The expressions of Di Qi, Caroline, Three Pillar God and others changed slightly, and their expressions were not very good.

They looked at the emperor at a high place.

Sure enough, the methods are amazing.

Before, they used other methods to surpass their painstakingly drifting on the sea of ​​chaos and evolving the universe, but now this method is far ahead.

Everything seemed to be held by an invisible, living in the calculation and layout of the other party, so that they could not surpass from beginning to end.

"I'm afraid that everything is being calculated from beginning to end."

Di Qi looked at the pheasant and the emperor, sitting on a high place calmly drinking tea, and said helplessly: "Asura warriors are originally staged creatures of evolution. Obviously, the emperor is well prepared to let the civilized world under his command. Carrying out this kind of knowledge cultivation in advance, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a small "Spore Evolution", now is for this time..."

"It's not that we can't do it, it's the other party's first-mover advantage, the other party's long-established layout! The creatures under his command are now proficient in this way, and it is of course to surpass us like a fish in water."

Caroline also took a deep breath and looked at the coastline, with some admiration, "Unfortunately, all the talents I have cultivated by civilization are useless....This is a brand new system and we need to re-train talents."

The tilt direction of talent is different.

Although combat-type talents are still very strong, they have retreated to the second line of "thugs". Talents who enter chemistry are the strongest.

This also led to the tilt of Caroline's internal resources. The powerful level of Tiandao Piano has become her strongest confidant, helping to cultivate new talents.

The same goes for Di Qi.

Emperor Qi, the alchemy emperor, and even the mothers and mothers who had always been "destroyed", have instantly become the most talented beings, and things are truly impermanent.

After all, Di Qi's evolutionary talent is far inferior to them.

Di Qi itself has no creative and pioneering power. Although he has also learned advanced knowledge of evolution in the "composite sand table", he does not have the innovative ability to create new spirits.

Now, what Emperor Qi is also waiting for is to wait for them to evolve new creatures, and then learn, merge, strengthen, and renew by themselves.

As for the Three Pillars of God, the pattern also changed suddenly.

Before, the balloon fish that had been cold on the bench, as a means to contain Du Xue, suddenly became an extremely human minister, held up his chest, and became the "fate stop" of the three pillar gods. This could not help but make someone burst into tears. Umbrella company, finally got ahead!

"Is there a way?"

Di Qi looked at the alchemy emperor next to him, Mengmei, Qiu Mingshan speed.

"I am good at plants. If I have an advantage on the defensive side, but if I climb ashore, I have to look at them." The mother mother shook her head directly. After all, her center of gravity is not here, and her recent attention has been focused on another universe clone. Enter Tianyinzong.

After all, Mengmei’s thoughts are relatively clear. Isn't he fragrant to attack the **** of destruction?

Akina Yamato thought for a while, and said: "It is actually unrealistic to temporarily evolve the universe and capture it... The time is too short, at least it will take a while, and this period of time is just a critical period. The other party has just settled down and is also taking the opportunity to evolve...Once it is firmly rooted, it will be completely difficult to conquer. That's why they are so confident."

Di Qi was also lost in thought,

Use this period of time to evolve organisms and climb ashore, and the other party also uses this period of time to thoroughly stabilize the plant foundation!

At that time, it was even more unbeatable.

This is simply a dead end without a solution.

"No wonder the other party is so arrogant, even if we can't capture it a long time ago."

Caroline looked towards the shore, Pheasant Ji and Emperor Zun were drinking tea indifferently, with a vigilant look, "Emperor Zun is a good method! It is simply hateful. It was a few years before we landed, and the outcome was completely decided."

Qiu Ming Shanche heard this quickly and did not refute, but he vaguely felt that it was the strategic style of those sand sculpture players.

Inevitably, it will not be so arrogant now, being triumphant across the front is just taking them.

"Then we can only attack quickly, we can't wait."

At this time, Di Qi said softly: "The opponent's power is now divided into nine. It is too greedy. I want the best spiritual port area of ​​the nine universes. The strength is greatly reduced. We concentrated our forces and the three parties joined forces to attack one universe. Is it feasible?"

Akina mountain car thought for a while, shook his head and said, "The advantage of the dojo is too great! Taking root on the ground and sucking power is equivalent to infinite energy for us. We are far more than the other party, and we may not be able to capture one."

This situation is like a saint who has no dojo, attacking the saint hiding in the dojo.

The gap is too big!

What's more, people are equivalent to dozens of dojos, and they work together to form a line of defense. How do you fight?

At the same time, those **** are still playing dirty routines!

There are a bunch of sunflower plants behind, for fear that they will attack, causing the pea shooter's sucking earth power supply to be insufficient, and use sunflowers to supply the front line of defense at any time.

"It's too cheap." Qiu Mingshan shook his head quickly, "I can see it at a glance, there are several backs, very meticulous."

Mengmei's eyelids turned wildly.

You did not teach this group of people?

Didn’t you learn from you the shamelessness of this fighting method?

"I do not know what to do."

Tiandao Piano thought for a while, and shook his head, "My species was not originally used for warfare, it was originally used to create and adapt to the rules of different degrees... Now, I am still thinking about the use of the new era."

The balloon fish thought for a while, and said: "My universe has also been developing in secret over the years. The balloon fish universe can glide in low altitude for a short time, and it also has the effect of unloading force in battle."

This universe is quite useful, but it doesn't seem to be useful either.

After all, the pea shooter is not unable to fight the air force.

"Our small TV universe can send immortal quantum players to conduct a secret microbial offensive and defensive war. It may be possible to approach the opponent through small spies and destroy the opponent's cosmic creatures."

Zhang Tong, the leader of quantum players, said: "However, we seem to have a chance, but those guys are familiar with us, and it is estimated to prevent us from using our individual quantum lives to sneak close to their universe."

Everyone nodded.

The quantum TV universe, after the bloodline is renewed, can also allow all creatures in the universe to only practice quantum martial arts, and they can also send quantum warfare bodies to the outside of the universe.

Now, it is a kind of bacterial attack and defense.

After all, quantum life is extremely small and can turn into bacteria to approach and destroy the universe of life, UU reading www.uukanshu. com invades the inside, it is impossible to prevent.

But the other party is someone who knows him well, and with the meticulousness of the gangsters, it is impossible to prevent the Quantum TV.

After thinking about it, Qiu Mingshan suddenly smiled and said: "Don't worry, there is no game that cannot be broken by this army division! Your Majesty, we have powerful means, and we need you to understand the blood map of the blood universe."

"Huh?" Di Qi was curious.

"Since it is impossible to evolve terrestrial species in a short period of time, then only... magic can defeat magic!" Akina took a deep breath, "Originally, this trump card was used to fight other people. I didn't expect these people to float away. !"

Qiu Mingshan's body at the speed of the car silently looked at another hidden golden universe of local tyrants, as if it were a huge golden factory in the vast universe, emitting strands of colorful light.

His body in this universe, raising his arms high,

"Alchemy factory, super changing form."