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Sign In For 100,000 Years, Please Hurry Up

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Traveling through the fantasy world, Ye Yun became the head of the Shenlong Sect. His talent was amazing. He led the Shenlong Sect, opened up frontiers, and continued to grow.

When I was in high spirits, I suddenly awakened the sign-in system.

A careless move, bewitched by the system, the soul enters a mysterious space, can’t practice every day, sign in once every ten minutes, and get amazing rewards. One hundred thousand years have passed.

one day.

The 298th head of the Shenlong Sect came to the grave to bid farewell and was about to disband the Shenlong Sect.
The sign-in is over.

Ye Yun went out of the customs and began to slaughter the Quartet, countless forces were crying and howling.

A hundred years later, the sect of the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, begged Ye Yun to step into the gate of the immortal realm.

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Short Title:SIFYPHU
Alternate Title:签到十万年,求求你快飞升吧
Author:Yi Chenxi
Weekly Rank:#175
Monthly Rank:#39
All Time Rank:#1672
Tags:Cultivation, Dragons, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sect Development, Weak to Strong,
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36 Comments on “Sign In For 100,000 Years, Please Hurry Up
  1. I got tired with the way of this book that show us that'I'm Strong so I must bully the weak'i had already bored to read the novelplot that had face slap, protoganist bully the weak and stupid side character that love to make trouble for mc. I wonder why Chinese author love to make this kind of book? Beside that, the book doesn't even make sense at all. How came someone who were low in caltivation and never learning sword skill suddenly got enlightenment and can use sword skill after he was promote to higher cultivation?Although the sword he got from Ye Yun was from higher qualities or maybe had soul in it but it doesn't mean they can use that sword skill like Master who has practice sword skill for centuries...this book really does not make sense at all

  2. They finally brought in a love interest........... kill me now; I hope that shit will be background cause romance in these types of novels always make the mc turn into a beta type mc somehow.

  3. The first 6 chapters are just Mc talking to this girl. From conversations Mc doesn't seem reliable and probably is going to take an eternity to avenge his sect which he could do in one day and move on to rebuild it and do other things. Dropped at chp7

  4. He's in the realm of Gods but hides his cultivation base at profound core realm ? Come on author you gotta do better than this bs

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