【Shenhao's Salted Fish Life】【】

A group of people are enjoying the moon in the garden, how pleasant it is.

Xuan Xuan pushed the baby carriage to the garden.

"Good girl, let daddy hug you." Lin Tianwen stood up and went to the side of the stroller, and hugged his daughter in his arms, regardless of whether he agreed or not.

Fortunately, Lin Yuxuan gave him face and didn't cry, but smiled at him.

"Look, my daughter is smart and knows that I am her father." Lin Tianwen said proudly to the girls present.

"Not necessarily, it is said that the baby's IQ follows the mother's." Zhang Xiyu said with a smile.

"That's not bad, Xuan Xuan is so smart, and the baby will be smart in the future." Lin Tianwen didn't care at all that his daughter's IQ didn't follow him.

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Gong Na burst into tears.

Yan Xue'er comforted from the side: "Nana, why are you crying?"

"I'm so stupid, and the children with brother Tianwen will not be smart in the future." The more she said, the more sad she became, and she was already crying.

"Thinking too much, even if there is any problem, my own child will definitely make him live well for the rest of his life." Lin Tianwen also comforted.

Xuan Xuan walked to Gong Na's side, stroked her hair, and said with a smile, "Didn't Tianwen give you a genetic enhancement solution? It must be better than ordinary children."

"Really?" Gong Na asked Lin Tianwen.

"Of course it's true. Do you know how much a bottle of that thing is? One hundred million." Lin Tianwen said.

"It's so expensive? How much would it be better to change it to money." Gong Na was surprised at the cost of the fortifying fluid at first, and then became a money fan.

Everyone will be amused by Gong Na's words.

Lin Tianwen hugged his daughter more and more, and he even kissed her pink cheeks from time to time.

Although he didn't take care of his daughter very much, she was very close to him when she saw him, so he could only attribute it to blood relationship.

After hugging for a while, the baby slowly dozed off, and he quickly handed the baby to Xuan Xuan, who asked the confinement wife who was waiting beside her to send her daughter back to the room.

"Tianwen, how many single boys are there at your club's blind date party on Saturday?" Xuan Xuan poured herself a glass of juice and asked.

"All the single boys in the club participated, and there were 30 of them. The club sent invitation letters in my name to the daughters of single entrepreneurs who were of the right age in East China. A total of 68 invitation letters were sent out, and 30 of them were confirmed to participate. Six, plus the three you invited, a total of thirty-nine girls participated."

"It turns out that there are more single girls than boys." Lin Xi said.

"Generally there are more single boys than girls, but there are more girls than boys in the blind date market, especially for families with certain assets, it is more difficult for them to find a son-in-law." Lin Tianwen said.

"Is it really so difficult to fall in love now?" Xia Tian asked.

"There are more than 20,000 single male employees in our company, and it is difficult to find a girlfriend. What's more, in those companies with worse salaries than our company, it is more difficult for their employees to fall in love." Lin Tianwen said with a smile: "For example, I Before, the monthly salary was several thousand yuan, and the blind date market was basically at the bottom, plus there was no social interaction, so the chances of meeting other girls were almost zero."

"Look, you now have 19 more quotas by yourself." Xuan Xuan said with a smile.

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【Shenhao's Salted Fish Life】【】

"That's not right. Just you angels, ordinary boys can't handle it." Lin Tianwen retorted.

"That's right. You're right." Zheng Qingya said with a smile while covering her cheeks.

"On Saturday, a few of them just came back, and then we will go to join in the fun." Lin Tianwen said.

"With so many of us going, we won't steal the limelight from others, right?" Wang Nuoyi asked.

"Not at all. The members of the club know you all. And we haven't had group activities for a long time. The racing track I built is similar to a park, and you can also walk around." Lin Tianwen said.

"Anyway, there's nothing wrong with staying at home, so it's good to go and have a look." Xuan Xuan said.

As soon as she spoke, the girls agreed, speaking better than Lin Tianwen.

"It's getting late, let's all go to sleep." Lin Tianwen looked at the time and said.

It was another wave of goodbyes, which stunned Xuan Xuan, Zheng Qingya and Hua Xiao who were on the side.

As soon as the girls left, Zheng Qingya came to Lin Tianwen's side, fixed her eyes on his lips, and said with a smile: "This is the first time I saw seven or eight lipstick numbers on a boy's mouth."

"Don't say it's you, it's also the first time I've seen you." Xuan Xuan also came over and said.

"The scene just now was really exciting and funny." Hua Xiao said.

"Okay, you guys go to sleep too." After Lin Tianwen finished speaking, he drove the three elder sisters back to the room.

Sure enough, girls who have given birth or are pregnant dare to say anything, and if they are not invited away, they might say something stupid.

Wang Nuoyi gave the most hints just now, so he planned to sleep with her tonight.

It was almost ten o'clock when Lin Tianwen took a shower and went to Wang Nuoyi's room.

He just went to the study, played the game, and confirmed the time with Jiaolong. He had to go online on time tomorrow, otherwise it would be easy to delay things.

When he was about to go offline, he also ran into Yang Hanyi and Pan Hui dating in the game, and he secretly tapped CP for a while, but he didn't bother.

"Brother Tianwen." Wang Nuo shouted in surprise when he saw Lin Tianwen who opened the door and came in.

"What are you looking at?" Lin Tianwen closed the door, turned around and asked.

"I'm chasing dramas." Wang Nuo locked the screen of the tablet, put it on the bedside table, and said to Lin Tianwen, "Brother Tianwen, I heard from my former colleagues that the airline company is looking for employees to talk to, and I hope they can take the initiative to leave the company." .”

"Well. After a while, civil aviation will make a big move, and it may affect a wide range of people."

"Do you know something?" Wang Nuoyi asked curiously.

"Well. Domestic airlines plan to replace all their planes with shuttles."

"No wonder." Wang Nuoyi suddenly realized, of course she knew about the shuttle, she rides it every day, and transporting passengers with such an advanced aircraft does not really need a flight attendant.

"You can ask your former colleagues if they are willing to switch to ground staff. By then, the positions on the ground will be relatively scarce."

"Well, I'll send them a message tomorrow to ask."

"We'll talk about tomorrow's matter tomorrow. Let's do something about the two of us now." Lin Tianwen said lying beside her.


When it comes to Lin Tianwen's style of looking for women, there is really no uniform standard. There are all kinds of styles, including Yujie type, cool type, and girly type.

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【Shenhao's Salted Fish Life】【】

Wang Nuoyi belongs to the kind who looks very young when she looks at her face, but she has a tall figure. It doesn't count as a loli, because she is 168 tall, so she looks small and tender anyway.

After a night of wind and rain, the bright sunshine in the morning came as expected.

Lin Tianwen's biological clock woke him up on time, he got up lightly, washed up, changed into a set of sports clothes, and went to the garden to stretch his muscles and bones.

Even with the strengthening liquid, the physique is much better than ordinary people, but if you don’t exercise for a long time, it will still gradually weaken. It’s just that this process is much slower than ordinary people, but you can stop or slow it down by moving occasionally and stretching your muscles and bones. this process.

When he first got the system, Lin Tianwen chose to be proficient in martial arts. This skill not only has various martial arts routines, but also the breathing methods of various schools, which can play a greater role when combined with the routines.

After a few minutes of letting out the old and inhaling the new, the body can clearly feel the changes in the body.

First there is a set of Bajiquan, and after a short rest, there is a set of Taijiquan to finish.

The whole process took about ten minutes, even if Lin Tianwen had finished his morning exercise.

I went back to my room, took a shower, changed my clothes, and went to the restaurant for breakfast.

If Lin Tianwen is going to work, he will basically wear business casual clothes. He occasionally wears suits and sportswear to work because they are comfortable.

As soon as he arrived at the restaurant, he saw two pregnant women and a mother who got up earlier than him.

The other girls are lying in bed right now.

"I plan to go out with a few friends after the baby is full moon." He said to Xuan Xuan, then turned to the two pregnant women and said, "You two have been living in the manor, and you have to go out for a walk occasionally. Take a breath of different air."

"It's up to you to decide. Whether we can go out to relax or not depends on your time." Xuan Xuan first made a face to Zheng Qingya and the two, and then said to Lin Tianwen, obviously whether they can go to play or not is not theirs The final say.

"The weather is cooler at the end of the month, so you won't be afraid of the sun when you go out to play." Lin Tianwen said.

"Is there any place you want to go?" Zheng Qingya asked.

"There is one thing I'm still struggling with." Lin Tianwen said frankly.

"Where is it?" Hua Xiao asked.

"Putuo Mountain." Lin Tianwen said ~www.mtlnovel.com~ The three women glanced at each other, surprised expressions appeared on their faces, obviously none of the three had been there.

"Why do you want to go there?" Xuan Xuan asked curiously.

"Putuo Mountain has a beautiful scenery and historical background, and my mother made a wish at Fayu Temple back then, and the wish came true. She asked me to restore it." Lin Tianwen explained.

"What wish did mother make at that time?" Hua Xiao asked before Xuan Xuan could ask.

"She said she wanted my first child to be a girl."

"When did it happen?" Xuan Xuan asked.

"Before I got married."

"Mom's wish is really wonderful." Zheng Qingya said with a smile: "Two birds with one stone."

"That's why I have to fulfill my vow even more." Lin Tianwen said.

"You decide, we will accompany you." Xuan Xuan said.

"Well, let me check the weather forecast. If there is a typhoon, then postpone it." Lin Tianwen said.

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【Shenhao's Salted Fish Life】【】

Putuo Mountain is an island. There are many typhoons in August and September, and the boats often stop sailing. Therefore, when going there in August and September, you must check the weather forecast. You must also check the weather forecast when you go there, because the sea wind is strong, and sailing will also be suspended.

After Lin Tianwen and the others had finished their breakfast, the first girl who came to have breakfast appeared.

Zhang Xiyu and Qiao Shanshan had to go to work with Lin Tianwen every day if there were no special circumstances, so the time to wake up was very accurate. Breakfast at 8:00, the shuttle takes off at 8:20, and leaves Jiujiantang at 8:30, so you can basically show up at the office in a few minutes before 9:00.

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