Xiao Lingfei's best friend didn't ask them to wait for another minute, and said that after half an hour, they arrived at the front desk of the company in twenty-nine minutes.

Michelle took her to Lin Tianwen's office.

As soon as he entered the door, Lin Tianwen knew why Xiao Lingfei's best friend could arrive within half an hour.

The woman in front of her is about 165 in height. She is wearing sports and casual clothes. She can't tell her body shape, but she is definitely not fat. Big black-rimmed glasses and a black shoulder bag.

Not only was Lin Tianwen surprised, but Xiao Lingfei was even more anxious before introducing her, so she pulled her best friend aside and started talking in a low voice.

"Sister, Ancestor, how can you go out like this? You are here for an interview, not a gym." She had a kind of hatred for iron.

"What's wrong? It's easy for me to dress like this? Does your company have clothing requirements for work? I'm not here to apply for the front desk?" Xiao Lingfei's senior sister and best friend is also a straightforward person.

"No, you are here to meet the boss anyway, so you have to make a good impression on the first meeting, right?" Xiao Lingfei said.

"You pulled me aside and didn't introduce us. It's not a good impression anymore."

Xiao Lingfei was worried about her patronage, she forgot about it, she quickly looked up at Lin Tianwen, who knew that Lin Tianwen didn't pay attention to the two of them at all, he had a lot of things to do.

Taking her best friend to the front of the stage, Xiao Lingfei said with a smile, "Boss, this is my senior sister and best friend. My name is Zhang Jia. She is from Qindao and now lives in the magic capital."

Hearing this, Lin Tianwen moved his eyes from the computer screen to the two women on the opposite side.

"Let's sit first." He pointed to the chair in front of him, waited for the two to sit down, and then said: "Zhang Jia, 33 years old this year, born in the southern district of Qindao City, 26 years old and graduated with a master's degree in computer engineering from Harvard, after returning to China I just entered Aliyun, and became the executive vice president within 6 years. I just left last month. The reason for leaving is.

. "

"Director Lin, save me face." Zhang Jia said quickly, and let him read on, and the bottom was lost.

"Sister Jia, so the reason you told me to leave is false?" Xiao Lingfei immediately reacted and asked.

"Is this the time to discuss the reasons for my resignation? Am I not interviewing?" Zhang Jia said in Xiao Lingfei's ear.

Xiao Lingfei also realized that the situation was inappropriate, so she obediently shut her mouth.

"Miss Zhang, I'm very satisfied with your resume. In addition, President Xiao strongly recommends you, which is also an important reason. If you have no problem, the general manager of the data service company that was split out is you." Lin Tianwen said.

"Director Lin, are you recruiting people so fast here? You decided to ask me before I sat down for five minutes?" Zhang Jia was a little puzzled about the speed of the interview.

"Because I know you very well now." Lin Tianwen said with a smile.

Just now Xiao Lingfei said that she wanted to recommend her senior, but she resigned from Aliyun, and she was from the same university.

The artificial intelligence didn't use the artificial intelligence for a second, so he sent Zhang Jia's resume to Lin Tianwen's mailbox, and the information was so detailed that from elementary school to the present, Zhang Jia had several love affairs and wrote it down. Information is also attached.

Zhang Jia looked down at his clothes. Although he was dressed casually today, he was also wearing clothes. How did he know me.

"Director Lin, can you let me think about it for a few days?"

"No problem, it just so happens that the splitting of Huayuan Network will take time." Lin Tianwen agreed to Zhang Jia's request.

Xiao Lingfei whispered to Zhang Jia from the side, "Sister, why do you have to think about it?"

"Nonsense, I have to understand."

"I'm the general manager of Huayuan Network now. I'll tell you what you want to know."


. Zhang Jia awkwardly propped his forehead, and then said to Xiao Lingfei, "Let's go out and talk. "

Xiao Lingfei is also concerned and confused, and loses her sense of proportion.

"Boss, let's go out first."

"Okay." Lin Tianwen was looking at the email, but he just waved his hand and didn't intend to stand up to deliver it.

Xiao Lingfei pulled Zhang Jia out of the office.

As soon as she walked out of the office, Xiao Lingfei couldn't help but say, "Sister, what do you think?"

"I didn't think much about it, I just wanted to rest for a few days." Zhang Jia said with a smile: "However, your boss is quite good. I knew your company's capabilities in computing and data processing when I was in Aliyun. Very powerful. In terms of technology, you should be No. 1 in the world, and you will suffer from fewer customers.”

"Our boss didn't even think about developing customers. The current customers are basically his partners. Isn't 12306's business transferred from you to us?" Xiao Lingfei said.

"It turns out that the data capability of Huayuan Network is indeed stronger than that of Aliyun, and with artificial intelligence, the utilization rate of resources has reached 99%."

"Sister, why do I feel that you know our company better than my general manager?" Xiao Lingfei asked with a smile.

"It's all in the same industry, shouldn't you pay attention?" Zhang Jia blinked at Xiao Lingfei.

"Okay. Senior, you should give an answer as soon as possible. Our boss is still very good and very generous to the employees."

"You mean salary?"

"Yeah. Work, why not talk about money?"

"Material." Zhang Jia turned his head and asked again, "How much is the annual salary?"

"Senior, why didn't you ask just now?" Xiao Lingfei almost rolled her eyes.

"Didn't you let your boss calm down?"

"Can you still be restrained?"

"Your boss has dropped the bottom of my investigation, can you stop me?"

"By the way, Senior Sister, what is the reason for your resignation?" Xiao Lingfei suddenly thought of this question and asked.

"Just those things." Zhang Jia obviously didn't particularly want to say.

Xiao Lingfei didn't ask any further questions.

After she put Zhang Jia in the car, she also returned to Binjiang Center.

To tell the truth, Lin Tianwen is really satisfied with Zhang Jia. This woman not only understands technology but also management, and she has rich experience and is also a talented girl.

He also saw that when Zhang Jia said he wanted to think about it, he actually wanted to rest for a few more days.

Only Xiao Lingfei did not understand that the conversation between Lin Tianwen and Zhang Jia had actually settled Zhang Jia.

Zhang Jia returned to the hotel-style apartment she rented. She had been in Hangzhou before and came to the magic capital after she left.

After changing her home clothes, she opened her laptop and got to know Huayuan Network again.

In fact, when she left Lin Tianwen's office, she received an onboarding text message from the Human Resources Department of Tiandihui.

It's quite easy to know a person's mobile phone number these days. For example, Zhang Jia, when he first arrived at Tiandihui, was asked by Michelle at the front desk to register his contact information.

After Zhang Jia read the information of Huayuan Network, it was time for dinner.

I put on makeup for myself, then changed my clothes, and went out again.

Don't look at her from the undergraduate and master's degree in computer science, but she is not a code farmer, and she has been abroad for many years. Clear it up and sing.

Work can be without, life still has to be happy.

The lively time of the Qing Bar is a little earlier than that of the bar. The bar can work until three or four in the morning, and the Qing Bar is basically empty at one or two o'clock.

After Zhang Jia went out, seeing that it was still early, he went to a skin management center to take care of his skin.

Although she does not sing for money, but just for fun, she still has to sing for two or three hours every day, and it's faster to get home.

In addition, she is also quite old. I don't know if staying up late will hurt the body, but it is certain that it will hurt the skin.

There is no shortage of money in his pocket. Once a week, it is only more than 10,000. Why bother himself, this is the attitude towards money that Zhang Jia learned abroad.

At six o'clock, a song will be played in the office area of ​​Tiandihui, and this song is random. Of course, only the songs of Yuelong Group's singers can enter this playlist, and the songs must be original and cover. no.

As long as the singing is played, employees can leave work with their bags.

When Zhinao reminded Lin Tianwen that it was time to get off work, he took the initiative to turn off the computer.

When he walked to the door, Zhang Xiyu and Qiao Shanshan were already waiting for him.

"Come on, go home from get off work."

The mobile phone and bag in Lin Tianwen's hands were naturally picked up by the two of them.

Back to the manor.

Just saw Zheng Qingya holding the rocks he brought to the moon yesterday.

When she saw him coming back, she ran over excitedly and said, "Ten Tian, ​​why didn't you wake me up when you came back yesterday?"

The servants and Yuesao behind her were terrified by her actions and almost screamed.

"Seeing that you are sleeping soundly, I can't bear to wake you up. You can see it in the morning anyway."

"That's different. When I went to Xuan Xuan with this stone in the morning, she said she saw it yesterday."

"She has it too, why are you talking to her about this?"

"I only wanted to understand it later." Zheng Qingya said embarrassedly.

"It's just a stone. UU reading www.uukanshu.com brought it back, and it is considered a special product of the moon." Lin Tianwen said indifferently.

"It has to be you, Asia's richest man." Zheng Qingya said with a smile.

"Okay, stop talking, let's go out to eat." Lin Tianwen smiled and took down the small box in her hand, handed it to the servant, and then dragged her to the restaurant.

Since the last time Xuan Xuan said that there is no need to be cautious about eating, the girls will still wait for Lin Tianwen to have dinner together, but they will talk to each other and tell jokes while eating.

The atmosphere was much more lively.

As soon as Lin Tianwen sat down, he signaled everyone to eat.

There are many girls, and there are many habits. Some people like to eat and drink water, some like to drink two sips, and some like to drink soup.

It's still so good, at least they are themselves, not for him to become the her he likes.

After dinner, as usual, we still drink tea in the garden and watch the stars, giving each other time and opportunities to enhance our relationship, otherwise many girls will never see Lin Tianwen.