And now the **** cat should have successfully attracted the attention of the black hand behind the scenes.

Presumably, there will be a series of layouts and designs.

Ye Yun wants to wait and see.

An hour passed.

Cat Baoer's heart jumped for a long time, and finally waited until the nine-tailed civet opened his eyes.


She let out a breath, and another breath of blood.

The Nine-tailed civet guarding the law, who was already seriously injured, was frightened. For fear of someone approaching, under the pressure of both physical and mental pressure, Mao Bao'er almost collapsed.

She faltered and fell to the ground suddenly.

The **** cat immediately flew over when he saw this place, and immediately hugged Mao Bao'er.

"Your injury is very serious..."

The **** cat glanced at Mao Bao'er's face, his face was gray, and there was no blood.

Thinking of Mao Bao'er protecting himself for so long, the **** cat gritted his teeth and took out a six-leaf immortal grass.

"Hurry up and take this down!"

The **** cat handed the longevity fairy grass to Mao Baoer's mouth.

"This is too precious, I can't take it!"

Mao Baoer struggled to refuse.

"Don't grind, let you take it and take it, which is so much nonsense!"

The **** cat stared with a fierce look.

Mao Bao'er gave a shock, opened his mouth and took the longevity fairy grass.

The **** cat put her on the ground and let her sit there to refine the immortal grass.

He also sat aside, his eyes half-squinted, feeling the condition of his body.


The **** cat was startled as soon as he saw the condition inside his body, with a surprised expression on his face.

The nine-leaf immortal grass actually increased his physical strength dozens of times.

And the tail of the **** cat also reached the seventh point.

This discovery can give the **** cat an unusual surprise. As a family of nine-tailed civets, each time a tail grows, the strength will be greatly enhanced.

"Oh!" After the surprise, the **** cat suddenly opened his eyes, and an annoyed look appeared on his face again.

"I'm such a beast, I actually took the Nine-Leaf Immortal Grass. This was originally what I was going to give to the head..."

The **** cat blamed himself very much and slapped himself twice when he reached out his hand.


After two slaps, it seemed that he still didn't feel enough, and he kept lashing on his face.

"Who makes you greedy? This nine-leaf longevity immortal grass has the best quality. It should be given to the head first..."

The **** cat blamed itself.

After a while, Mao Baoer opened his eyes.

After refining the longevity fairy grass, all her injuries were healed, and her body was much stronger than before.

"Big brother, you don't have to blame yourself. Maybe there are nine-leaf longevity fairy grass in this place. Let's look for it now!"

Mao Bao'er was a little unbearable, and quickly persuaded.


The **** cat nodded, and he also felt that Mao Bao'er was justified.

He was a bit of a dead end just now.

It seemed that there was only such a nine-leaf longevity fairy grass in the entire Jiuyou Digong.

Then, the two went back on the road.

Not long after flying out, they found a group of golden light in a nearby valley, and there was a six-leaf immortal grass in the golden light.

"Our luck is too bad!"

Looking at the golden light on the Sky Spirit Mirror, the **** cat laughed and flew over immediately.

After flying over the valley.

The **** cat stopped, and he found that near the golden light, there was another golden humanoid creature.

"This!" The **** cat and Mao Baoer glanced at each other, both eyes showing shocked expressions.

The golden humanoid creature found them again.

What the **** is this for?

Repeated and repeated, this is the third time.

Condescendingly, the **** cat asked with a cold face: "You fellow, why do you always want to trouble me?"

The golden humanoid creature's facial features are blurred and it is not clear at all, but it stretched out a finger, pointed at the longevity fairy grass, and then pointed at the **** cat.

"It turns out to be a deaf man!"

The **** cat squinted and let out a sneer: "You mean that you can only get the longevity fairy grass if you defeat it?"

The golden humanoid nodded.

The **** cat was speechless.

This guy competed with himself again and again, every time he was born and died, what exactly did he figure about?

The golden humanoid's palm shook, and a golden long sword suddenly appeared. It jumped up and slashed towards the **** cat.

The **** cat gritted his teeth, poured mana into the black shield, and greeted him fiercely.


The golden sword slashed on the shield and made a loud noise.

The golden humanoid creature was shaken out again.

It did not attack again, but with this force, it retreated a certain distance in the air, hiding in the black mountain range.

"Run again?"

The **** cat is really speechless.

This guy hit and ran away, what's the plan?

The **** cat shook the black shield in his hand, and saw that there was another sword mark on it, and his heart was really distressed.

But there is no way.

He only has this decent weapon in his hand.

In the valley before, he used a black shield to block the black corrosive liquid sprayed by the giant konjac flower, and the **** cat was worried about whether it would be corroded.

But then he found that worrying was unnecessary.

The liquid of the giant konjac flower did not cause any damage to the surface of the black shield shell.

On the contrary, the golden swords of golden humanoid creatures hurt the most.

"Brother, is it trying to destroy your shield magic weapon?"

Cat Boer said next to him.

"It's possible!"

There was a sudden jump in the **** cat's heart, and his face became gloomy.

This golden humanoid fought with him once, and I am afraid that he also suffered some injuries. I don't know where he went to heal.

It is possible that the golden sword in its hand will also be affected.

When they reappear, the golden humanoid and the golden sword have recovered...

"Too despicable!"

The **** cat spat out. If this happens dozens or hundreds of times, the black shield that Uncle Ma gave him will definitely be ruined.



Suddenly, there was a violent noise in the mountains far ahead.

The **** cat was taken aback.

The noise was not small, it was comparable to the battle scale of the dozens of great monsters in the valley before.

"Can the Sky Spirit Mirror see clearly?"

The **** cat quickly looked at Mao Baoer and asked.

"Can't see clearly."

Cat Baoer injected mana into the Sky Spirit Mirror, but didn't see the picture he wanted.

"Go, let's go ahead and have a look!"

The **** cat suddenly grabbed Mao Baoer, turned into a black light and pierced through the air.

A battle of this scale, at least the eight-leaf immortal grass might trigger such a war.

If possible.

Maybe... Another nine-leaf immortal grass has appeared.

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