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She Chooses To Destroy the World

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Novel Summary

Alice, an orphan girl with nothing,
Weak, innocent, and pitiful.

If you can get married and become a housewife, you will be lucky.

As a result, she chose the god of doomsday who had no believers as her patron saint,
The goal is to destroy this rotten world.

Become a female mercenary, transform into a female knight, hold a huge sword, and cut through the thorns of life.

Punch the god of light, kick the god of night, let the god of doomsday become the lord of the world!

When the moment of destruction of the world comes,
Her god crowned her with a golden crown:

“You are tomorrow, you are the future, and you are the master of this new world.”

Greatsword female knight x doomsday god.

The plot is directed towards the heroine of Western Fantasy.

Content Tags: Shuangwen Counterattack Magic Illusion Sweet Sweet
Search keywords: Protagonist: Alice, Circe Supporting role: Etienne Others: God
One sentence brief: He became a knight.
Purpose: To be self-reliant and self-reliant, to get out of a wonderful life. To

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Short Title:SCTDW
Alternate Title:她选择灭世
Author:Night LR
Weekly Rank:#8335
Monthly Rank:#8136
All Time Rank:#8397
Tags:Absent Parents, Character Growth, Child Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Gods, Hard-Working Protagonist, Magic, Mercenaries, Sword Wielder, Weak Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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  1. No voy a leer esto, quiero directamente una novela donde el objetivo sea destruir el mundo o absolverlo para tener mas poder.

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