Just as the Duchess can always receive news from the royal capital, all kinds of intelligence from West Felix are often placed on Etienne's desk, in a conspicuous position.

Of course he knew that the nobles of West Felix were actively preparing for battle. If the situation permits, he would like to teach the other party a lesson, but he cannot fight both sides at the same time, and now he can only look at intelligence.

During this period of time, Etienne prepared a room for himself in the palace, and sometimes it was too late to discuss with others, and he would live here directly.

He hung the sword above the bed of the little temple, in order to make himself firm. But when Etienne did this, he rarely went back to live in the little temple. This is of course partly because he is really busy, but on the other hand, many times he would rather live in a temporary place than go back.

Etienne didn't know exactly what he was evading, but he really didn't like the little temple as much as the other high priests. Sometimes, the look of the female priest who served him before going to bed looks too pure and submissive, which will arouse some cruel desires in his heart. Before that, he didn't even know that he had this side. In the presence of the overly pure female priest, he forced himself to hold back the feeling of wanting to flee, and then asked all the priests who served in the bedroom to be replaced by men.

Who on earth was the female priest who asked to serve deliberately to make such an expression? Etienne tried not to think about it.

Many high priests in the past regarded the small temple as a place where the soul could rest, so they had to return to the small temple to rest every night, but Etienne only went back once a month, and he almost regarded it as a place. Kind of obligation. On the one hand, in order to let the priests in the little temple do something, on the other hand, it is also to go back and take a look at the sword.

Since that night, the God of Light has not reappeared. This makes Etienne often wonder about the authenticity of what happened that night. But that **** had definitely appeared and left him such a sword, and he did make his hand stained with blood. Sometimes Etienne would take down the sword hanging on the wall and wipe it with his hand. To determine its authenticity, to determine that it is indeed a gift from the gods, rather than an object that can be cast by humans. Sometimes he even has some unrealistic wishes, hoping that the sword is indeed fake, not real, all these are just his own illusions.

But when his hand touched the sword, all hope was broken. The sword was telling him literally that this was not an illusion.

The God of Guangming did not appear in front of him again, which may mean that everything he did was completely in line with the decision of the gods. He is indeed an endorsement that meets the wishes of the God of Light. This somewhat gave him some confidence.

Yes, Etienne has always been a devout believer. Many people sometimes forget their original beliefs when they are in high positions, but Etienne has never changed. He was taught to grow up as a believer in the **** of light, and he has always been so firm. When the Guangming God picked him, perhaps it was precisely this point in mind. He may be the most pious believer of the **** of light in the world. Even when he concealed Alice in the first place, there was no disrespect to the gods in his heart. He was convinced that protecting a little girl would not shake the world of God of Light.

He always believed that the Illuminati would illuminate every corner of the world. And he is the one who spreads the light.

After reading all the information on the table, Etienne leaned back in his chair to rest for a while. There are no meetings on this day, and the rest of the time can be at his own disposal. Etienne thought for a while and decided to see His Majesty the King.

He was in the palace at this time, and it was convenient for him to see the king. His Majesty the King still sits in his audience hall as before. The difference is that very few people want to see him now. So Etienne didn't even need the attendants to pass the message, so he walked in and greeted him easily and happily:

"Good morning, Dad."

His Majesty the King sat on his throne and said nothing.

It wasn't that he didn't want to talk. A stroke made the king unable to speak. It was hard to say whether this was a natural result of the accumulation of his body to a certain degree, or the revenge of the God of Light against him and the wizards. After all, at his age... the stroke still seemed a bit early.

In the past few years, His Majesty the King has also become a bit old, with some silver hair in his blond hair. There are also some wrinkles on his face. From the moment Etienne came in, the king's eyes were so fixed on Etienne, and there was a cold atmosphere in his eyes.

It's hard to say what kind of mentality the king's expression came from. Maybe he hates the person in front of him for being so young and powerful, possessing everything he once had but now has lost, or he just hates this **** who calls him his father directly.

Etienne didn't care about his gaze, and even enjoyed it a bit, which could almost be regarded as a kind of revenge. He never admitted him in revenge. Although before he had a stroke, he always looked at Etienne with an appreciative look, sometimes, that look was softer than the look at the crown prince.

Speaking of the crown prince, he has no influence on Etienne. The crown prince who is about the same age as Etienne is completely under his control. As long as the king is not dead, the crown prince can only continue to wait and never touch the power.的边。 The side.

Liliel was nowhere to be seen, and no one knew where she was going. This gave Etienne a sigh of relief. Because if she still stayed here, he really didn't know how to treat her.

After the God of Light told him the secret of Etienne's life experience, he always felt unbelievable. When he gained the power of the high priest, the first thing Etienne did was to find a way to find out the truth of the matter. He found that Guangming God was right, that woman was indeed his biological mother.

Liliel gave him life. From this point of view, he should love her, but not only did she abandon him, she is also a mage who believes in the **** of the night... If you want to consider this, maybe he should treat her as an enemy . But he couldn't do anything excessive to her. She is gone, this is the best way to save him a lot of entanglement.

In the process of fighting the south, Etienne sometimes thinks about the areas in the east that belong to the **** of night. He had sent many spies there, hoping to obtain some important information. But it didn't seem to be of any use. After the spies were sent out, they all seemed to be hidden in the dark night and could never come back.

As long as there is light, there will be shadows, which seems inevitable. Etienne finally gave up understanding the situation in the east. He felt that he had the ability to expand the light even more, as for those shadows... it was enough to stay in the east.

After Etienne greeted His Majesty the King, he turned and returned to his room in the palace. When he was young, he always wanted to be able to talk to his father. Now he can sit in the audience hall and talk to his father for as long as he wants, but he already feels bored.

When he returned to the room, someone happened to send him the latest information:

West Felix launched a rebellion.

The news was not unexpected, but it was faster than Etienne had previously thought. Now that his army is still stalemate in the south, it is difficult to quickly turn around to fight against West Felix's army. But Etienne didn't feel flustered. He already had several plans in his mind. He believed that with the blessing of God of Light, he would be able to defeat Sifelix's army smoothly.

While Etienne was considering how to deal with the rebels, the knights of West Felix had already crossed the border and began to attack the first city west of Wang Ji. This time Sifelix’s purpose of sending troops was different from the previous time. It was not to expand the territory, but to fight directly to the capital.

Alice is not among the knights who set out for the first time. According to the Duchess, she is already one of the two chief knights of West Felix. She should give others the opportunity to perform meritorious service, otherwise it will arouse the knights’ envy. .

Alice had to stay with Miss Miranda at the Yunqi Castle, and went to the Duchess's office to watch the battle report every day.

In the beginning, the God of Light did not bring much advantage to the royal capital. The army led by West Felix captured three cities in a blink of an eye, and the sword was directed at the royal capital. However, when Sifelix's army was only a hundred miles away from the king's capital, their momentum was blocked by the king's army, and they lost some manpower.

After the first encounter, the two sides remained deadlocked.

The knights of West Felix held the belief that they must conquer the capital, and those knights from the capital were also defending desperately. These knights were not the tired soldiers who had just been transferred from the south, but the elites who stayed behind in the capital. Etienne gave up the three cities directly, just to block Sifelix's soldiers here.

The chief priest Etienne gave them a death order, and he would never allow Sifelix's army to pass through here.

This stalemate lasted for about half a month, during which the two sides met several times in short-handed combat, but failed to defeat the other side. The morale of West Felix's army gradually declined.

Considering that the king's army in the south is about to return, the opponent will soon get reinforcements, and fighting until the king's capital seems to be a difficult task. Some voices began to appear in Sifelix's army, believing that they should retreat to the previously occupied city and rest before continuing to fight. But everyone knows that if they return here, they may never be able to hit the king's capital again.

The knights on the front sent a report to the Duchess, hoping to get a clear answer.

After reading the battle report, the Duchess turned to look at Alice:

"I think it's time for you to go now."