As the Duchess moved from Philadelphia to Yunqi Castle, the dinner table at Yunqi Castle was once again full of knights.

This was the most crowded time in the castle of Yunxi in the past few years. After Alice, who had been fighting in the Northland some time ago, returned, the seats of twelve knights were finally filled again.

In the evening of the first day when she returned to Yunji Castle, Alice came to the restaurant early and sat in her seat.

Sitting back at this table after a few years, Alice could not help but look at the seat closest to the Duchess. That was originally the seat of the old knight Philo, now it belongs to the knight Arnold. At this moment the knight Arnold hadn't come yet, and Alice stared at the seat, and the old knight slowly drinking soup came to her mind.

It would be great if the Duchess could vacate this seat.

Of course, Cavaliers Arnold is very good, he is also qualified to sit in this position. Alice will not have any dissatisfaction with the knight Arnold for this reason, she just regrets it.

Just then, the knight Arnold arrived.

Alice looked back, not wanting Arnold to think she was looking at him. However, at this moment, she found that the knight Arnold was not sitting in that position, but went to the second row to sit down and vacated the seat beside the Duchess.

How is this going? What did she miss? Is there anyone who is more qualified to sit next to the Duchess than the knight Arnold when she is not in the castle of Yunji?

Alice was a little confused and puzzled. As the dinner time got closer and closer, the knights came one after another. Alice found that everyone was looking at her with a little special eyes. Holden, the big mouth, who was sitting next to her, went around next to her. Don't sit down.

Alice turned her head and asked him:

"what's wrong?"

Holden's face flushed with the big mouth, and Alice had never seen him in such a way that he couldn't speak.

Just then, the Duchess arrived.

The restaurant, which was a bit noisy, suddenly became quiet, and everyone stood up and saluted the Duchess. At this moment, the Duchess saw Alice sitting at the end of the table and said to her:

"Alice, please sit next to me."

Alice opened her eyes in surprise.

So... is this seat reserved for her?

She walked over, and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Holden with Big Mouth sitting where she had been sitting.

Oh, it turns out she took his place.

"As early as when you were still in the Northland, this seat was reserved for you." The Duchess turned her head and said to her, "You were a very good knight, and now you have achieved corresponding results and Qualifications. In my opinion, you really shouldn't be sitting in the back row."

Alice saluted the Duchess and sat in the place the Duchess assigned her.

The duke nodded to her, then looked at the other knights sitting at the table:

"Now, the knights who are sitting slightly behind, please don't be frustrated, and don't feel resentful for this. Now is the time when we need to unite as one. When the test comes, all knights will have the opportunity to show their strength... , I will wait and see."

The knights bowed their heads to the Duchess, declaring their loyalty. For decades, the West Felix leaders have never been united like they are now. The originally split Duchess and Felix factions have basically merged into one. The Croche faction has always looked forward to the horse head of the Marquis of Croche. Now the Marquis of Croche has sent a letter to the Duchess to show her kindness, which makes the Croche faction, who usually likes troublesome, become honest.

It is hard to say why the challenges that will be faced in the future, but at least, within the West Felix collar, there are no more.

Cecilian accompanied Alice to the castle of Yunda. In order to allow him to stay here in good faith, the Duchess gave him the name of a consultant, gave him allowances, and ordered someone to prepare a room for him in the main body of the castle.

But Cecilian told the Duchess that he would rather live in a barracks.

The Knights of Kent, who originally lived next to Alice, moved out of the barracks after finishing the house that Knight Philo had left him. Therefore, there is an empty house next to Alice, and Cecilia lives there.

Since you are a consultant, you should always do what a consultant does. So Cecilian would stay in the Duchess’ office for two hours every day for the duchess to ask questions. Alice did not quite understand why the **** agreed to work under the Duchess, but he seemed to be doing it as a particularly interesting thing.

"And it's very close to you," he said to Alice, successfully making her face a little red.

After returning to the castle of Yunxi, Alice was engaged in heavy training tasks, but she did not find it difficult, because her most annoying case work and guard squad work were handed over to the oldest qualified person. Plank Knights. Pulang Knight is not young and rarely participates in training. He only occasionally goes to the school to give advice, but he often asks the Duchess for work, and the Duchess gives him a large part of the case work that the knight needs to deal with.

Alice’s work can usually be done in the afternoon. Before dinner, there will be a little time for a walk with Circillian, or simply go to the tavern in the village to have a drink.

Although it has been a while since Cecilian became a human form, Alice always felt a strange feeling when walking with him, as if the dream had finally become a reality. When Alice held hands with him, she always remembered, in the dungeon of Earl Rachel, the touch of the hands she touched was exactly the same as his hands now?

In the isolated Yunji Castle, the flow of time always seems to be different from the outside world. And the news from the outside world seems to have nothing to do with here. Staying here, Alice seldom thinks about things related to Etienne, but Circelian often brings the latest reports from the south from the Duchess's office and mentions a few words to her from time to time.

Recently, the king's division has fought a hand-to-hand combat with the army of a lord in the south.

The king's division under the command of Etienne was composed of soldiers from Wang Ji and mercenaries from the Mercenary Guild. The lords in the south have hot tempers and value the independence of their territories. They never show mercy when they fight with each other. Now they are facing the king's master, and they will never give up easily. Therefore, the two sides fought with each other only slightly.

It seemed to be a tragic battle, and the bones of the mercenaries filled the trenches. There are also many mercenaries who did not die but lost their hands or feet, singing a miserable tune:

"Bertucci, the **** of heroism, why did you abandon me."

The embarrassment is the embarrassment here. Etienne fought under the banner of crusade against Bertrach, but most of his soldiers were believers of Bertrach. It is said that before drawing to the front, the high priest Etienne held a collective conversion ceremony for the soldiers, so that they could change from the believers of the God of Valor to the believers of the God of Light. I didn’t have time to throw away the amulet of the God of Valor hanging around my neck. I even said the wrong name when I prayed before the war, but anyway, it’s still

As for those mercenaries who take money to do things, no one cares about their lives. The God of Light will not accept those stinky mercenaries as his followers, and there is no need to hold a collective conversion ceremony for them. Only a notice was posted in the guild to allow them to think of ways to change their beliefs. Most of the mercenaries were illiterate, and of course it was impossible to read the notices. Most of them didn't even know that the real object of crusade in this war was the belt they admired.

The information received by the Duchess was very detailed, but Cecilian did not fully tell Alice of the mercenaries' tragic situation. Even so, as long as the approximate number of people killed in the battle is known, Alice can imagine the situation. After all, she had fought many battles as a mercenary, knowing how cruel it was. When the Mercenary Guild was still in the hands of Earl Rachel, the mercenaries were treated as commodities that could be sold and then recycled. However, in this war, the mercenaries seem to have been completely used as cannon fodder.

Alice can probably imagine why the nobles in the royal capital made such a decision. According to the vision promised by Etienne and His Majesty the King, this country will be unified under the light of the God of Light, and there will be no more large-scale wars. Under such a premise, the mercenary guild will one day cease to exist. When that happens, these people will lose their status as mercenaries and can only become refugees.

Their existence will obviously affect the stability of the society. It is better to fill them in the current war as cannon fodder. This can reduce the cost of military expenses and eliminate future crises, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

But this is too cruel.

Is this the choice made by Etienne? Or is it the king's decision? Or, is it the thoughts of the leading nobles?

Alice did not dare to imagine whether this decision came from the ruthless king and nobleman, or Etienne herself. If this is really a decision made by Etienne... Alice can only say that it is probably completely different from what has already been done.

When they walked to the edge of the cliff below the castle, Cecilian held Alice vigilantly, backed up a few steps with her, and then shouted hostilely:

"What are you doing here?"

There was no one nearby, Alice looked at Circillian inexplicably, and saw him looking intently above the cliff, so she looked over there too.

Eyes who have seen the world of absolute ideals can always see something that ordinary humans can't see.

Alice saw a figure whose dress and appearance were exactly the same as those in the temple, floating in the air like a ghost. She was so surprised that she couldn't help calling out the name of the god: