Chapter 1005 Two more

   Hearing the words, Yu Huang frowned slightly and asked in confusion, "Why didn't you tell me the story at that time?"

   "Because." Sheng Xiao suddenly removed Yin Rong's soundproof wall.

   Seeing this, Yin Rong and the others knew what was going on, they shouldn't have listened.

  Yuhuang used his spiritual power to transmit a voice to Yuhuang, and he suddenly asked, "Jiujiu, what do you think that girl Zhan Xiaoya looks like?"

Yu Huang really hadn't carefully observed what Zhan Xiaoya's appearance was like.

   Only remembered that she had an ugly centipede scar on her face and a broken arm.

   shook his head, Yu Huang said, "I didn't pay attention."

  Sheng Xiao said: "She is actually very beautiful. If you look at her facial features carefully, if she loses weight, her appearance is no worse than Zhan Jiangxue."

  Yuhuang was confused, she asked Sheng Xiao, "What does this have to do with what happened later?"

Sheng Xiao sighed: "I didn't plan to worry about Zhan Xiaoya's life or death, but I walked alone in the ice and snow, and I couldn't bear it, so I returned to the deserted forest. I thought, if she is still alive, I will Save her life, and if she dies, I'll wrap her up so she can die decently."

  Sheng Xiao is not a bad guy either.

  Zhan Xiaoya took the initiative to challenge Sheng Xiao, Sheng Xiao didn't need to be so kind to a competitor, even if the opponent was a woman.

   His name, the cold-faced Yama of the Divine Realm Academy, did not come out of thin air.

   "But when I returned to the deserted forest, I saw her being taken." Sheng Xiao suddenly couldn't bear to continue talking.

  Yu Huang saw the pity and intolerance in Sheng Xiao's eyes, she thought of Sheng Xiao's question about Zhan Xiaoya's appearance just now, and suddenly had a bad guess.

   As Sheng Xiao said, Zhan Xiaoya is actually a beautiful woman, but it is only because of her fat body, introverted and sensitive and humble personality that it hides her stunning demeanor.

   And Zhan Xiaoya, who was four years ago, was not that fat yet.

   At that time, she could make Zhan Jiangxue hold grudges like Zhan Jiangxue, which shows how beautiful she was born.

   A woman with a plump figure who was seriously injured and with an amazing face was lying naked in the wasteland alone. How could she possibly be hurt?

  "She" Yu Huang's throat was sore, she asked Sheng Xiao, "When you arrived, it was already too late, wasn't it?"

   Sheng Xiao lowered his head and said nothing.

   Apparently, he was late.

After being silent for a while, Sheng Xiao suddenly said, "That man is her fiance."

   "Huh?" Yu Huang was completely disgusted. "As a fiancé, I see my fiancée being hurt, and I don't want to save her, so I take advantage of the danger of others. What is this person?"

Sheng Xiao sighed: "I killed that man and gave her a piece of clothing. She was shaking all over at that time, her body was bleeding too much, she was violated again, and she was attacked by severe cold. She could hardly survive. Now, I had to hold her and survive the extremely freezing weather in the ice and snow, and she was lucky to survive."

After finishing speaking, Sheng Xiao looked at Yuhuang carefully, and he explained seriously: "I didn't look around, and I didn't have close contact with her, I just hugged her politely for a few hours through my clothes, for her sake. Into the spiritual power."

   If Yu Huang treated a man like this, Sheng Xiao would understand.

  The reason why Sheng Xiao didn't tell Yu Huang the truth about the umbrella grab was first because it was about Zhan Xiaoya's innocence, and second, because he sat with a strange woman for several hours in the extremely cold weather.

   This matter in itself is a good thing to save people, but he still didn't want Yu Huang to feel uncomfortable, so he didn't say it.

   Hearing the words, Yu Huang could not laugh or cry. She held Sheng Xiao's hand and said with understanding: "You did the right thing, Brother Xiao, I didn't even have time to praise you, so how could you be jealous." It's inhuman to be jealous about this.

   is when an individual encounters such a scene and is saved.

  It would be a shame to not save.

   Seeing that Yu Huang could understand him, Sheng Xiao immediately felt relieved. "She recovered a little later, and we stumbled and communicated in the language of the Monster Beast Continent. Only then did we know that the man was the fiance her uncle chose for her, but she had no feelings for the man, and the man had always loved her. Hateful attitude."

"She also told me about the grievance between her and Zhan Jiangxue. I know what Zhan Jiangxue said when she pierced her face. I even doubt that her fiancé man appeared so coincidentally. , maybe it was an appointment with Zhan Jiangxue. I really didn't expect that there would be such a hateful girl as Zhan Jiangxue in this world."

  Zhan Jiangxue really refreshed Sheng Xiao's three views on girls.

   Knowing all the secrets, Yu Huang understood why Zhan Xiaoya showed her grateful eyes when she saw Sheng Xiao earlier.

   Because Sheng Xiao gave her a second life.

   Without Sheng Xiao, Zhan Xiaoya had long since died in the doomsday battlefield full of grievances and resentment.

   "Shouldn't there be surveillance in the Doomsday battlefield?" Yu Huang said, "How dare they?"

   Sheng Xiao shook his head, "I don't know that." Perhaps, in the doomsday battlefield, the surveillance was not complete.

"Zhan Xiaoya is a beautiful woman, and she is also a disciple of her own tribe with the blood of the God of War. She has to call Zhan Jiuxiao uncle. She shouldn't live in such a lowly and depressing way." Thinking of what Sheng Xiao had said before imitating Zhan Jiangxue After speaking, Yu Huang frowned and said, "She should have been mentally PUA all year round."

   "PUA? What does it mean?" Sheng Xiao didn't quite understand the meaning of the word.

Yu Huang said: "In short, the people around her have been using language and art to convey a certain concept to her all year round. For example, Zhan Jiangxue said: Your parents died when you were born, and you are my mother pulling it all together. Yes, your skills were taught by my father personally, you should be grateful to my family for such words."

After a pause, Yu Huang said again: "Zhan Xiaoya has listened a lot, and if she goes on for a long time, she will be brainwashed and will subconsciously think that her life was given by Zhan Jiuxiao and the others. She should be grateful to Zhan Jiuxiao's family, She can't fight or rob Zhan Jiangxue. Because everything she gets, even if it's just a pair of chopsticks and a pack of tissues, originally belonged to Zhan Jiangxue."

   "I said so, do you understand?" Yu Huang explained it very clearly.

   Shengxiao nodded, he said: "I understand, just like my parents told me for many years, my sister is still young, you have to let her."

  Yuhuang: "."

   Really smart kid.

   "Almost, but your nature is not bad." She didn't want to provoke a conflict between Sheng Xiao and her parents-in-law.

Sheng Xiao patted Yu Huang's head, he smiled and said: "Jiu Jiu's analysis is good, the reason why Zhan Xiaoya is so dull and reserved, and she walks timidly, must be inspired by the spirit of Zhan Jiangxue's family. PUA."

   "Quiet! Next, please list all the contestants according to the ranking order of this Intercontinental Finals, and stand in line! We will have a branch school ceremony!"

   The most exciting moment has finally arrived.

   (end of this chapter)