Wang Tao is sitting on the sofa, his eyes are looking down slightly, his hands are on his legs, his fingers are on each other, obviously he is thinking about whether to buy a server or use Huayuan Network's data processing services.

The founder who can make the company number one in the world is definitely not a hesitant person. Wang Tao made a decision after thinking for a few minutes.

"Dong Lin, I plan to use the services of Huayuan Network."

"Brother Wang, I understand your worries, but to put it bluntly, I really don't like those customer information. And the company under my name has no intersection with your dji, and there is no possibility of business crossover." Lin Tianwen picked up the cigarette, took out one and handed it to Wang Tao, then said with a smile.

When Wang Tao thought about it, it was true, and his face was a little overwhelmed, and he said embarrassedly, "Dong Lin, I have treated the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain."

"That's not true. It's human nature." Lin Tianwen smiled and lit a cigarette for him, then said, "I have to trouble Brother Wang to sit down, or I'll show you around my company."

"Director Lin, please listen to your wishes."

"Then I will show you around. If there is anything unreasonable, be sure to point it out to me. I have only been in business for more than a year, and I still need to learn in business management." Lin Tianwen said modestly.

"Actually, I'm not very involved in company management. I prefer to do technical research." Wang Tao said shyly.

The two got up and left the office, and Lin Tianwen took Wang Tao and his assistant to visit Tiandihui Company.

"It's a coincidence, in fact, I don't like it either. However, you can still study some technology, so I can only study how to find a girlfriend?" Lin Tianwen made a joke.

Wang Tao looked at Lin Tianwen in surprise, only to realize that Lin Tianwen was joking.

However, Wang Tao's worth of tens of billions has not yet been married. Seeing that he will soon be 40, I don't know if he is in a hurry.

"Brother Wang, you are 40 now, haven't you considered getting married yet?" Lin Tianwen asked seriously.

"I can't find a suitable one." Wang Tao actually seriously thought about Lin Tianwen's question, and then gave an answer.

Lin Tianwen also thought about it, so many rich people looking for girlfriends or wives are basically looking for them at the same level, and few of them go down. Of course, jd's brother must be fascinated by beauty.

After thinking about it again, isn't he also fascinated by beauty?

"Would you like me to introduce one to you?" Lin Tianwen said, not knowing how someone came up in his mind.

Wang Tao didn't speak, just looked at Lin Tianwen, his eyes seemed to say Lin Dong, you are also the richest man in Asia, why are you still working as a mediator.

"I'm serious." Lin Tianwen met Wang Tao's eyes and nodded seriously.

Seeing what Lin Tianwen said was so sincere, Wang Tao was about to nod his head when he saw a beautiful woman walking towards the end of the corridor. She was tall and dressed in a decent OL suit, with dank makeup on her face and long black hair scattered behind her.

She was still holding a document in her hand, and when she saw Lin Tianwen, she walked over with a smile on her face.

"Boss, can you approve this document?" She handed the document to Lin Tianwen.

Lin Tianwen took the document, opened it and read it for a few minutes, then signed it and said, "My sports car club has a party this weekend. I wanted to invite you to participate, but it looks like you can't participate for the time being."

"This eucalyptus, I've been following for a long time, how can I go to the party when I have time." Zhou Yutong looked like he was working hard.

"Okay. Then hurry up and get busy." Lin Tianwen waved her hand and told her to go back to work.

Zhou Yutong was recognized by Lin Tianwen because of the eucalyptus, so he was a little excited when he went back, and he jumped up and down when he walked.

Lin Tianwen thought that this is a girl in her twenties.

From Zhou Yutong's appearance to his departure, Wang Tao's eyes never left Zhou Yutong.

"Brother Wang, don't know her?" Lin Tianwen asked.

"I don't know, is she from Pengcheng?" Wang Tao shook his head and asked.

"She is from Rongcheng. She used to be a fund manager in Pengcheng, and was hired by me to be the head of the investment department some time ago."

"Oh." Wang Tao nodded, and suddenly asked, "Director Lin also has a sports car club?"

"Oh, I'm an honorary president."

"Does your club usually have many activities?"

"Basically once a month. Like this blind date party, because most of the young entrepreneurs in the club are single dogs, I invited the daughters of well-known entrepreneurs and wealthy people from East China to participate."

"Blind date party?" Wang Tao was surprised again. He didn't expect that Lin Tianwen really liked the media to pull fibers.

"Yes. They are all boys in their thirties. They usually work in their own companies. There is almost no chance of meeting a girl who is in the right position. My honorary president can't get snacks." Lin Tianwen said with a smile.

He took Wang Tao around and returned to the office.

The people sent by Li Tianze just happened to arrive.

"Director Lin, this is the contract and source code that President Li asked me to send." The person who came was Li Tianze's assistant.

"It's hard work, just put things on the table."

"Okay, Lin Dong." He put down the contract and source code and left.

Lin Tianwen pushed the contract to Wang Tao.

Wang Tao picked up the contract and looked at it carefully. Although he usually likes to study technology, as the CEO of a company, he can still understand the contract.

After a while, he put down the contract, took out a pen from the inner pocket of his jacket, and signed his name on the last page of the contract without hesitation.

The assistant next to him had already taken out the official seal.

When Lin Tianwen saw the official seal, he understood that Wang Tao was not passing by, but came here on purpose, and he didn't stop until his goal was achieved.

The contract sent by Li Tianze was of course already signed and stamped.

After Wang Tao signed and stamped the contract, he handed one of them to his assistant and the other two to Lin Tianwen, and then instructed his assistant, "Arrange the financial payment immediately."

"Okay, boss."

After Lin Tianwen waited for Wang Tao to finish speaking, he smiled and said, "Brother Wang, what do you think of what I just said?"

"What's the matter?" Wang Tao asked seriously.

"I'm just introducing you to a girl." Seeing Wang Tao's expression, Lin Tian knew that he really forgot what happened just now.

"I don't need it." Wang Tao was still a little embarrassed when he said it.

"What do you think of my investment minister?"

"Pretty, very beautiful." Wang Tao stammered suddenly.

As soon as Lin Tianwen heard it, he knew there was a drama.

"Look everywhere?" He raised his eyebrows at Wang Tao and said with a smile.

"My grown-up is in her teens, she is willing to pay back two words." Wang Tao said.

"We are so good that we are still successful entrepreneurs, and we have a little confidence." Lin Tianwen cheered him.

"I'm still a little embarrassed." Wang Tao's performance made him see who he used to be.

"Since I'm embarrassed, then forget about it." Lin Tianwen turned against the army.

When Wang Tao heard that Lin Tianwen no longer insisted, he was a little unable to get off the stage.

At this time, Zhang Xiyu walked in with Xiao Lingfei and relieved his embarrassment.

"Brother Wang, let me introduce to you, this is Xiao Lingfei, the general manager of Huayuan Network." Lin Tianwen said.

"Hello, President Xiao." Wang Tao stood up and said.

"Hello, Wang Dong." Xiao Lingfei said freely and shook hands with him.

"Did you bring the contract?" Lin Tianwen asked directly.

"Isn't that what it is?" Xiao Lingfei handed the document in his hand to Lin Tianwen.

Lin Tianwen didn't even look at it, and handed it to Wang Tao.

After Wang Tao took it, he took a few minutes to look at the contract in detail, then took out his pen to sign and seal, and instructed his assistant to arrange the payment.

Lin Tianwen likes to cooperate with such people, he is neither stingy nor procrastination.

Seeing that the purpose of coming here has been completed, Wang Tao intends to take his assistant to leave.

Lin Tianwen personally sent Wang Tao and Wang Tao to the door of the company. After seeing them entering the elevator, he turned around and went back to his office.

"What's worth calling me at noon, so I didn't sleep." He sat on the chair, took out a cigarette from the cigarette case and lit it for himself.

"Boss. Huayuan Network is an e-commerce platform. The problem is that data business is more profitable than e-commerce business." Xiao Lingfei sat opposite Lin Tianwen and complained.

"You want me to split the Huayuan Network?"

"That would be the best."

"After the split, which piece do you want to control?" Lin Tianwen asked with a smile.


"Do you have any recommended candidates for the data business?"

"Really. I have a classmate who just left Ali last month. She was in charge of Ali's big data before."

"Oh? Then ask your classmate if he has time, let's talk."

"If you have time, she will be at home every day after leaving. As long as you have time, boss, she can come over now."

"What did you say, your classmates seem to be inseparable from work."

"She's a workaholic."

"Workaholics are not suitable for our company."

"That's why I want to recommend her. Ah Li's work pressure is too high, so I just came to us to adjust." Xiao Lingfei said.

"Okay, you arrange a time, we will meet."

"Okay, boss. I'll give her a call now and ask, should she be free now?" Xiao Lingfei took out her mobile phone to search for it, and then called.

The phone rang a few times and finally got through.

Before Xiao Lingfei could speak, there was a female voice that was lazy and so tender that she had goosebumps on the other end of the phone.

"Baby, why are you calling me at this hour? I'm still taking a nap?"

Xiao Lingfei saw Lin Tianwen's expression changed, and knew that he heard it. She quickly moved a few steps and said in a low voice, "I'm with my boss now, don't you have a job? My boss wants to see you."

"I only took a half-month break. UU Reading, you let me go to work, and you don't have a job that matches my counterpart." Laziness is still the same, but it sounds much more sober.

"Our boss agreed to split Huayuan Network into two companies. I'm in charge of e-commerce, and the general manager of the data service company. I recommended you. I'll give you half an hour. Come here." Xiao Lingfei glanced at Lin Tianwen. , and then said.

"Okay." The girl opposite didn't continue to be hypocritical, and blamed the call after answering.

Xiao Lingfei put away her phone, walked to the desk, and said to Lin Tianwen, "Boss, my girlfriend will be here in half an hour."

"Well. By the way, your best friend is older than you and younger than you?" Lin Tianwen nodded and asked.

"One year older than me, I met when I was studying abroad. I'm a senior from the same university."


Xiao Lingfei is the only general manager arranged by the system. She has a bachelor's degree from Wudaokou Vocational and Technical College and a master's degree from Harvard Business School.

According to Lin Tianwen's common sense, Xiao Lingfei is a talented girl. After all, she is only 3002 years old this year.