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She Shocked the World After Marrying a Repairman

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[No. 1 female lead abuser! The male protagonist is super rich + spoils his wife madly]

eighteen years old.

Lin Wu is a girl who was disliked by her grandmother and father.

Wild girls, money-losing goods, illiterate…

It became an indelible label on her body.

Being ridiculed: “What can a junior high school graduate do? That’s all for the rest of my life!”

He was admitted to a famous university, but in the end he was replaced by an impostor.

Her life is like a joke.

Once reborn.

Lin Wu took her mother to kick the scumbag’s father, quickly gave way to her stepmother, abused the scum, and started business.

Facing the enemy:

Advise me to be generous?

Wrong me to make you happy! ?

If you have no reason, you have to give up three points. Why do you have to forgive people if you have reason? !


Just when Lin Wu’s childhood was going smoothly, her grandfather’s family, who had been missing for many years, suddenly came to her door!

Thus, in the eyes of everyone, the divorced abandoned woman who was still carrying an oil bottle turned out to be the sole heir of the wealthy family.

What Lin Wu didn’t expect was that her boyfriend who was a three-no car mechanic would transform into an unattainable top boss.

From then on, Lin Wu became a rich and noble lady with clothes and hands, food and mouth, and was favored by the boss to heaven and earth.



Lin Wu is already a famous female entrepreneur.

She stood on the high platform and delivered her speech:

“In the past, most of our ancestors were very patriarchal, and the water splashed by married daughters became synonymous with us. They ignored girls’ education and growth, and trapped them between family and trivial matters. Once they are betrayed by men, they will lose their support and be accused of being broken shoes!”

“But today!”

“Look at the Ten Thousand People Square, they are all the youngest female entrepreneurs!”

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Short Title:SSWAMR
Alternate Title:嫁给修理工后她震惊全球
Author:Deyin never forgets
Weekly Rank:#175
Monthly Rank:#92
All Time Rank:#3212
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. I'm loving this so far but everytime the chapter comes to Fang Hongyu I hate that bish the most I can't wait for her to get retribution and save the grandparents because even if they are getting on in years I bet she is using her hands and feet to harm them

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