This is big news, but it is not surprising. Now His Majesty has finally fulfilled his wish to hold the Mercenary Guild in his hands.

However, it is worth noting that it was not His Majesty the King who really declared war on the South, but Etienne as the High Priest. Usually this means that the reason for starting this war is not only for political purposes, but under the name of the God of Light.

This is a bit subtle.

Although the south has been in chaos, it has always been an area where people believe in the **** of light. Compared with Beidi, which has a belief in the Great Mother God, and the West, which has always been more accustomed to simple and simple beliefs, the relationship with the God of Light is closer. Now that the high priest announced that he would launch a war facing the south in the name of the God of Light, it seemed weird no matter what.

The information received by the Duchess also included detailed reasons. The high priest Etienne, who announced the start of the war, claimed that the declaration of war on the south was foreshadowed by the **** of light.

According to him, in the south, the heroic **** Beltch has been expanding his power, wantonly to provoke wars, and enjoy the sacrifices, glory and a large number of believers brought about by wars. On the contrary, the miracles of the **** of light cannot be found in the south. Highlight. Beltach lost his duty as the God of Light and tarnished the name of God of Light. Therefore, the newly appointed high priest Etienne must implement the will of the God of Light and bring the south under the control of God of Light.

This reason is very high-sounding, but the real reason is probably that the God of Light wants to gather all the power in order to gather strength to deal with Circilian.

Even people like Alice who don't know anything about politics can guess that when the dispute in the south is resolved, the relatively independent West Felix will become the target...They must prepare early.

At this moment, the Duchess received a letter from the Marquis of Croche.

The Marquis of Croche owns a large area of ​​land in the north of West Felix, which makes him more powerful than other noble lords in West Felix, and can almost fight against the Duchess of Felix. The nobles who took refuge in him were called Crocheists, and they had great power in West Felix. At this time he wrote to the Duchess, apparently also to discuss the matter.

After reading the letter, the Duchess smiled:

"Old Kross has also begun to feel a sense of crisis."

In any case, this is a good thing. The actions of the royal capital have united Sifelix unprecedentedly.

The Duchess wrote a reply to the Marquis of Croche. The next day, she and her knights returned to the castle of Yunji and began to actively prepare for battle.

If a war with the royal capital is unavoidable anyway, Sifelix must be the victorious side.

At the same time, in the royal capital, Etienne was standing at the table, gazing at a map of the south.

He has been a high priest for several months and is still trying to adapt. The work of the high priest is very different from the work of the deputy chief priest, and everything needs him to learn from the beginning.

The position of deputy chief priest sounds impressive, but in fact it is just an assistant to the chief priest of the temple. Nothing is allowed to be expert and must obey the orders of the chief priest of the temple. In a temple of light, there are often seven or eight deputy chief priests. Whenever the chief priest makes any request, the deputy chief priests must work hard to complete it, so as to leave a little impression in the hearts of the chief priest so that they can have the opportunity to be It is recommended to go out and sit in the position of the chief priest.

Prior to this, Etienne struggled desperately in the position of deputy chief priest, and finally got an opportunity, but he didn't expect that he would skip the position of chief priest of the temple and become the high priest directly. Suddenly, he no longer needs to please anyone, as long as he stands here, everyone will crawl under his feet.

The magic power brought by power is enough to make people fascinated. If Etienne got it all by luck, maybe he would become forgetful. But Etienne can't forget that he got all this because he cut off a man's head with a sword.

From the moment the blood from the man's neck got on Etienne's hands, Etienne understood that he had lost his way of retreat and could never look back.

Etienne can still remember that on that day, when the head with the same blond hair as him spun into the air, the man's eyes were staring at him with a very strange look, and he moved his lips. What happened. At that time, the hall was very chaotic. He couldn't hear the words spit out from his head. He could only see it. At the end, it gave him a smile.

After that, the smile froze on the head. For months, Etienne often remembered the last smile of the fake high priest, but he still failed to understand the meaning of that smile.

At that time, Etienne didn't know what he was going to face.

Half a month after this happened, when Etienne stood in front of everyone again, he became the new high priest.

Ever since he was an ordinary priest, Etienne knew that he might have the opportunity to be in a high position, but he could not even dream that he could stand here when he was less than thirty years old.

In this brand new inauguration, Etienne received the key to the small temple from His Majesty the King.

When the key was handed over to him, His Majesty the King also showed him a mysterious smile.

"I hope you like this." His Majesty the King whispered to him in a very gentle tone. That is not a fixed phrase at the ceremony, but more similar to a father's treatment of his beloved child. Etienne took the key from him, his heart pounding with nervousness.

His father's approval and the position of high priest, his long-cherished wish in his life, seemed to have been obtained in this day.

The small temple is the fixed residence of the high priest, and no one is allowed to enter except the current high priest and the priests who serve the high priest.

According to the habit of the former high priest, the small temple did not even prepare daily office supplies. In normal times, if the high priest wanted to meet the priest of the temple or meet with the king, he would go in a carriage in person.

When Etienne used the key to open the door of the little temple, he found that he had come to a world he had never imagined before.

This small temple is heavily surrounded by the Seventh Court wall, and the outermost layer is guarded by dumb slaves who can't speak, ensuring that no one can disclose anything that happened in it to the outside world.

Except for the dumb slaves who guarded the gates, all the people in the small temple who served close to the high priest were priests who vowed to dedicate their lives to the God of Light.

Different from the priests in the temple outside, the priests here are all children who were raised in the temple since they were young. They were carefully selected before being sent here. They are all wearing white clothes with exceptional faces. Beautiful, taciturn, and only immersed in his own business, unless the high priest asked questions, he would never say unnecessary words.

Etienne vaguely realized that the priests in the little temple almost treated him as the **** of light himself.

When Etienne lived here for a few days, he had a somewhat terrible idea.

The dumb slave closed the door tightly, shutting the world out. The priests who serve the high priest will never tell what happened here. The high priest living in this small temple can treat the priests as they like, and all the priests here will regard it as a test given by the God of Light.

In this small temple, the high priest gained more power than the king. Sometimes the king needs to regulate his behavior for the sake of fame and set some examples, but as long as the door of the small temple is closed, no matter how terrible things the high priest does, it will not be spread to the ears of the world.

Has the counterfeit high priest, as well as the former high priest, or the previous predecessor ever done something terrible to humans here? Even Etienne, the current high priest, could not get the answer from the priests. But Etienne vaguely felt that some young priests who were not very good at concealing their emotions showed a relieved expression when they learned that the high priest had changed.

Etienne can probably imagine that if a person lives here for a long time as a high priest, he will easily see himself as a existence beyond human beings.

Will he become like this in the future? Etienne didn't know.

At least for now, he is still not very able to adapt to this kind of life. He tries his best to get rid of the impact of the high priest's life, but there are some long-formed rules that even the high priest himself cannot easily change.

For example, the white sacrificial cloak he wore at this time was sewn by female believers, embroidered with gold thread, and presented to him. This kind of drape will never be used a second time. Every time he takes it off, someone will take it and burn it, lest the white drape fall into the hands of other people and be defiled.

The former high priest seemed to change his clothes two to three times a day, but Etienne tried to change his clothes only once a day before going to bed at night, thus earning a reputation for thrift.

Compared with the things that the high priest needs to take extra care of, things like changing clothes are just small pieces.

He tossed between the royal palace and the royal temple every day, while learning what the high priest must know, while carefully maintaining his majesty. As a priest under the age of thirty, Etienne had a little knowledge of politics and military affairs, but sitting in the position of high priest, his poor knowledge was a bit insufficient.

He changed several places for the holy sword bestowed by the God of Light. He wanted to find the most suitable place to store it, and finally chose to hang it directly above his bedroom.

The **** of light gave him this sword in order to make him a warrior to expand the world of light. He hung it above his head just to remind himself that he would never forget it.

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