The fighters of West Felix have been on the front line for almost a month.

West Felix is ​​very prepared for this war, perhaps because of the blessing of the Faun, West Felix has had a bumper harvest in recent years and has stored a large amount of military rations. Adequate logistical support allows the soldiers on the front line to focus on the battle itself.

But fighting this kind of thing cannot be won by a large number of people with sufficient food and grass.

The one who is in charge of the scene is the knight Arnold. His character is more cautious and conservative, not greedy for meritorious advances, which allowed him to successfully minimize his losses in the previous siege battles, but it also kept him unable to break through the enemy's defense. Now that the enemy’s reinforcements have arrived, and his own advantage has declined, the Arnold Knights have to guard against the enemy’s counterattack while drawing up an offensive plan, and the pressure will inevitably increase.

The enemy's elite was stationed here, and the morale was greatly boosted after receiving reinforcements. The Arnold Knight had planned an attack after the enemy received reinforcements. Although he did not lose his position, he did not get any advantage. This pass is the only way to the king's capital. If you can't defeat the defenders here, you can't go to the king's capital.

If this barrier cannot be overcome in the next attack, I am afraid the morale of the army will drop to the point where it can no longer fight.

The Arnold Knight wrote a letter to the Duchess explaining the situation and requesting reinforcements. The Duchess' reply came very quickly, saying that the reinforcements would be coming soon.

This letter from the Duchess somewhat boosted morale and allowed the soldiers on the front line to cheer up again. Arnold planned a new round of offensive, ready to get stuck at this node where reinforcements arrived, and won in one fell swoop.

The horn of attack blew.

All the knights here understand that this is the final blow, and they absolutely cannot lose.

Although he had made up his mind, no one would know the outcome of the battle before the last second. They have fought the enemy several times, knowing that it is by no means an easy opponent. The victory or defeat of the two armies often does not lie in which side has more numbers. Sometimes the two armies may look evenly matched, but the victory or defeat is often only a matter of moments, and no one can tell.

Even the Arnold Knights, who have always been relatively conservative, understand that if they retreat here at this moment, even if they lose all, the plans of the Duchess and the preparations and plans of West Felix for several years will all be vanished here.

In any case, they can only continue to insist. As long as reinforcements can arrive in time, this battle will surely achieve a final victory.

In this attack, the Kent Knights rushed to the forefront.

He is the youngest among the knights present, and he is also the poorest. If it wasn't for Philo Knight who left him a house, he could be said to have no property at all. Under the current circumstances, the Kent Knights urgently need to make more achievements in order to obtain the Duchess's award.

A war like this is his opportunity.

Kent is mature enough and has accumulated a lot of experience, and he is also young enough to have the momentum that older people do not possess. This knight is extremely brave. Wherever he goes, the enemies he encounters must retreat on both sides. No one dares to face him head-on. This causes him to rush a bit too far. When he realizes it, he has already rushed. When he reached the enemy army, when he wanted to turn his horse back, a knight blocked his way.

The knight was tall, one head taller than Kent, and he could almost be called a giant. In addition, he was riding a tall horse and looked even more stalwart. He is wearing a rare golden armor. The golden armor reflected the sunlight, dazzling Kent, almost unable to see his opponent.

If you change someone and see such an enemy, you will usually have fear in your heart before fighting. But Kent has always been fearless. Even when he encounters an opponent who is taller than himself, Kent never knows what it means to be afraid. He roared and rushed towards the golden knight with a spear in his hand.

Kent rushed very hard, but the light reflected from the opponent's golden armor affected his judgment of the opponent's position. The knight didn't regard his attack as something that needs to be taken seriously. He just turned his horse's head slightly and escaped. Kent’s spear tip. Seeing the thorn miss, Kent hurriedly pulled the horse, lost his spear, raised his sword and slashed at the opponent. The opponent reacted quickly and immediately blocked with the sword. People are all trying to beat each other in strength.

Kent is a very courageous knight, but it is a pity that the difference in physical strength cannot be made up by courage.

The golden armored knight was bigger than Kent, and his strength was not comparable to Kent. The strength of the opponent was transmitted through the blade, almost suffocating him. Kent clenched his teeth and persisted, but the place where the weapons intersected was getting closer and closer to Kent. Kent gradually felt that he couldn't do his best. He knew he couldn't hold it anymore, and in a few seconds, he would be split in two.

Really unwilling.

Kent's mind had already begun to involuntarily appear in the memorable pictures of his life, but his arms were still holding on to the force. At this moment, Kent suddenly felt light in his hands.

For a moment he thought he had failed, and when he took a closer look, he discovered that a spear was inserted between the two intersecting weapons, sharing most of the power from the opposite side. Kent turned his head to look at the man who had saved his life, and saw that the young female knight of his age appeared beside him with a dazzling red hair.

It's Alice!

Kent never knew it was such a delight to see Alice.

"Thank you." He gasped and thanked Alice. "You saved my life."

This is not the time for polite remarks, and Alice didn't even have time to look at Kent, she just shook her head briskly and put the opponent's sword aside. She came all the way from Yunji Castle, and when she heard that Kent had fallen into the enemy army before the battle, she rushed to help. Now it seems that she came at the right time. If one step later, Kent must die by the sword of the man opposite.

Kent stepped back a bit, leaving room for Alice to show off.

It's been a long time since Kent saw Alice fighting with people right away. In the past few years, she has grown taller again. Her body has the agility and flexibility that men don't have, and she looks particularly good when fighting with people.

The "awkward" she was wearing has reached the age to appear mature and serious. Although it is still called by this name, it is no longer as awkward as before, and has become a stable and experienced war horse. She has been with it for a long time, and the cooperation is very tacit, even making Kent feel a little envious.

Kent wanted to help her in the past, but he had discovered that his abilities weren't enough to help her, and he might even be distracted. Thinking of this, Kent had no choice but to give up and decided to help her clean up the surrounding enemies, so as not to be attacked when she concentrated on dealing with the golden armored knight.

At this time, another person was also looking at Alice.

Although he stayed in the middle of the battlefield, he didn't wear any armor. He looked very relaxed, completely different from the atmosphere of the entire battlefield. In fact, Kent suddenly realized that within nearly a hundred meters centered on this person, apart from the golden armored knight, there are actually no other enemy soldiers nearby. It seems that he has used some special ability to make those enemy soldiers go around. Where I went.

Although Kent had some doubts about his identity when he first saw him, but now, after seeing all kinds of miracles, Kent already knows that the person in front of him is indeed a god.

Kent greeted Cecilian:

"Unexpectedly, you are here. I thought that the gods would not participate in human wars,"

Cecilian turned his head to him, as if he had just seen him:

"Human wars are ultimately provoked by gods, Kent. But I didn't come here to participate in the war...I came to see her."

Cecilian raised his chin to Alice:

"I will always look at her here."

At this moment, Alice was not afraid to face the golden knight in front of her.

Although she could clearly feel it, this was indeed the most dangerous opponent she had ever encountered.

The reason for this sense of danger has nothing to do with his huge size. Alice has dealt with many huge opponents, knowing that it is nothing to fear. The reason why she feels nervous is because the golden armored knight in front of her exudes a kind of... …Inhuman.

It was not his golden armor that gave Alice this feeling. Alice had met many knights armed to their teeth, but none of them gave her this feeling. When Alice approached him, she felt that instead of saying that the knight in front of her was an ordinary human, it was better to say that he was closer to a god.

Alice didn't know where this feeling came from, maybe he was already between humans and gods, or the golden armor on his body concealed his human aura. Alice thought that he should not be a god, and if she insisted on guessing, Alice thought that he was probably a believer who had accepted the power of the God of Light.

Cecilian once said that the God of Light cannot leave his plane and come here easily, but he can bestow power on his followers. The golden armor in front of him seemed to be a testament to the power of the God of Light. That **** seemed to particularly like shiny things, whether it was armor, a holy sword, or the golden hair of the royal family.

"Hello!" Alice called to him, "Are you a believer in the God of Light?"

The knight in the golden armor did not make a sound, but only danced the sword in his hand as a reply. His sword was also golden. When he swung it, there would be glare dangling and it looked very dazzling, which made Alice feel quite annoying.

"Okay," she said to herself, "I have to beat this guy quickly. He dangles my eyes."

However, Alice's mount is "awkward" but not as courageous as its owner. Facing the knight in front of him, "awkward" was obviously a little uneasy.

Alice gently patted its neck to sooth it, and let it settle down a little. "Uncomfortable" has been awkward so many times over the years, but by this time it seemed particularly arrogant, and gradually recovered calm under Alice's comfort.

While Alice was soothing the "awkwardness", the golden knight on the opposite side was not idle. He seized this opportunity to attack, hoping to defeat Alice in one fell swoop when she was distracted.

His swordsmanship is actually inferior to Alice, but with his rare power and exceptionally sharp golden sword, it still brings her a great sense of oppression.

Since she was seventeen years old, after Alice received the power bestowed by Circillian, she has never encountered a stronger opponent than her own. Sometimes, she will even be surprised by her own power. But the person in front of him seemed to be no weaker than her in this respect, and he deserves to be taken seriously.

But Alice was confident in her swordsmanship.

Her swordsmanship has been instructed by the two masters of the world, and has already reached the level of transformation. This is the result of human wisdom and hard training. It does not come from a god. Alice believes that even the **** of light cannot bestow such a technique on believers.

She fought back and forth with the Golden Armored Knight for several rounds, and felt that it would not take long to win.

Things... could it really be that easy?

As soon as Alice whispered such a word in her heart, she realized that "awkwardness" seemed to be unable to hold it anymore.

Two people rode on horses to fight swords. Although Alice was able to catch the other's sword, the power transmitted from the other's sword pressed against the "awkward" body, causing the horse to bear hundreds of kilograms more than usual. pressure. In fact, even though it had been patient, Alice even felt that her "awkward" legs had already begun to tremble.

What should I do?

In such a fight, even the slightest mistake will result in death or injury. If "awkward" couldn't hold her knees down at this moment, Alice would definitely be killed by the golden knight on the opposite side.

There was sweat on her forehead.

"Secilian." She called quietly in her heart, "Come and help me."

"Don't worry." He said, "I'm here."

This voice didn't come from behind her, but like the sound of the wind blowing through her ears, as if he hadn't woken up yet and didn't get the same human body. When his voice fell, Alice felt that the horse she was riding seemed to have changed a little.

She glanced down quickly and found that she was not riding "awkward" at this time, but the black steed that Circelian had transformed into.

"Don't be surprised." Cecilian's voice said again, "I borrowed your awkward body, and it will come back after we win."

This was the first time Cecilian appeared in the form of a horse after waking up. Alice was a little surprised, but it should be said that she was surprised more. She knew that Cecilian didn't like changing horses very much, but this change often made her feel closer to him. After all, war horses are knights' best companions.

With the help of Cecilian, Alice quickly pushed the golden armor knight to a desperate situation. Alice knew that she only needed to swing the sword again and she could defeat him.

However, at this moment, the knight's golden armor suddenly emitted a dazzling light, burning Alice's eyes.

Alice was taken aback, and subconsciously blocked her eyes with her arm. If it weren't for Circilian to retreat quickly, she would have been chopped in half by the knight.

"Don't panic." Cecilian's voice sounded again, "You can defeat him, you have this strength. Even if he can use the power of the **** of light, it doesn't matter. With me by your side, you don't have to worry about any gods."

Circelian's power poured into Alice's body with his words, she could feel it, and her heart was tightly connected to him.

Homology has happened again, but it's not just homology. Alice felt the power full of her body, and experienced unprecedented...freedom.

Alice seems to have gained more than just Cecilian’s power. In this communication, she seems to have acquired the senses of a god. Her mind is clearer than ever, and her eyes are extremely bright. She feels that she can shatter the mountains. As the river changes its course, everything in this world can no longer restrict her, even her own body. Alice believed that she could even fly at this time if she wanted to.

When she looked at her opponent, the light from the golden armor could no longer sting her, and the knight's actions seemed to be replayed in slow motion before her eyes.

She does not need to resort to foreign objects, nor does she need to summon Thunder. She is Thunder itself. When her sword collided with the sword of the Golden Armored Knight, the two swords collided together and made a huge noise, as if something happened. explode. The place where the two swords collided was shining with electricity, almost blinding people temporarily.

No one can watch this battle. This time the duel should have taken place in the sky instead of the world, but Alice can see his movements clearly through the light. She finds that her opponent has also gained strength at this time. Maybe he is in her. When he didn't know, he called the **** of light, and asked the **** to give him new power. But no matter how much power the God of Light gave him was useless, he was just a mortal body after all, and at this moment, Alice was already integrated with the god, and she was the **** himself.

This showdown should be over.

There are no gaps in the armor of the golden knight, but the helmet and body armor are two separate pieces, and they are not integrated. Circe had noticed this a long time ago, and gently reminded Alice:

"Cut off his head."

Alice listened to Cecilian's suggestion, spotted her position, and swung her sword down.

The head of the golden knight was directly cut off.

Circe ran carrying Alice from his side and let out a neigh in celebration of victory. Alice felt the horse underneath change again and saw that it had changed back to her "awkwardness".

She smiled, turned her head to look at the human-shaped Cecilia. The **** riding on the horse looked up at her as if he had just woke up.

At this moment, the knight who had lost his head rushed towards her with a sword and a horse.

Alice didn't take any precautions at all. Circelian reacted much faster than her, and immediately passed by and stood in front of her:


The headless knight swung his sword and slashed towards Cecilia. Cecilia raised his arm to resist. The knight’s sword slashed into his arm, and Alice saw the opportunity, lifted the sword through the golden armor and pierced it. The chest of the headless horseman.

It is also incredible, the golden armor that could not be hacked at all during the battle was easily pierced at this time. Perhaps because the sword it slashed at Circillian had already consumed all its strength. Alice watched the headless horseman lose its last vitality and fell to the ground. The power from the **** of light disappeared, and the golden armor on his body became dim, looking like rusty copper.

Alice turned to look at Cecilian's arm.

The knight's sword left a scorched scar on Cecilian's arm. This mark did not seem to be caused by a sword, but rather like a burn, which looked terrible.

Alice had seen him manipulate lightning with her own eyes, and it was hard to imagine that he would be injured by a sword. Cecilian didn't seem to care at all, just smiled:

"It doesn't matter, this is the price of the replacement of the gods."

During the time that Alice was fighting with the Golden Armored Knights, the West Felix Army broke through the line of defense and broke up the enemy's team. The enemy was finally defeated and fled in all directions. Alice rode a horse and followed the army to chase the remnants, and the joy in her heart was beyond words:

They won!

Occupying this pass, the next step is to advance into the capital. Alice knew that her wish was finally coming true.

Two days later, Sifelix's army arrived in the royal capital.

The gates of the royal capital are tightly closed and well guarded, making it easy to defend and difficult to attack. But when Alice arrived here, a group of wizards from the east also came under the king's city. Their messengers presented Alice with a letter from the tower master Talus Archmage, and showed her that they had come to help with a large magic circle specially used to attack the city.

"How does the archmage know that we are going to attack the city?" Alice asked in surprise.

"The mage has its own channels for the mage." The messenger said so and smiled at her.

The letter was stamped with the seal of the Archmage Talus, and it seemed that there was no problem at all. Alice also accepted the kindness of the wizards. However, she suggested that she had to take a look in front of the city gate before officially starting the siege.

A group of soldiers accompanied her to the front of the city wall. For safety reasons, she did not wear an armor that could identify her identity, but instead put on a cloak to cover her iconic red hair. When Alice looked at the wall, she saw a person standing behind the castellation on the wall. Alice saw his golden hair and immediately recognized him.

At the same time, a gust of wind blew off the hood of Alice's cloak.

Etienne, who was standing on the wall, also saw her.

The two of them looked at each other, and neither spoke to each other. In the immediate scene, the acquaintance in the past seems to have happened in the last century. When two people stand on opposite sides, the past favors can be ignored, even if they are mentioned, it only adds to the embarrassment.

Whether he wanted to say hello, or just out of some unnecessary politeness, Etienne nodded to her.

Etienne didn't wait for her to react, or that he didn't want to see her reply, he just walked down the tower alone and returned to the royal city.

Who could have imagined that he had concealed the girl's affairs from the priest of the temple in Potzta and saved her life, but now she is standing opposite him, preparing to overthrow the whole country. Such a thing is really unimaginable. If you say it in advance, no one will believe it. If he knew this at the beginning, would he save her?

Such a question only stayed in Etienne's mind for a moment. There is no if in this world, and this kind of presumption is meaningless in itself. Even if everything can be done again, Etienne will probably not make another choice. If his **** needs to save his position by killing a little girl, then he is not worthy of being trusted.

Etienne still doesn't know, if this question is placed before the God of Light, how that **** will choose. He used to be very sure before, but now... he can't say for sure.

Etienne was confused, he walked to the carriage and stepped on the pedal. A knight ran to him and asked him about the strategy to be adopted when defending the city. He didn't say a word, just waved his hand.

Etienne is still the commander of these troops in name, but what else can he command now? With the help of wizards, even if the city of the royal capital is solid, he can't hold on for long. This city will be broken sooner or later, and the belief in the **** of light will eventually disappear.

He knew about this the night before.

At that time, holding the holy sword, he knelt in the prayer room of the small temple and prayed to the **** of light, always carrying the last glimmer of hope in his heart. He didn't ask for more help, but only asked Guangming God to give him some enlightenment, even if it suggested. However, the gods never appeared.

Etienne knelt here and asked what he had said before dedicating himself to another world’s son:

"My God, why did you abandon me?"

This sentence was full of pain, but the God of Light did not answer, as if he was just a lifeless stone sculpture, not a true god.

Staring at the face of the sculpture, Etienne suddenly realized that it was too late.

It's too late, it's all too late, and when he realizes this, whatever he does is no longer meaningful. The decline of the belief in the God of Light didn't just start now. This incident had already appeared ten years ago or even earlier, but the dull **** was unaware of it.

If he is ten years older than he is now and becomes a high priest ten years ago, he may still have a chance to turn the tide. But now the world is completely different from before, and he no longer has a chance.

When he appeared, the God of Light said that Etienne was a warrior, but he knew he was not. He was destined to be a priest since he was a teenager, and swordsmanship is not his specialty. He killed the fake high priest the first time he took the sword. He never knew how easy it would be to take a person's life. That made him have nightmares for months.

After that, everything was constantly changing, but within a few years, his hands were already covered with blood. Whenever Etienne washes his hands in the basin after night, he will see a face full of pain in the mirror. He has tried to convince himself that it is a necessary evil, but this kind of words even his own Don't believe it.

Etienne returned to the little temple.

The priest who served him came forward with a snow-white drape to change his clothes. He shook his head:

"No need."

The priest stood sadly holding the drape, showing a bewildered face, which he would show every time Etienne told him that he didn't need to change his clothes. It seems that this is a punishment. Etienne had never cared about this before, but at this time he was moved with pity for this man:

"You wait a minute."

The priest bowed to him and followed him with the drape. Etienne ignored him, but ordered people to open all the doors of the little temple.

The small temple has seven walls, and each wall has seven doors. When the gatekeeper is ordered to open all the doors, light shines in from outside the door, illuminating the entire temple extremely brightly. Since the day it was built, this small temple has never been as bright as it is today.

The priests in the little temple looked at the open doors in surprise, and then at Etienne. Etienne stood in the center of the circular temple and waved at them:

"You go, all go, leave here, don't come back again."

The priests stood there, the expressions on their faces seemed to not understand what his words meant.

Etienne didn't explain.

He walked to the bathroom.

The bathroom in the small sanctuary is dedicated to him alone. There is a huge bath filled with water and a fragrant fragrance is added to it. There are four priests who are specifically responsible for keeping the water temperature here, day and night. He walked in, took a bath here for the last time, carefully washed his blond hair and combed it neatly.

By the time Etienne Chi || came out of the bathroom naked, there were not a few people left in the little temple.

The priest holding the white drape was still standing there. Etienne took the brand new drape from him and put it on. The man bowed to him and left.

Etienne looked around.

Most of the priests here have left, and only a few people are still standing motionless. Etienne knew that some of them were already crazy. They are not so much servants chosen to serve the gods, but rather just a piece of furniture in the small temple. Their independent personality has long been destroyed, it is tantamount to walking dead.

Etienne thought out of place, maybe he should thank his father for not sending him here when he was young.

Soon he thought that if his father really sent him, the former high priest would guess his identity through the color of his hair, and this was obviously something his father wanted to the feeling of rejoicing changed again. It's getting lighter.

Now his father is paralyzed, unable to speak or move his body. Although sitting in the most noble position, he is always between life and death. Etienne would even find it incredible to look at him like that. At the beginning, he longed for this person's attention, to the point of desperateness. But now that person can't even defecate, and is not even as good as a puddle of mud. Whenever I saw him, Etienne felt a sense of nothingness.

What is he doing here?

There was no dust in the little temple, and as he thought, Etienne walked back to his bedroom barefoot.

The sword left by the **** of light was still hung on the wall, even if the **** had disappeared, the sword would not disappear because of it, but it looked dim. Etienne took the sword off the wall and kissed it twice.

Damian's blood remained on this sword. For a kind of remembrance, Etienne didn't wipe it off. When his lips touched the blade, Etienne vaguely tasted the blood of the necromancer. The head with a smile appeared before his eyes, at this moment, it seemed to be making fun of him.

He didn't know the meaning of that smile before, but now he knows it.

Etienne swung his sword towards the candlestick next to him. This sword was already blunt and couldn't cut the candlestick off, but knocked it to the ground. The candle's fire instantly lit the curtain of the bed, and Etienne watched the flame and remained motionless.

The fire ignited, and the blazing flame fell on his arm like a red phoenix, just like when he was seventeen years old, Guangming once turned into a white dove and fell on his shoulder.

At that time, he had nothing to do with any evil, but simply believed in the God of Light, that his father would love him one day, that the world would become better, and that the future was at his own feet.

Perhaps what he was thinking at that time was not wrong. The future will always get better, but he does not exist in the better future.

The flame swallowed him completely.

At this moment, there was a loud bang outside.

Alice stood in the center of the giant magic circle, and thirteen arch wizards stood around her. When the giant magic circle was urged, the walls of the royal capital began to shake.

The boulders on the city wall collapsed piece by piece, and the entire city wall fell like dominoes or children's blocks. In less than ten minutes, the originally solid city was completely collapsed.

The archmages looked at each other in amazement, never expected that the magic circle would have such power. But Alice knew it had nothing to do with the magic circle.

She climbed up the stone and looked into the city. When she was standing on the ruined wall, Alice saw the flames skyrocketing in the distance.

She looked over there in a little surprise, not knowing where it was. The fire was blazing, as if it was about to burn everything in the world, burning the distant horizon to red. Between the flames, one can vaguely see the shadow of the original building.

This flame is telling the curtain call of the era, and it seems to herald that a new era is about to begin.

Alice knew that she should organize the soldiers to put out the fire, but she stood there blankly, just watching the flames continue to the sky.

The scene was magnificent and sad, and Alice stared at the flame and shed a drop of tears.

The tear was wiped dry by Circillian.

He has been by her side, not missing her expression. At this moment he bent down and picked up something from the ground. When he brought the thing in front of Alice, Alice saw that it was a cluster of red wood sorrel flowers.

This little flower originally grew at the foot of the wall, but when the huge stone fell, it was not hurt at all, and it was still blooming vigorously. Cecilian caught the flower in Alice's ear and said softly:

"Welcome to your new world, my dear queen."