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A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of that gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions).

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Short Title:SGS
Alternate Title:少女大召唤
Author:Ruqing Rusu
Weekly Rank:#3033
Monthly Rank:#4086
All Time Rank:#2585
Tags:Adultery, Average-looking Protagonist, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Cheats, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Parody, Perverted Protagonist, Polygamy, R-18, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Shameless Protagonist, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Strong Love Interests, Summoning Magic, Sword And Magic, Time Travel, Transported to Another World, Vampires, World Travel,
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36 Comments on “Shoujo Grand Summoning
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  1. finally finish reading, huh, well, sorry for the many complaint here, zZz. this novel are good, except mc personality, if u can ignore mc way of doing things, then, it is recommend to read it.

  2. mc becoming more more innocent virgin pure man, shit. in seikoku no dragonar, luca even post directly on him, but mc be like a virgin protagonist anime. and even when mc want to kiss the girls, it was slow to reach it, maybe it takes minutes to reach the mouth then got interrupted. when the girls forced to kiss him, mc brain got blank even dare to question in his brain why the girls are doing this. waste. when rebecca ask to date with him, mc brain got blank too, and keep thinking the same thing in his head even after the date end and got kissed by rebecca, mc still question and doubt why her doing this.

  3. I dont know what to say about mc, u know,, he can buy medicine to let the girls immune to any damage, or did he forgot about the system? only take the system as task mission? and the most stupidest thing mc does was, he charged a lot of item in the golden ring for system point to exchange for sacred dragon armor that he dont even use at all. he waste millions of 3 or 4 system point(dont remember the point shop) to create a thing that he doesnt even use, it start when mc go to seikoku no dragonar, cuz of knowing the about the *pal* thing, he resolutely charge millions of 3 or 4 system point to create those armor while assuming that everyone that has pal has sacred dragon armor, >>> and know at the end, when mc was not having enough system point, mc was regretting why in the beginnig that he dont care much about system point, <<< he said that, seriously? from mc knowing about the power of the gods, and the system clearly said that mc can exchange the power of the god with the sacred weapon, and it just needs a lot of point. and now mc said that he doesnt care much about system point in the beginning??????? and in gensokyo(maybe) mc waste those point just to let her know why mc need the blood? cant he just said the truth directly? all the time, mc always perfuse the conversation or when question by them, then how can they trust mc? he himself are too stupid to give an explanation to them. for all those years and experienced mc spent in copies worlds, mc never mature at all.

  4. I really dont like this type of mc innocent virgin reaction. he ate many girls already, but when met with new situation, he be a virgin. and mc always cant control his own emotion whenever he encountered something that excite him(let the people see him crazy,broken,mental etc...)...

  5. mc is shit. cant he just killed the enemies directly? what talking so much bullshit. he can kill them directly, but mc just punch them, and then let them escaped? fxk. what use of strength, if even the weak always escaped from him.

  6. the most stupid mc Ive ever seen, for all those years, he never mature at all. when something happen, it all the same, why cant just explain it directly? always said, "this is misundertstanding""if I said no, would you believe it?" so stupid. other ask for explanation, but mc kept repeating the same thing. and mc already done it with many girls, but still act like virgin. waste.

  7. and mc know that kotori sister restrict him in the house, why not just moved out? always make easy thing become complicated. so stupid. he has a lot of money. isnt the brain evolution becoming more smarter and more computing power? so why mc becoming more more stupid?

  8. "The branch office was destroyed, and ‘DEM’ should temporarily converge and converge, let us breathe a sigh of relief, let us live a peaceful life, and things will come to an end...” the most stupidest thing ever said by a powerful person that can easily destroyed a world? whattfxk? mc keep repeatedly let the enemies run away many many times fxk. just killed it directly, shit. he can just use space directly to kill, why give them time to respond? just bcuz they are weak? stupid thinking. mc said "let is live a peaceful life, things will come to an end"???? seriously? the enemies just right in front of him, can be easily killed, but he let them respond and escaped? is that peaceful life? what are the peace of the enemy still there? all the time mc always said to have enough power to protect his girls, and create a place for them to live, so, if even their world mc cant even be kept safe and full of enemies that mc always let them escaped, then, how can mc let his girls be safe? he can solve them directly, so why always makes thing so complicated? mc just like a slave, he already powerful that nobody can fight him in date a live world, but he still listened and need to considerate to the leader of the world and be their coolies, even give time to enemoes to respond??? and now mc got attacked and almost got hurt, didnt it give the enemies information that they can killed him if they evolve the equipment more powerful?

  9. can mc stop mentioning or discussing about the system when there are other peoples, and in the system, there's still a prop to let other not hear the voice? there many time already, mc and his girls always discussing about system in front of other, mc said dont want to let other people know about his system, but, all what happen are just want to let others know about system. and, what are they to mc to let his girls be in danger? even when they see there are full of peak 9order, they still want to go in to see, then, even his girls persuaded him not to go, why mc would follow them just to let his girls be in danger??? then after he and his girls almost died, mc just complaint even felt unwilling when the boss target his girls?? so? why in the first place mc join them? and even when the boss ask mc to left that place cuz mc are not the people in the world, but mc still didnt leave, then almost died, shit. and from the beginning, he can just left the warcraft forest from the start after he killed those siege monsters, but mc just stay stupidly discussing about the system with his girls, then support from empire come met him, and even request help for him to guard their people? what the? did they gave him any benefit to let him risk his and the girls life??? what a waste.

  10. and, mc just waste those summon point to summon the same weak as him, cant mc think clearly? he has 5M summon point, then just summon more 9order or even maybe half-step god, those girls in other world that time still, why bother to waste to summon them? theres still a lot of time to summon them later. and, mc always look at the girls as the original animation, cant he look at them as a human?(like fran, cuz of her instability in animation, mc just assume that she was dangerous, even madly complaint to system and shout in front of outsider, and even plan to restrict her directly, after he got her summon, mc didnt even know anything about her at all, and then mc got beaten by her, I wish fran just dissect him slowly)(like kotori, her black and white personality, cuz of the animation, mc became afraid of her black state? tfuck?)

  11. seriously? when mc want to buy a magic in system store, he buy magic forbidden book of toaru world.?? if it were me, I would rather choose space and time magic, u know, mc mobility are really limited, and when his girls are in danger someday, it'll be slow to arrive with his mobility. and mc fight most of the time only with his sword, and always need to get close to beat the enemies. he dont even have a long range attack, even his sword skill that he bought from the system are limited, and need to recharge before the skill are release.

  12. im really mad at mc, shit. he dont feel relieved to let the 20000 misaka clone to stay at the camp, then, why mc didnt put them in other copy world? the time of the copy are still, then just let them be there, what wrong with it? mc dont want to be like aliester, but, mc felt relictant to bring then into magic space, he let the 20k misaka clone do the hunting for exp, treasure and the other, it still the same as aliester. so hypocrite. the warcraft world are in chaos, but mc just let them be there, even let misaki to manage them so mc can bring other girls to travel the world. stupid. im really mad at mc now!!!!!! just put the fcking damn in the copy world shit. the warcraft world, dont have any relation at all with him, even the girls understand it, and they rather go to other world than stay there, bcuz of the 20k misaka clones, some of them need to stay there, fxk mc, but mc just want to fckg attract the troubles. and why the fxk mc didnt ask the system, whether it has a magic space item that are suitable for living person to live in it? mc alwaya confused, then he let it be, the system can answer any question he wanted to if he just fxking ask the system.!!!. what use of the system if mc dont even know how to use it?

  13. why after sword art online arc, mc personality changed?? before, even if he was spineless, he can still tease the girls or be decisive to eat the girl he likes, but now, even when seeing a nked girl, mc be like other virgin protagonist, even moved to other place to avoid it. in strike the blood, mc was like an idiot with low IQ and low EQ(eq mostly lower from the start),

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