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Shi Hao, a young man who took over the supreme powerhouse, obtained secrets such as endless exercises, martial arts, formations, alchemy techniques, and talisman techniques, which opened the way to legend.

Any genius, any overlord, in front of me, all have to crawl.

Those who do not obey, kill!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SE
Alternate Title:修罗帝尊
Author:fly alone
Weekly Rank:#491
Monthly Rank:#472
All Time Rank:#3835
Tags:Abandoned Children, Arrogant Characters, Beast Companions, Dense Protagonist, Harem, Immortals, Late Romance, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Family Background, Romantic Subplot, Ruthless Protagonist, Strong Love Interests, Strong to Stronger, World Hopping,
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11 Comments on “Shura Emperor
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  1. Adding Harem as a tag, since he is promised to marry one girl but ends up marrying another while they are apart, well he was tricked but MC accepts it anyway. *Ch 625* Could also put a few more tags but they are irrelevant overall such as, first time intercourse and beast companions (well this one may change since a new character was added recently).

  2. -CH 1199- So far, he has not married anymore girls there are 2 that were introduced recently, well really just 1 of them is being developed the other (milf with a kid) is just an interesting side character so far. You could probably ignore the harem tag I added for now as so far, it's just 1 girl + a promise to another, which is mentioned sporadically. Also, the wife he has now is just a background mob until recently where she gets power leveled. She was a decent character before marriage but afterwards she literally has no personality besides being his content wife who blocks off potential rivals occasionally. At least there has not been any clichés of her being kidnapped just poisoned. Recently there was a chapter that is basically anti-trans, but I mean if you make it up to that point, I think you could see how bad the comedy is especially when it comes to gays and butts. Above may sound strange, basically there were signs showing that author is not really all for lgbt. It is a minor thing (maybe 12 chapters in the whole novel till now) but I know it is a turn off for some. I’m not at the end but I can definitely see how the author is speeding up, I mean ∼1000chs in the mortal world going up what 10 ranks vs the last ∼600 in the immortal world with 5(maybe more) ranks. Author even added stone gambling like 100 chapters ago. Was hoping for more interdimensional wars or even combat (romance? interaction?) with non-humans so far, we had 1 not counting elementals.

  3. So, I finished the novel, and it turned out exactly how I expected. I was surprised to see that the author has experience writing, mostly in the aspect of how most fights/interactions were the same. I started to skim entire fighting chapter towards the end due to how dumb the MC fights are, and the number of times the author brought up how good MC's teleporting was. I was hoping for some earlier things mentioned being used at some point, but they sort of just died when he went to the immortal world, like knife, fire, and time (main one tbh) even the egg he got. Moving on the finale was expected from early on and I cannot really see myself hating on it, just wish it was explained more. Like his artifact spirit had no role in the story towards the end, she was just dumped out. MC ends up with 3 wives total and 4 kids 3 of which are girls and x number of grandkids that are never explored. He could have had another wife but said they had no connection, which is honestly really dumb as they literally fought together for 10+ years. It was mentioned through a timeskip, so I did not expect much anyways, but she was brought up later for a faceslapping. Speaking of timeskips the entire last like 200 chapters are full of them, so much so that MC went from *SPOILER* ∼500 to over 20k to 3million.

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