The **** didn't seem to expect that he would be seen by mortals.

He looked at Alice in surprise, and then at Circillian. Alice had never seen a **** with such a surprised expression.

Bertrach said to Cecilian in a disapproving tone:

"You actually let a mortal spy on the secrets of the gods' world."

Cecilian frowned:

"If you are here to say this, I think you can go now."

"Don't be like that." Beltach said quickly, "Since you are willing to give your believers a bright eye that can see through everything, I really shouldn't talk too much...but I have enough reasons to be here."

Cecilian raised his eyebrows:

"Why do the family members of the God of Light come to me, the **** of the ominous future? Are you telling me that when the gods decided to use the prayers of humans to keep me asleep forever, didn't you express their opinions in them?"

If I were replaced by a human being, I would feel very ashamed to hear such ridicule. However, the gods do not have the shame of human beings. This heroic and heroic god, after listening to Cecilian's words, just smiled:

"I was indeed among the gods who were determined to find a way to prevent you from waking up. However, at that time, the glory of the God of Light was as bright as the sky. If you wake up then, the order of the world will only be shattered again. I do The gods have the responsibility to protect the order of this world from being easily broken. You are also a god, and you should understand the reasons why the gods do this."

Bertrach's words seem to be very high-sounding. If you are someone who doesn't know enough about the gods of the Guangming family, you might still think these words sound very reasonable. But Cecilian didn't say anything, as if he didn't want to make any comments on it.

Bertrach himself was very satisfied with what he said. He paused for a while, then continued:

"Our gods of the Guangming family originally hoped that our master, the God of Guangming, could always rule the world and never change. To be fair, he did have such power back then. It was enough to illuminate the Quartet and make all other gods surrender. Even the **** of the night, who is often referred to with him, can’t reduce his brilliance by even a little bit. But now, my master is fainted, and the light he brings has dimmed, and the evening sun is no longer enough to illuminate the entire land. So I came here specifically to surrender to you and bring inexhaustible courage to your soldiers."

Even when he was saying this, Bertrach still looked very arrogant, but his appearance did not make him show the grace of a god, but made Alice feel a little funny.

Among the several dependent gods of the God of Light, except for Alice's mother's patron god, Fogna, Alice has the most complicated feelings for Beltach. Before, she almost became a believer of Beltci, but it was probably because she asked Circillian for help before reciting Bertraci’s prayers, and Bertraci did not respond to her.

The coldness of this **** is indistinguishable from other gods. If it weren’t for Cecilian to sneak into Bertrach’s small prayer room, talk to her quietly, and point her to find the mercenary Roma, she might be dead now. NS.

This incident makes Alice a little bit disgusted with Beltache.

But... if you don't consider the emotional part, and only proceed from the benefit aspect, the refuge of the heroic **** can be a very powerful help, and it can even be said that it is the most beneficial help. After all, there are many believers in Beltchi, and most of them are soldiers, so they are very suitable for combat.

It's really an unwise act for the God of Guangming to push this **** with a large number of believers outward. Is it true that he has become faint, as Bertrach said?

Of course, in addition to the dizzy God of Light, there is another possibility.

Beltach has always been one of the gods of the God of Light. He was born after the God of Light was born. Unlike the God of Faun, he can be counted as a **** that survived from the previous era. Beltach has been a servant of the God of Light from the time he was born, and God of Light knows him very well. Perhaps he thinks that the trouble brought by Beltach can completely offset the benefits he brought.

However, even if this is the case, if Circelian accepts Bertrach, there will always be some benefits.

Alice looked at Circillian, curious as to what he would choose.

Cecilian didn't think about it for too long.

"I should thank you for your support." He said, "but at this moment, our side no longer needs more gods, so please go back directly and solve your own problems yourself."

Beltach, who was originally full of confidence, did not expect to receive such an answer at all, and his expression became panic:

"You shouldn't be like this."

"In any case, you should always consider that you still owe me a favor."

"When talking to this believer of yours, you used to use my prayer room."

"I really can't deny this." Cecilian's tone eased a little, "I do owe you a little favor if you count it this way."

"So, is this little favor enough for me to reserve a position in the future world without God of Light?"

"If you can survive until that time and not be completely wiped out by your current master," Cecilian said, "Yes."

In short, the results of this meeting should be different from Bertucci's initial imagination, but with any guarantee, he seems to be satisfied with it. Beltach's figure disappeared,

Alice looked at Circillian with an expression of indescribable expression.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"I originally thought that since this guy is called the God of Heroic Martial Arts, he should have been more..." Alice thought for a long time, trying to find an appropriate word, "Stone?"

"You use a word to describe human beings." Cecilian said, "Gods have a different mindset from humans. They are more direct. For thousands of years, the gods have been trading with each other, conspiring with each other, betraying each other... …There is nothing between them that can be called affection, and in a critical situation, they will not be ashamed of asking for help from the enemy."

"how about you?"

"If I can show feelings similar to humans, I should say that I learned from you." He said, and kissed Alice's eyes. "Emotions are very charming things, and humans attract me. The place is also here."

Alice was taken aback by Cecilian's sudden action, but fortunately, they were still some distance away from the guards, and no one should have seen it. If someone sees it... Alice really doesn't know how to explain it.

Soon after Bertrach's special operation, Etienne's army captured the three cities in the south. They chopped off the heads of the city masters, divided the territory, and rewarded them to the knights who had performed meritorious service. For a period of time, every day, noble lords lost their heads, while others became new nobles. Every day, there are three messengers from Fei Lun to Yunqi Castle in the morning, at night, and at night to send the Duchess the latest information.

The battle in the south was very bitter, and Bertrach absolutely refused to easily let go of the faith and territory he had accumulated over the years, inspiring the lords of the south to resist. Although Etienne is under the banner of the God of Light, and having the God of Light protects him in the dark, it does not make war any easier.

This battle stopped and went on for five years.

Although the five-year war did not bring down the entire kingdom, it also brought a very heavy burden to the entire country’s finances. If it weren't for the treasures found in the treasury of the lords of the north and south, the wealth accumulated over the years in the treasury of the King and the Temple of Light would almost be exhausted.

The mercenaries who originally belonged to the Mercenary Guild were almost 70% dead, while the average soldiers from Wang Ji had lost almost one-third. Under such circumstances, it is hard to imagine that His Majesty the King would agree to continue the fight. But the battle went on, until the entire South returned to the rule of the king and the **** of light.

Since the start of the war between Wang Ji and the south, the Duchess has not gone to the royal capital anymore. According to her words, the royal capital today is not as safe as West Felix. However, this did not prevent her from continuously obtaining information from both the royal capital and the south. The Duchess has a very reliable source of information, and the battle reports that His Majesty can see can be placed on her desk in just one or two days.

However, it is hard to say from which day the information sent from the capital began to undergo some subtle changes. This kind of change is difficult to tell, and it is not so easy to make people realize what happened in the first place. But people like the Duchess can see the difference over time.

The power center of the capital seems to be quietly changing. Although His Majesty the King is still alive, his influence... is gradually diminishing. Not to mention anything else, the information received by the Duchess has less and fewer mentions of His Majesty the King.

Is the crown prince already feeling impatient and is trying to expand his power, or is it that the young new high priest has taken the power that originally belonged to His Majesty through the war?

The battle report in the south is easy to obtain, but the situation in the capital is gradually chaotic and unclear. This always worries the Duchess, not knowing where the situation will go.

However, as the area under the control of the capital gradually becomes larger, the future situation becomes clearer. Everyone knows that sooner or later the king will declare war on West Felix, and it's just a matter of time.

Therefore, when the war facing the south was finally over, the nobles in the west were reminding the duchess:

It took Sifelix so long to accumulate strength, and now it's time to prove the strength of the Sifelix knights.

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