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Shooting In Nightmare Game [Unlimited]

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All the guests participating in the love variety show traveled to the infinite game and bound the love variety system.

[Guests, please start a heart-pounding date in a romantic place~]

Guests: … Romantic venues, do you mean Scream Amusement Park, Deadly Aquarium and Wraith Hotel?

When tasks are issued:
[The scorching heat is too hard to bear, please buy an ice cream for your companion! ]

Guest A looked at the scary clown with a row of sharp teeth in front of him, saliva even dripping on the ice cream, and swallowed hard.

[Please arrange a perfect candlelight dinner for your companions! ]

Guest B saw that the last person who was sent into the kitchen in the pot did not come out again, fell into deep thought, and looked down at the pot he was in.
[Please be the winner in this shooting game and win big prizes for your companions! ]
Guest C was tied to the target, looking in horror at the ghosts and guest D with a gun around him.
Guest D…Guest D tore up ghosts on the spot, snatched the big prize, and cleared the dungeon with a group of guests.
Live viewer: Wait, isn’t she a lazy and greedy waste? ! Why can everything?
Jiang Jingzhe: (without changing expression) This is a skill I learned in a dream before.
Jiang Jingzhe, 19 years old, female, got a job after coming out of the main god’s space and became an annoying female guest in a romance show. Now she is forced to retire and return to her job.
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2. The background board of the hero, not a teammate

Content tags: unlimited stream system cool text live broadcast
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Short Title:SING
Alternate Title:在噩梦游戏拍恋综[无限]
Author:Lian Guang
Weekly Rank:#7762
Monthly Rank:#7750
All Time Rank:#9765
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Cruel Characters, Depictions of Cruelty, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Ghosts, Money Grubber, Monsters, Showbiz, Survival,
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  1. Что за фигню я сейчас прочитал? Что за, бесконечное повторение "временной петли"... What the hell did I just read? What an endless repetition of the "time loop"...

  2. I am not sure if this story was transmigration or not...when fl realized that she is a female suppprting character. sheis actually rich but no one on the entertainment industry know. She is a blackened actress. The protagonist of the novel is a fl's father's daughter. Since her parents died she stayed with fl but everyone in the industry thinks she is rich. Fl's fiance loves protagonist and fl's and her father's relationship is a little enstranged. Then fl gets a system and realizes protagonist has one too which steals the luck of fl and she counterattacks.. This is during a love variety show.... Please help me find it

  3. Hii can you please help with one more book if you can...!! It is a chimese transmigration story with the background of love variety show. Mc is transmigrated as a really chubby girl who loves the ml. She is not a celebrity bu the show director as her to be part of it becoz she has cheerful personality. Our mc is transmigrated to a scene at an ice ring. Our mc loses her fat during the love variety show by excersising only and becomes beautiful. She later becomes a world famous idol with some help from ml who is a singer-songwriter/composer

  4. I'm sorry I tried looking for the book but I can't find one that fits that description 😅. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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