Scattered firecrackers sounded from the courtyard, adding a joyful atmosphere to the New Year. Xiaozhuang drank tea with a smile, and was in a very happy mood. She asked the maid to serve the rare fruits and foods offered from all over to Fujin. She also asked Yu'an to go to the yard to watch the little boys making firecrackers. They must be careful not to be naughty and injured.

Mei Li and Su Ying were sitting on both sides of the same Kang table, and the mother who came together reminded Su Ying not to eat too cold food or fruit after her confinement. Su Ying, who has just given birth to a daughter, is plump and has a special beauty that belongs to a young woman.

The Fujin who came to pay respects to the ancestors all talked about the children and praised each other. Few people talked about Yunke. The rumors about Yunke gradually subsided, but women who spoke cautiously were reluctant to talk about this topic, especially in front of Suying.

Compared with Miri's silence, Su Ying was more talkative than before. Listening to them talking and laughing, Mei Li silently peeled the seeds for Yunke, waiting for him and the boys to come back from the firecracker. The distance was very close, and she heard that the scent on Suying's body had changed. It was no longer a fragrant jasmine scent, but a calm and soft fragrance. She could not be named. Suying has always been good at dressing up, even the details are flawless. She also dresses up Yunjue very well. Just now, the Fujin people were amazed by the fabric style of his gown, and they asked where Suying could buy it. The material was cut in which shop.

Suying said the name of the shop and the place of production. The Fujin nodded and were convinced. They all said: It's from that store, no wonder.

She had also heard of the shops Suying said, and they were terribly expensive. Even though Jing Xuan always gave her a lot of money, the rent from Prince Qian's Mansion had always been used as her extra income, and she still couldn't give Yunge to such a luxurious place to make clothes. The child grew fast, and she still couldn't afford a little robe that was equivalent to a month's rent in the Palace of King Qian. She used her money very carefully and saved it all for Yunge's future plans.

There was noisy outside. The emperor and several relatives all talked and entered the inner hall with a smile. The Fujin people got up to greet their husbands. Mei Li followed Suying politely. Jingxuan sat where Suying was just now, Mei Li. Standing on the side close to Suying respectfully, waited for her to sit down before sitting on the Xiudun that the maid moved for her.

Before the greeting was over, the boys ran into the room after the firecrackers, leaning around the smoker, all of them blushing with cold.

Xiaozhuang repeatedly urged the maids to make some hot soup for them. The most favored prince Yinzhen coquettishly said that he wanted to drink camellia, and the ancestors quickly ordered that all the children drink camellia.

Yunke has been holding Yinzhen's hand, and Chengyi's son Tae Shao is also standing beside them. Although they are a few years apart, they have always been very close to each other, and their relationship is better than with their own brothers. The camellia came up, but the children and the mothers couldn't take care of it. Mei Li was worried that Yunke would be scalded, and the other Fujin did not move, so she couldn't walk over. The older Yinzhen carefully pulled Yunke to sit down, stirring and cooling him, feeding Yunke a spoonful of food like an adult, and the adults were laughing.

Suying looked a little uncomfortable, especially the old ancestors also said with a smile that Yunke Taishao and Xiaosi are so close, it is really rare, usually Si elder brother is not too gregarious.

The girls who were sitting on the South Kang, because it was not cold and didn't eat much snacks, all went down to the Kang to look for the boys to play games.

The two girls cried because they were fighting to wipe Yunke's mouth and were pulled away by the mother.

Xiaozhuang laughed and looked at Jing Xuan jokingly, "You deserve to be your son. He has the same traits that girls like."

Jing Xuan smiled and couldn't help but look at Mei Li next to him. Mei Li also laughed. The memories that belonged to them instantly awakened. When he was a teenager, he was the boy who didn't respond coldly, and she cried for him fighting. Maiden. Her eyes met briefly, and she quickly avoided it, her heart still tingling at the funny words of the ancestors, and the memory was painful because it could not be erased...

Seeing the familiar scene performed by the young children, she remembered that she once liked him so much, and these feelings have been forgotten in the eternal passage of life.

"Ama, Ama." Yun Jue threw himself on Jing Xuan's lap, "Isn't it a plan to go to the temple fair together today?"

Jing Xuan nodded, "Well, Ama promised, I didn't forget."

Suying realized that he looked at Mei Li again, suppressed the resentment in her heart, smiled, and tried her best to make her tone natural, "That's right, our family of three hasn't played together for a long time." She suddenly wanted to give Mei Li something. Look at the color, Meili has got too much in recent years!

Jing Xuan's brows frowned slightly. Since Suying said so, it would be hard to say if he wanted to go together just now.

The hint, Miri understands.

She also saw the expectation that was instantly ignited and well-behaved in Yunke's eyes. His well-behaved and considerate made her feel bitterly painful. She had never explained it to him, but he seemed to understand by nature that Ama not only belonged to him, but also seemed to understand what he lacked compared to Yun Jue. He never asked her, she felt more distressed for his sensibility.

Everyone talked about how lively and prosperous the lamp market this year was. It was the emperor's wise man who brought such a flourishing and prosperous world. Those who have been there are all talking about the new things in the lamp market. They are all characteristic vendors from all over the capital that are worth seeing.

The emperor was also said to have risen, mentioning that three days later, a grand lantern festival was held in the Lantern Festival Palace, inviting all the relatives, valuables, and ministers to come and have a good celebration.

Everyone left, and Mei Li deliberately stayed with her ancestors for a while, so that Jing Xuan could leave with Suying mother and son calmly, so she and Yunke didn't have to be so embarrassed. Fortunately, there are Yinzhen and Tai Shao, and Yunke had a great time.

The ancestors knew the scene just now and didn't break it. After everyone left, they asked Yu'an to bring the special New Year's gift for Yunke. It was very generous and Meili was very grateful.

On the way back, Yunke sat silently in her arms. The smile just now was silent on his already handsome baby face, but he did not ask or ask questions.

As a bastard... this kind of sensitivity may be destined to be born.

The people outside the sedan are noisy, and the festival atmosphere is very strong. Mei Li bowed her head against Yunke's soft face, "Does Yunke also want to go to the lamp house?"

Yunke didn't answer right away, but after all he was a child under five years old. After hesitating for a while, he still said honestly, "Yes."

Mei Li smiled lightly, "Let’s go home and change clothes and call Shang Yuemo and the others, and we will also go to the fair lively, okay? Emam will buy you whatever you like."

Yunke smiled and nodded again and again.

There were so many people on the lamp set, as if the entire capital was crowded here, Mei Li had to hold Yunge’s hand tightly, regretting that he didn’t bring a few guards here, Yunge grew up, never again. Unable to hold him, he was stuck in the crowd very hard.

She worked hard to make him happy, played darts with him, and circled him. Fortunately, her youthful naughty made her proficient in many children's things. She won a big prize for him. A beautiful porcelain tiger, Yunke cheered for joy. Excited.

The candied haws stand was extremely crowded, and their candied haws were extraordinarily long. The first hawthorn was as big as a crabapple, which was very rare. Yunke was very longing for their signature big candied haws. Mi Li and him were trembling with cold or waited in a long line personally. When they finally bought the two-foot-long candied haws, both mother and son were excited. The candied haws are too long and can only be eaten by others. Yunke insisted on letting Eniang eat the first and largest hawthorn. Meili couldn't help him, and suggested that one person should eat half of it. Yunke clapped his hands and laughed in agreement.

When Yunke took the heavy candied haws to eat, and when Yunke tried to feed her with her little hand, both mother and son laughed very happily. Meili felt that she could laugh like this for the first time in many years. Yunke’s childhood seems to have continued her childhood, and Yunke’s happiness is her happiness.

There was a slight complaint from the crowd, and the four swift guards drove out of the crowd. The person who flashed back almost ran into Yunke, and Meili hurriedly protected him with her back.

She heard the laughter of the familiar child, she didn't want to look back, she didn't want Yunke to look, and followed Yunke's gaze, she turned pale and turned around. Jing Xuan hugged Yun Jue, Suying smiled and took his arm, talking and laughing on the road led by the guards, with no one else.

Her heart hurts, and it hurts instead of Yunke.

His husband and another woman walked happily. She had already recognized and was numb, but for Yunke, what he saw was Ama, whom he admired and loved, holding his brother walking by, not him.

Sure enough, the child's smile slowly solidified, and the candied haws that had made him excited just now was also handed to Yue Qiang beside him, and he didn't care anymore.

"Yunke..." At this moment, she can't say anything as a mother, how can she comfort him?

"Let's go, Niang." Yunke suddenly squeezed a smile and took her hand. He was too young and his smile was not perfect in disguise.

Her eyes sting suddenly, and she would rather him cry.

"What else does Yunke like? Erniang will buy it for you." She restrained the choking in her throat.

Yunke shook his head, and after walking a few steps, he suddenly whispered, "It would be great if I could buy an Ama."

Mei Li's lips trembled, the noise around her seemed to be another world, and her powerless sense of despair once again crushed her. She suddenly realized that her Yunke had grown up, and all the love she gave... it was no longer enough.

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