In the sky.

A hazy dandelion was floating.

It looked like a cloud of mist, and it was also like a hazy and transparent jellyfish, covered with threads of blood and spider webs.

This is the universe of the mother river civilization.

Although it's just a a parachute, floating in the air, slowly falling, but it can also overlook the entire chaotic land, with a powerful feeling that everything is in the eyes.

"You said, your Lunar God Ji, and a semi-element descendant with strong qualifications, is in secret retreat and research, preparing to develop the universe?" Rong Orange was slightly surprised when he heard Yuan Qinghua's words.

Can the other party really stand it, and is still studying in retreat?

Don't know what powerful creature to study?

I heard that it is also a semi-elemental creature, and it is also related to the mother river civilization, which makes some expectations.

After all, he is now in a high position in the universe, the ancestor of the mother river civilization, and he is a member of the common development of this civilization. He shares honor and disgrace, and he naturally has to do his best.

"This dandelion is just an experiment now, but there are more, and when gathered together, it is naturally a super large umbrella-shaped ancient tree, naturally a mother river civilization." Rong Orange looked at the creation flying in the sky, very satisfied.

Although it was still crude, it took too much thought.

How to keep the universe in the air for a long time is very difficult and difficult.

The quality must not be high. How to reduce the quality is the biggest problem.

Collecting a large number of talents, researching together, spending countless experiences, plus countless test data that have been launched before, can we achieve this step so quickly.

The current mother river civilization is all elemental life, that is, life in material form, which is too heavy.


They naturally saw the confrontation on the shore of Chaos Sea below in the distant high sky.

"Haha, we have started to fight, and we have a good conflict with us." Rongcheng laughed and said, "Pheasant and I have internal information, but I don't want to occupy these coastal ports... I and Pheasant. Ji has no conflict."

"After all, we are walking on an empty road!" Yuan Qinghua said with a smile: "If they have waterways and ports, let them fight for it. The convenience of the empty road is actually the best."

They are the army, and they are the air force.

In fact, although those ports are very good, they are not necessary.

It's good to have it, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't....Now everyone is vying for it, and they will naturally not touch this brow.

"Besides, the port area with dense spiritual energy is certainly a treasure, but it extends in all directions...It is also difficult to defend." Yuan Qinghua laughed.

"That's the case." Ji Entropy looked serious, "Now, we might as well go deep into the sky, bypass the coast, and enter the deep inland of the cosmic continents, looking for a treasure land as our supplementary energy base."

"In the future, the pattern will definitely still have an advantage in the coastal areas, the land is outstanding and the people are outstanding, and the more inland, although there is a place for the universe with ample aura, it is also because the inland is less prosperous than the coastal areas.

"And we are not afraid."

"Best, this place is not only dense, but also easy to defend and difficult to attack." The sun **** Asa laughed, "The so-called easy to defend and difficult to attack, except for this spiritual vein, the surrounding is vast and wide. , All are barren.... It is difficult for other people to travel long distances to enter and attack to come in."

After all, they are the heavens in the flying universe, and the base area is best to be remote.

As far away?

Floating in the sky, not afraid of the distance at all.

In this way, easy to defend and difficult to attack is the best choice.

Moreover, the orange melting is also for later consideration, and the current trend is temporary.

Soon, this prosperous age completely broke out, a large number of saints proclaimed the universe, the rules were completely perfected, and the Chaos Sea began to nurture life...their frontline coastal areas must be bridgehead fortresses, their bases are deep in the universe, and they are naturally safe. Extremely.

While flying, they looked down below.

"I don't know, how do other civilizations besieged the Pheasant's side?" Rong Cheng smiled brightly. This is so cool. Not only does he seize the opportunity, but also to see them fight to death.

I am afraid that among the longevity saints, the one who has surpassed the pheasant period and is the leading one exists.

"However, those civilizations should not be underestimated." Yuan Qinghua was also high in the sky, overlooking the battlefield below.



I saw a tyrant gold-plated universe factory, slowly floating up, exposing the sea level.

In Rong Orange and the saints who were observing in the distance, another special universe appeared, which turned out to be a small TV-shaped white universe.


The small TV universe began to send a large number of small quantum game players to rush out of the shore, densely packed like fungi, to kill the vast light-year universe plants.


"The first wave of zombies is coming."

An ancient plant universe in the distance, like an eternal and immortal ancient god, rooted in the earth, its vast size is shocking, with unimaginable powerful pressure.

Puff puff!

The pea shooter started firing cannonballs and quickly washed the ground.

But those little ant creatures were densely packed. After being bombarded, some creatures began to break through the defense line and slowly approached the potato wall in the front row.

"What is this?" Rong Orange was slightly surprised.

Yuan Qinghua looked serious, "This is a small TV universe. Undead quantum individual creatures are sent to launch the first wave of attacks. Their size is too small, and the other party can pass through this kind of bombing."

"Look, they have a steady stream. They seem to be endless in number, but in fact they have a limit." Yuan Qinghua explained, "It's just that the batch that died in the front will soon be reborn in their own universe, and then again. Keep going..... In this way, there will be one wave after another, and it seems that there will never be a limit...Of course, this is a situation that consumes a huge amount of energy to supply."

Rong Orange nodded, "So, this is a bacterial and viral universe. Regarding the saints as viruses, they send dense undead viruses to approach the opponent's universe, attack, disintegrate the opponent's skin, and enter the opponent's universe... As a result, the opponent's seemingly indestructible line of defense will inevitably be broken."

Rong Orange is very amazed.

On the other side, the ordinary saints on the sea of ​​chaos, the longevity saints hidden and observed in the dark, and they also noticed this situation.

"Unexpectedly, the other party still has this kind of cosmic blood?"

"This is a quantum virus?"

"This method is too ruthless, it is impossible to guard against!"

"They regard the universe as a cell. These quantum viruses have to pass through the membrane of the universe, invade it, and destroy it from the inside!"

Some saints began to tremble, feeling that this hiding method was terrible, but fortunately, they were not aimed at themselves, otherwise they would have no resistance and would fall instantly.

Even the longevity saints looked heavy, and began to secretly vigilant, glanced at each other, "It seems that we have to find a way to deal with this kind of invasion, this kind of attack method is very scary."

They felt that the secret observation of this battle had benefited too much and opened up a lot of ideas. After all, the opponent's biological methods were extremely mature, and the evolutionary way of killing and felling was very strong.

Everyone is watching this battle, and also how the plants on the land respond.

Soon, the potato wall on the land was connected to one piece, seemingly not afraid at all, letting the immortal "bacteria" approach.


I saw that the bacteria plunged into the cosmic wall membrane, as if squeezed into the slimy potato mash, and quickly melted.

In the distance, the saints were also surprised.

"There are such methods!"

"It's really mysterious and magnificent. The fighting mode of both sides is amazing."

"They have already prepared for the other side's virus invasion."


These saints are like rural turtles, making the big octopus in the distance speechless.

It’s common for evolutionary creatures to fight together on the evolutionary sandbox to evolve ways to restrain each other. Isn’t it common?

"I think back then, as a generation of death, I pushed the entire evolutionary sand table horizontally, making other evolutionary creatures desperate. No matter how strong they evolve, they can't stand up to their own coquettish coquettish." The master, Ji Ji, blew up his glorious past.

Pheasant heard fascinated.

Instead, Xu Zhi was sitting next to him drinking tea with a black line on his face.

"I don't know, what other intrusion methods do they have? I can't. The first wave of offense won't work, just retreat?" Pheasant looked into the distance. UU reading

"Is that so?"

At this moment, the huge alchemy factory of Akina Mountain in the distance chuckled, "Sure enough, the other party put our hand, this potato wall, is to prevent viruses from invading the interior, and the secreted potato mash directly wraps the outer membrane of the universe. It has melted without attacking!"

"But, we will be afraid of you? As long as you get close, you can get your bloodline." Qiu Mingshan's speed was very calm, and he looked at the player next to him. He has already given the map data of Tudou Avenue to Di Qi.

Di Qi's complexion was calm and began to deduct.

After a while, with all the saints stunned, the vast golden factory floating on the chaotic sea began to roar.

Produced one by one local tyrant golden potatoes, with a pair of feet, began to float on the sea of ​​chaos.

The saints on the Sea of ​​Chaos were all taken aback, observing in the dark, "This is the second wave of attack, what is it? It can replicate the opponent's creatures?"

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