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  The original battle platform has been quickly withdrawn and turned into a wide square. In the spotlight, Jing Jiaren took the lead in flying down from the viewing area and landed on the No. 1 position in the team. Yu Huang also flew down from the viewing platform and stood quietly behind Jing Jiaren.

   Behind Yuhuang, is Murong Jiangcheng

   The process of queuing was a bit noisy, Yu Huang lowered his head and estimated in his heart how likely Yin Rong and the others were to be admitted to Canglang Academy. Suddenly, a slender jade hand broke into Yu Huang's drooping eyes. The knuckles of that hand were long and slender, and the skin of the fingers was smooth and moist, but it was full of strength and was not weak at all.

   "Hello, Yu Huang, I'm Jing Jiaren."

  Yu Huang raised her eyes and met Lady Jing's gaze.

  Jing Jiaren was about 1.65 meters tall, a few centimeters shorter than Yuhuang.

   She looks pretty much like in Doomsday, wearing a black, cross-neck vintage blouse cut from silk, with a purple magnolia embroidered on her chest. The previous style is loose, revealing a white and attractive collarbone. The lower body is a long slit skirt, revealing slender and straight legs that are full of strength.

  A wide golden belt wraps Jing Beauty's slender waist even more attractively.

   Her delicate black long hair was all coiled up, a few strands of hair hung down from her forehead, and her black hair was decorated with a naked golden hairpin.

  The naked hairpin was covered with runes.

  Yuhuang had the privilege of seeing Jing Jiaren's performance when she challenged the defenders in the doomsday battlefield, and knew that the hairpin on her head was her weapon.

   "Hello, Yu Huang." Yu Huang took the opponent's hand.

   At the moment when the **** touched, Yu Huang suddenly and keenly noticed that there was a strange energy that quickly penetrated into her body along her fingers.

Yu Huang's pretty face suddenly turned cold, she suddenly shook off Jing Jiaren's hand, frowned and said, "What is Miss Jing doing? Could it be that your Jing family are so rude when shaking hands with others? Feel free to use your divination power. It seems uneducated to spy on the future of strangers."

   Hearing this, Jing Jiaren's expression changed slightly. "You" She glanced at Yu Huang with some surprise, "Can you sense the power of divination?"

   A person who can sense the power of divination is either a fortune teller or a powerhouse whose cultivation is stronger than hers. But Yu Huang is only a beast master at the peak of Master Wang's late stage. She can sense the power of divination and there is only one possibility—

   She also has the power of divination within her body!

   Thinking of this, Jing Jiaren was a little surprised.

   This body has both spiritual power and the power of mind that can purify evil thoughts, as well as the power of divination.

   This is really surprising.

   Now, Jing Jiaren somewhat understands Zhan Jiangxue's previous collapse when facing Yuhuang.

   If it was her, I'm afraid I won't be able to hold back.

"Sorry." Jing Jiaren frowned and looked at her palm, and explained apologetically: "My divination is about to break through recently, and the divination power in my body is a little disordered. I shook hands with you just now, and the divination power was suddenly released, which caused the misunderstood."


   This is the wise man.

  Jing Jiaren clearly wanted to sense Yu Huang's future by shaking hands, but such a modest explanation immediately revealed her true motives and made Yu Huang unable to find a place to refute.

  Compared to the spoiled little princess of the God of War, this little princess of the Jing family is obviously a few ranks higher.

  Jing Jiaren said so, and if Yu Huang insisted on this matter, she would be a little belly. "So it turns out, it seems to be a misunderstanding." Chong Jing Jiaren smiled, and Yu Huang looked at Jing Jiaren from a close distance.

   In terms of blood relationship, she and Jing Jiaren are still sisters. Jing Jiaren wanted to call Jing Rujiu auntie, and the two of them were cousins.

  Jing Jiaren is very beautiful. Her beauty is quiet and cold, like an orchid growing in an empty valley. She doesn't need anyone to admire and praise her. She is beautiful alone. Such a stunning beauty, with both an unfathomable background and a peerless talent, is really unique.

   This is the darling of Heaven, a darling cub who was carried by God and sent to the world.

  Jing Jiaren took the initiative to communicate with Yu Huang, she said, "My favorite school is Canglang College, Yu Huang, how about you?"

  Yuhuang said, "It's the same."

  Jing Jiaren said with a smile: "Then it seems that we are going to become alumni of the same school." After the conversation changed, Jing Jiaren asked Yu Huang again: "You also participated in the Doomsday Battlefield four years ago?"

"Well, I was only in the realm of a master teacher at the time." Staring at the white collarbone and neck exposed in the middle of Jing Jiaren's V neckline, Yu Huang said with emotion: "Four years ago, I saw Miss Jing in the doomsday battlefield. , Miss Jing defeated the defender with just one move, and I will never forget Miss Jing's performance that day."

Hearing this, Jing Jiaren's answer was even more beautiful. She said, "It only took you four years to get to a position where you can stand side by side with me. Yuhuang, you are really outstanding." Jing Jiaren's praise was true Sincerely.

   She really admires Yu Huang very much.

   Four years ago, Yu Huang was still a little transparent who let Zhan Jiangxue humiliate her.

   The potential of this woman is terrifying.

  Jing Jiaren couldn't help but think, in another four years, will Yuhuang be able to defeat herself just like Zhan Jiangxue?

  What did not happen, Jing Jiaren didn't want to think about it. Besides, in four years, who knows what realm she can grow to?

   "The Divination Continent is also a super world, and there should be a super college there. Why did Miss Jing come to the Canglang Continent and want to join the Canglang College?" Yu Huang was a little curious about this.

  Yuhuang and the others desperately wanted to be admitted to Canglang Academy in order to save their hometown. Jing Jiaren comes from the No. 1 family in the divination continent. She has no responsibility to save her life, and she has no pressure to carry forward the family. She came here to participate in the Intercontinental Finals. What is it for?

  Jing Jiaren's lips curled slightly, and she said, "It's for my aunt."

   Yuhuang was stunned.

   "Your aunt?" Yu Huang came back to his senses, quickly suppressed all the emotions in his heart, and asked softly, "Is Aunt Jing also studying at Canglang College? Or teaching?"

Seeing that Yu Huang didn't know her aunt's identity, Jing Jiaren couldn't hide her arrogance and said, "My aunt's name is Jing Rujiu, she is an honorary alumnus of Canglang College, and a rare genius in my Jing family for thousands of years. , her divination is the highest in the history of the Jing family."

  "But" Jing Jiaren's eyes showed concern, and she said with some melancholy: "But she is missing."

  Yuhuang wanted to ask how the Jing family aunt disappeared.

   was about to open his mouth, but realized that asking too many questions would make people suspicious. She suppressed the various emotions in her heart and whispered, "Aunt Jing's must be safe."

"Thank you." Jing Jiaren looked at the distance where Canglang College was located, and murmured, "I want to enter Canglang College to check if there is any whereabouts of my aunt." Jing's family told Yu Huang, "When I was a child, my aunt was the most important person. People who hurt me."

Jing Jiaren subconsciously stroked the golden hairpin inserted in her black hair, and she said, "This golden hairpin was a birthday present from my aunt on my 7th birthday, and I have been wearing it with me all the time. The hairpin is full of my aunt's blessings to me, and also hides the blood of her fingertips, if you get close to my aunt, the golden hairpin will react."

  Yuhuang stared at the golden hairpin on Jing Jiaren's head again and carefully observed it.

   Only then did I discover that the end of the golden hairpin covered with mana runes was engraved with a very small line of words——

  Beautiful hairpin as a gift to the beautiful woman.

   It can be seen from this sentence that Jing Rujiu really dotes on this little niece.

   "It's so beautiful." Yu Huang sincerely praised.

   She has grown so big that she has never received a present from her mother.

   is so pretty.

   It looks so good that Yu Huang wants to grab it and take it for himself.

   Good afternoon.

   Do you want to eat?



   (end of this chapter)

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