It's so easy, the entanglement in my heart is so easy to say!

Jing Xuan hugged her and left the imperial city in a hurry, staggering. Perhaps his expressions were all strange, and the servants who saw them on the palace road all showed a surprised expression.

The body is light and fluttering, Mei Li breathed the cold air in the first month, listening to his heartbeat obviously faster than usual, I don't know if this moment is the most confused moment in life, or the most sober.

"Jing Xuan." She called him. This was the first time in her life that she directly called him by name.

He shook, and even paused in his footsteps.

"For many years, you have owed me and Yunke." She snuggled softly in his arms, and finally said these words confidently.

"Miri..." He was so sad when he whispered to her.

"I've always been afraid to say it. You think I'm arguing to Yunque to deceive you. I'm now... desperate, Jing Xuan, I just want to be willful again."

"Miri!" He interrupted her with a trembling, and she said such words, which made him so scared and heartbroken. He can't stand it.

"Jing Xuan, if you feel that you owe me, then fulfill my wish!" She smiled and looked at him, sweet and stubborn, he stopped, this is the expression of the girl Mili, he thought he would have to do it again in this life I can't see it either.

"You said." He looked at her straight, hoping that time would stop and the world would be destroyed, so...he could keep her.

"I want to be your flat wife, and Yunke wants to be your son!"

Behind the smile was the despair that he and she knew.

This tone, this mood... She is so familiar. It's like a long time ago, she clasped his waist tightly, knowing that he hated him and didn't want to turn around to see her, but she still didn't want to let go, she still pressed his back and asked him to promise: "Jing Xuan Does your brother like Meili? Can you like Meili for the rest of your life alone?"

The wish she made to him—never came true.

"Jing Xuan, in this life, can you fulfill my wish for me? My wish?" She looked at him, but her eyes focused on the dark spot in the depths of his black eyes.

His heart was crushed into powder by her pleading.

He wanted to agree, he wanted to say yes to her without hesitation! Not because he is her only man, not because Yunke is really his son! Perhaps these are no longer so important in the years that have passed. It's just that he realized at this moment that he had never fulfilled any of her wishes, any one!

But he really couldn't give her a clear answer.

His hesitation caused her to close her eyes.

In fact, every time she made a wish to him, she knew better than anyone else that it was impossible to realize it! Every time a wish is made to him, it only increases despair.

He hugged her all the way into the carriage, and ordered the guard maid Haosheng to **** her back to the house. Before leaving, he also got into the carriage and put her in his arms.

"Miri, no matter what, I want to try, I want to work hard for you once!"

Her heart throbbed.

As if he didn't want to face her answer, he quickly flashed out of the carriage and disappeared into the dark palace road.

She lifted the curtain of the car and looked at the direction where he disappeared. He said that he was willing to try for her.

Lying on the warm quilt in her room, Mei Li stared at the copper lamp at the foot of the bed. He has been there for a long time.

Yunke came back from the palace, came to the room to spoil her for a while, and made sure that Eniang was okay before he followed his nurse back to the room with peace of mind.

It wasn't until midday the next day that Jing Xuan walked straight into her bedroom from the outside with a sullen face. When he held her in his arms, her thin underwear couldn't bear the chill from his dress.

His face was ugly, she leaned docilely in his arms without struggling, in fact, she already knew the result when he went.

Prince Qing is too big to be too big! He is still a courtier. Regal... She has a deeper experience than him.

"Miri, wait!" He tightened his arms, "Trust me, one day, I will fulfill your wish!"

She laughed silently, one day? However, she was already satisfied, and he didn't leave her alone, and didn't sneer at her wish anymore.

The emperor issued the imperial decree and sent Jingxuan to the south of the Yangtze River to do the job, and set off on the same day.

Mei Li carefully packed him up. She knew that he must be having trouble with the emperor. It was so serious that the emperor wanted to deport him and did not want to see him in the near future.

Suying's attitude also changed. From ignoring her to suppressing her, she could no longer be calm when she learned that Jing Xuan had asked the emperor to change Liping's wife. In order to keep the position of the concubine, she gave up and tolerated not enough? Now, Mei Li wants to take away the only thing she has to rely on, no! Can't do it!

At the end of the first month, the emperor began to select suitable children from the relatives of relatives as the princes' companions. On the day when he went to see the master of the study, Yunke looked a little excited.

Miri tidyed up his appearance, and she had faith in her son.

Yunke was even happier when he came back from the exam. He told Mei Li that he answered well, and the master praised him again and again. He will definitely be able to pass the test, he will definitely be able to study with Yinzhen's brother, and meet every day!

His joy is also her joy.

She even wanted to write to Jing Xuan, who was far away in the south of the Yangtze River, so that he could share the joy.

When the list of companions was announced, Yunjue was selected, but Yunke was unsuccessful.

Yunke was very depressed, so bored in the room that she wouldn't even see her. Mei Li went into the palace unevenly to ask about the situation. The chief **** who was in charge of the matter answered her very simply: Only the clan's protagonist is eligible!

After hearing that, Mei Li didn't argue again.

On the way back to the house, she remained silent, and she had already made up her mind when she got off the sedan chair.

First go to see him in Yunke's room. After all, Yunke is a sensible and considerate child. He no longer has a temper, and even snuggles into her arms with a smile, and said to her, "Emama, Yunke is not sad anymore. Even if I don’t study with Brother Yinzhen, I will work hard and learn as well as them!"

Miri smiled and stroked his dark braids, nodding.

Learning equally well...what's the use? When he was young, he was excluded from the circle of future power holders. When he grew up, no matter how good he was, he was just an empty titled Baylor, who would never be able to grasp the power to realize his ambition. Just because he is a bastard!

Yue Mo also gave birth to a child and is now responsible for taking care of Yunke. She, who was already mature, has been tempered by the years to be more patient and meticulous. She knew how unwilling and painful the mother and son were in their hearts with strong smiles, she also smiled to pull Yunke, "Let the master rest, she is also tired."

Mei Li walked out of the door of Yunke's house and then stopped and turned back. Yuemo was pouring water for Yunke, "Yuemo..." she called her.

"The slave is here, what else does the master have to tell you?"

Miri smiled, "Take good care of Yunke for me."

She doesn't dodge, why does she have a guilty conscience and shortness of breath? She just wanted to dress up, and she wanted to formally see the emperor.

What else is she worried about? Yunke, like her, has nothing to lose from the day he was born.

Kangxi silently watched Mei Li personally hand over the eight-part and eight-array picture of the imperial case. The entire study was composed of him and her. He raised his eyes and looked at Miri who was standing in front of the case. She did not kneel or lower her eyes. He had never seen such Miri.

"What's the point of taking out this picture now?" He smiled sarcastically, and the pattern he got through hollowing out his mind was hidden by her for so many years!

"The emperor, I am not here to negotiate terms with you." Mei Li looked straight into his eyes and had committed a crime of disrespect. Kangxi just looked at her and didn't speak.

Negotiating terms? Of course she is not qualified.

After hiding this picture for so long, he killed her immediately, and she shouldn't have complaints.

"My lord, Miri is here to beg you."


"Miri came to beg you as a mother for the child."

Kangxi finally sighed, "Mei Li, I know that you have been wronged for so many years. Jing Xuan also said nothing to me, but the emperor has the emperor’s difficulties..."

"The emperor." She interrupted him unexpectedly, and Kangxi was stunned. "Before the Lantern Festival gift banquet, I came to the apse to present a picture to you, and heard the conversation between you and Zamurang." She smiled.

Kangxi pursed his lips, "Since you all know, why do you have to make a pointless request? Even if there is a day when Zamurang is defeated, I will not break the promise to him."

"The emperor, Mei Li has heard it clearly. You promised him to let Suying enjoy the honor of the concubine. I will never make you embarrassed."

Kangxi frowned.

"I just beg you to make Yunke a princely son. Suying can enjoy all her honor, because a dead person can't fight with her. You also become a concubine after you become a concubine."

"Presumptuous!" Kangxi was annoyed.

"Brother Emperor, don't be angry with Mei Li. Mei Li always makes you angry, and... not anymore." She tilted her head and smiled. "Miri doesn't feel qualified to beg you because of her picture, but she begs you with the feeling that a mother is willing to die for her son."

"Mei Li..." Kangxi darkened his eyes. He understood what she meant. She wanted to become a concubine, without violating his promise to Zamurang, only...posthumous posthumous title. Mei Li's affection for the child made him deeply moved. His imperial grandmother and his mother did not give everything for him and the emperor. "Do you have the heart to leave Yunke? A mother is irreplaceable for a child." He, the sage of the Qing Dynasty, is also a person without a mother.

Mei Li shook her head and smiled, tears flickering in her eyes, but she refused to drip. "There are many people who can do their mother's care for Yunge, but I am the only one who is willing to die for him."

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