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Shenhao: The Revenue From Playing Games Is Over 100 Million Yuan

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Su Yang, who was forced to play singles in the dormitory, accidentally bound the Shenhao game system.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for turning on the bronze magic engine and getting a set of top villas!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for turning on the silver magic engine and obtaining a pill of primary strength!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for turning on the golden magic engine and getting a bottle of life essence!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for turning on the diamond magic engine and obtaining a genetic programming program!”…

Well, I have a showdown. I am the perfect god, the richest man in the world!

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Short Title:RFPGO100
Alternate Title:神豪:打打游戏收入过亿
Author:I Love Burning Noodles
Weekly Rank:#164
Monthly Rank:#161
All Time Rank:#542
Tags:Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Yandere, Older Love Interests, Poor to Rich, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, System, System Administrator,
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65 Comments on “Shenhao: The Revenue From Playing Games Is Over 100 Million Yuan
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  1. Is author change or suffer from something? Why the ordinary novel turn into such a bullshit? I mean at least the first 300 chapter is kinda bearable to read, but at 435 this one truly pure nonsense. Okay so at 429 he met his old friend Lu Yushi, and then he meet a new potential girlfriend which is an actress from his rival entertainment company. Everyone else think that MC is someone with education, an aura of boss, a good management leader, someone from big family, in reality he did nothing at all while doing something randomly, everyone just assume his character based on what they saw while in reality he is just a pure hypocrite, bastard, scum, a man who think with his lower body. Sorry guys but at this point I will drop this novel for sure.

  2. In 430 this one truly made me want to punch author face, in front of Mou Zhe, the cousin of Zhou Siyi (MC second girlfriend), MC kiss Lu Yushi!!! You know that Mou Zhe truly admire his cousin and listen to all of her arrangments. But this dude here just kiss his old friend in front of his lover's cousin. At this point MC is truly bastard, a scum that tink with his lower body, at least other harem story make a relationship development between MC and all the girls while our MC here just met someone for one day and he can kiss the girl for no remorse, even sleep with her (this case happen in Zhou Yusi that he only met for one day but their relationship is far better than Lin Ke that he confess in Valentine Day...).

  3. At 429 I really want to stop reading this bullshit, but curiosity made me want to know how far the author forgot about what he already wrote...and then...Damn! He change the character and personality of Lu Yushi, where the old version is kind of optimistic, brave like Zhao Siyi and change it to newer version where she is kinda innocent girl that somewhat introvert. This is what author describe about her "...but she would always be like this, it was difficult to muster the courage, and after Su Yang rejected her, she would never dare anymore. Take the initiative to contact him.". Moreover what made me mad is the timeline for new year break is to long that everything happen at this time while MC didn't have much contact with his first girlfriend Lin Ke, and his post-graduate senior Chen Something. He didn't even make contact with Xiao Yu the anchor.

  4. The author really have a short memory, he introduce Lu Yushi in Class Reunion at Yicheng, but suddenly in chapter 429 he introduce Lu Yushi again but this time this girl doesn't even remember that she already met MC at Class Reunion and said that she haven't meet MC for full 2 years! While in reality in chapter 280-ish the MC haven't meet with his highschool friend for half year because he is just a freshman! Truly an idiot author for forgetting what he already wrote.

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