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She Plays A, She Plays O

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Ning Xuechu was the daughter of the Ning family who had been separated for many years, and now the property of the Ning family is in the hands of the top Alpha An Jianqing.
She has long been differentiated into Alpha. In order to successfully get a huge inheritance, she has to pretend to seduce An Jianqing every day.
What she didn’t know was that An Jianqing was actually a top Omega.
After a reception, An Jianqing’s face flushed.
Her body gradually became hot and her eyes were hazy.
In her blurred vision, she saw someone approaching, but she couldn’t see her face clearly.
There is the smell of top Alpha in the air, which is still her favorite sweet and sour cherry flavor.
She couldn’t help wrapping her arms around Alpha’s neck, offering red lips tremblingly, and lingering with people all night.
Afterwards, An Jianqing kept looking for the Alpha that night.
And that person was someone she would never doubt…

PS: Attack and Shou Shuang Jie 1V1, in the next year, the paranoid attack VS the beautiful president

Content tags: wealthy family, special liking, industry elite, sweet text, modern, main attack
Search keywords: Protagonist: Ning Xuechuo, An Jianqing ┃ Others: GL, ABO, Nianxia, ​​Qiangqiang, campus, workplace
One-sentence introduction: I am more paranoid than the villain [wearing books], please collect
Purpose: Kindness and nobility are timeless qualities

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Short Title:SPASPO
Alternate Title:她装A,她装O
Author:Taobao Garden
Weekly Rank:#8038
Monthly Rank:#7949
All Time Rank:#9197
Tags:ABO, Absent Parents, Adopted Children, Adopted Protagonist, Business Management, Child Abuse, Childbirth, Childish Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Cross-dressing, Death of Loved Ones, Discrimination, Doting Love Interests, Family Business, Power Couple, Pregnancy, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Smart Couple, Wealthy Characters,
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