Pampas, the vortex of despair, known as the tyrant of the ancient universe, is not difficult for Caroline to get along with.

   may also be the cause of his alleviation of headache all the time.

  The principle is also very simple, just like a ward, a severe patient who has a headache all the time, is very prone to anger, lose his temper, and smash things.

   "It is also a pitiful person. This powerful lineage, the side effects are too terrible. It is a miracle not to go crazy." Caroline said softly in her heart.

  I feel like a blender in my head is crazy to scrape your soul. It is simply the biggest torture in history, and I still bear it until now.

   but sympathy, but did not affect her relationship with Pampas as an enemy.

   "I won't kill you."

  Pampas sat on the throne, with a smile, slowly floated over, "I will stay with you, you are the first person who has not been afraid of me in these years, except for the three heavenly deities."

Next to   , the face of an enlightened person changed dramatically.

   This Pampas is indeed a lunatic, but this is a dark emotional creature gathered by all living beings, who intends to raise them around? Chat with yourself as a toy?

   "I am invincible."

Pampas revolved a planet and said softly, "I was born with the ability to destroy a planet. For me, who is still a weak ninth-order god, it couldn't be easier. I only need to interfere with the revolution and autobiography. Will self-destruct,

For a ninth order, moving the planet is a huge expanse of engineering. Even for a normal weak tenth order, rotating and lifting the mass of a planet also consumes a lot of energy, but for me, the so-called The consumption is almost non-existent, I use cleverness, rotation, revolution. "


   The whole planet suddenly floated up and circled around him.

   It seems that the earth revolves around the sun and is a natural celestial phenomenon without any external force interfering with the general nature.

His strength attribute allows him to carry a planet as a toy at any time with little effort. "The creatures I see will be squeezed into a vortex because of my sight. No one except my parents can talk to me. Hundreds of years later, because of a nightmare of mine, the entire solar system turned into dust, twisted and scattered around like a dump, and even my parents were crushed by my breath in that nightmare."

   is listening quietly around.

   such monsters, the entire river system, and even the entire ancient cosmic civilization are afraid of him, trying to kill him by all means.

   But for Pampas who mastered the vortex law of force, any means is ridiculous.

   The opponent's Daoist attack will be pulled into a vortex of energy by him, and the force of the vortex will be turned into a mud before the opponent's body is close.

   All the forces that are close to him will rotate and spiral under the effect of "force". The inertial force of the vortex is too terrifying.

   Everyone knows that Pampas is invincible.

   "Lying trough, yes...invincible!"

   "Too fierce!"

   "There are such monsters in the universe?"

   Even the players at this time were completely stunned.

   This is the first purely destructive bloodline they encountered, and the nine-turn mysterious Gong, known for its defense, may be torn in it and hanged alive.

   This is the invincible bloodline power that looks almost unsolvable like Jiu Zhuan Xuan Gong.

  Although it seems that Yusa's "god" turned into an evolutionary bloodline, he was also very restrained in this kind of power and could evolve the race of natural enemies of this vortex bloodline.

   But his three-level axe's energy-level savings are estimated to be as fierce as a minute, just like blasting Emperor Qi, and exhausting his power while playing with himself.

   After all, his crazy transformation and evolution, the collapse of gene sequence recombination, but it takes a lot of physical energy.

Although Pampas' energy level is not high, and Hesa ​​is also a normal body shape, the power of the vortex is very labor-saving. As long as the vortex is formed at the initial stage, the subsequent little force can maintain the inertia of the rotation. The endurance is definitely better than Yu Strong.

   The players are talking.

   "It seems that the invincible bloodlines of the anti-sky level are not much different than those whose energy level is higher!"

   "Yes, more durable than anyone!"

   "Yes, the bloodline of Usa "God" is theoretically invincible, who can evolve the bloodline directed against you, who can bear it? Jiu Zhuan Xuan Gong has just been crying! There are no opponents!"

   "Isn't this vortex bloodline invincible? It is also theoretically invincible bloodline."

"The universe is too big. Are these invincible and invincible collisions contradictory? So they started to be more energy-level. Who has a stronger lasting power and lower power consumption than others. Like a three-axe like Yusa, The energy consumption is too violent, it is definitely not comparable to other people's vortex, low consumption of blood."

   is after all the vision of keyboard saints per capita.

  In their view, Jiu Zhuan Xuan Gong is also truly invincible, because the staying power is the most fierce.

   "Hahahaha, the really strong man is the final winner!"

"Yeah, the endurance of the nine-turn Xuan Gong, once it breaks into the bloodline of the Dadao, and then integrates into a wildly consumed **** sky like Yusa and Pampas, the infinite blue and the infinite blood bar are really invincible. "

   Players are very excited and feel promising.

  The nine-turn Xuan Gong is equivalent to an engine, installed in an aircraft, tank, or motor car, and can perfectly play the strength of the other party.

   "You are really strong."

At this time, Caroline looked at Pampas, and Pampas’s power meant that it was comparable to a Yuanzongzunzun, which was equivalent to playing against the highest level of existence, "but no power is invincible. Yes, you should be clear... There is a rule that is not affected by the basic forces of this universe."

   "What?" Pampas said.

   "External force, external path... the rule." Caroline walked step by step.

   He seemed to be isolated in a void, jumped lightly, and skipped the power of Pampas' protective vortex. There was no trace of being pulled, and he punched **** his nose.


  Pampas's head burst instantaneously, and the eyeball that flew out was like a meteor, scratching the void, and it was filled with incredible.

  Pampas was immersed in a law of evil universe, madly corroding his body, and madly diffused on his body. Pampas murmured unknown words in his mouth. The body hair grew and the flesh and blood were deformed into a strange shape.

   "Great existence, he will come back!"

   Pampas yelled, and the strange smile with joy broke down.

   wow la la.

   But the next second, that kind of rule can only be corroded for a while, and then disappeared automatically. Pampas reunited his body, breathing heavily.

what is that?

   He just sang some strange words just inexplicably, as if dimly, he saw an inexplicable presence in a dark and evil mysterious universe watching him, letting it go to distortion.

   It was a dim picture of another universe, which gave him a sense of horror.

   The enlightened people around looked at this breath of evil laws that did not belong to the real universe for the second time. There was a sense of horror. What was Pampas just thinking? What seems to be contaminated and turned into an infamous piece of meat?

   "This is... I was injured for the first time in so many years!"

  Pampas' eyes flashed through the cold, quickly recovered his head, and raised his high-speed rotating planet high in his hand, which had become the size of a basketball, and blew forward.


  Caroline was quickly beaten away.

As if a vortex pill hit Carolyn’s abdomen, a basketball-sized planet is spinning rapidly, expanding wildly with an unimaginable vortex, and quickly turning into a huge planet. The power of rotation is like a grinder. Lorraine crushed into a pool of meat.

   Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Countless dense light flows into vortices, matter is compressed into a shock wave of matter with a density of 10,000 times the normal density, all particles are evaporated, the battlefield stirred by the battle actually spreads to more than half of the solar system, and the energy particles are turned into complete chaos. flow.


  Caroline stood up again, "Useless, your energy level can no longer keep up with me, your physical strength is too low, the reason is very simple, when you can't kill me, you have lost."

   "I didn't lose!" Pampas said, panting, the other party restrained him too much, and could ignore the evil power of the laws of the universe, and he didn't need to follow the laws of the universe.

   His power is invincible.

   But the other party, ignoring his power and hitting his is almost against his power.

   But the invincible power needs huge physical strength to keep up.

In his previous battles, he never moved one-tenth of his strength. It is enough to form a vortex and then maintain autobiography with extremely low energy consumption. But when the real **** battle broke out, his physical weakness was quickly exposed. .

   The opponent is just too rogue, you don't need to defeat her, as long as you can't beat the opponent, you lose!

   "It's a rogue-like power." Pampas cursed.

   "Not only me, but even that magical girl, can beat you." Caroline pointed to Di Qi, who was sealed in the distance, and said softly.

   "Impossible!" Pampas said coldly: "If it were not for you to have the power of an alien universe, almost no one could penetrate my defense and come to the center of the vortex."

He has seen the power of this second-generation magical girl, even if it is a perfect bloodline, even if he can copy some bloodlines, it is impossible to defeat him.

   "He doesn't need to penetrate, as long as it is integrated into your vortex, he can get close to your body." Caroline smiled. "Your power is indeed strong, but only in this wild land."

  Pampas looked stiff.

  Carolyn ignored the panting Pampas and looked up to the sky.

It was standing at the top of the dark void, the strongest cosmic overlord in the entire universe, the three heavenly deities, and the presence of a baby in the fallen civilization, they were looking down on the entire final battlefield indifferently, and their eyes were unhappy There is no sadness, as if it is everlasting,

   "Come down for a fight."

   Caroline was holding her hands, her voice was indescribably domineering, and she looked up and smiled: "No one can stay high."

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