Twenty-three years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty

Mei Li knelt down on the white marble surface outside Cining Palace. She did not look up. The sky was gloomy and it seemed to be raining. In the slightly humid air, the flowers in the yard were very bright.

She took a light and light breath, it smelled good... For more than two years, she hadn't smelled the fragrance of flowers. In the desolate and desolate peaceful palace, there were only weeds and unscented dandelion flowers. She likes to be in the warmth. Collect dandelion hair **** in the spring light, and then sit on the broken stone steps in front of the temple and blow them one by one. Those little umbrellas fly away in the gentle

She couldn't help but turn her eyes to see those colorful colors, such beautiful things, which made her feel strange, as if she had only seen it in her previous life, just like the magnificent and majestic Ci Ning Palace in front of her!

When she retracted her eyes, she accidentally saw the four beautiful girls standing in front of the palace gate looking at her with strange eyes. She smiled at them slightly, and as expected, they all blinked away. In the past two years, she has gotten used to it. She is used to being looked at with contempt, and she has also learned to appreciate the sympathy of others. Accepting sympathy... is actually a difficult thing. When she can respond to the sympathy of others with a smile, it is not her who is uncomfortable.

There was a low voice of laughter, and several women came out of Ci Ning Palace, and the aunt Yu'an who was next to the Empress Dowager sent them out in person, showing their extraordinary status.

Those delicate flowerpot bottoms stopped beside her, and after passing by, Miri heard a young sweet voice asking in a low voice, "Is she the one who stomped people on horseback?"

"Yeah." The answer should be her mother. After all, she is so mature, and after roughly responding, she scolded softly: "Go out and talk about it."

Down and out of style?

That is accurate. Mei Li picked the corner of her mouth. She was in despair, not because she killed her on horseback riding in the street, but because her Ama's wife passed away and her family properties fell into the hands of her uncle, she had already tasted the taste of despair. It's just that she was young and ignorant that she used to think fiercely to emphasize her status and her pedigree, to obliterate the impression of depression in people's hearts. Really deceiving herself, she suppressed the self-deprecating laugh, because she heard Aunt Yu'an say that she should go to see her ancestors.

She hasn't looked up, not daring to look up.

The kind old lady sitting on the kang is strange and awe-inspiring to her. She can keep saying that she likes her very much and loves her very much, or she can be left in the cold palace for a few years without being indifferent, letting herself think that she is backstage. She is tough, and tastes the coldness of the world.

"Miri..." Xiaozhuang was silent for a while, and his voice choked when calling her.

"The slave and maid are here." She responded in a pretty voice, following the rules.

Xiaozhuang was silent again. Is this really the unscrupulous little girl back then? "You raise your head."

"Hey." She replied obediently, slowly raising her face.

"Yeah!" Xiaozhuang admiredly wiped away the tears that came out with his handkerchief. The original Meili was so stubborn that she loved and hated her, but now Meili was so well-behaved that she was heartbroken. "My little Miri has grown up, and looks so beautiful."

Pretty? Miri pursed the corner of her mouth lightly. It's the old ancestors comforting her... She and beautiful have long been out of reach. Not to mention the rough life of the past two years, she unconsciously glanced at her left arm-in order to meet her ancestors, an unknown father-in-law gave her a suit-under the gorgeous clothes, the upper left wrist was not If the ugly scar that reached two inches was seen by the ancestors, would she still praise her like that? When she looked closely, she found it disgusting.

"That fire frightened you?" Xiaozhuang felt sad for another moment. It wasn't that she was ruthlessly ignoring her. As a condition not to demote her to a commoner, she promised the emperor that during the period of time she was confined, yes. She must ignore it. The emperor hated Mei Li's arrogance and wanted to really make her taste bitter and change her past. Actually...As long as she wants to, she doesn't need to come out in person, as long as there is a faceless servant around her to give orders to the Anning Temple, Meili will not suffer such a serious crime, but... she also wants to let this child see the worldliness clearly. , Grind away the stinging edges and corners, and then in the future can we find a stable and happy life.

She is a ruined royal family, her family has no power, coupled with such a arrogant and indulgent temper, how can her husband love her, and how can her parents-in-law allow her to pet her? A serious illness requires strong medicine, although forcing a naughty and charming little girl to be like this, it might be a good thing for her in the future.

"My ancestors are worried, Miri is fine." She said calmly.

That fire... An Ning Temple is surrounded by the "Widows' House" in the Forbidden City. Many concubines and concubines of the former imperial concubines who have no children and no influence live in groups here. An old concubine got up in the middle of the night and burned incense in front of the Buddha. With dim eyes and the dry spring wind, she burned the flags and caused a big fire, which ignited several neighboring palaces. She remembered that the head of the guard who took the lead to put out the fire loudly scolded the inner prisoner for making people wake up in the middle of the night and burn the fire. The head of the guard must be a newcomer. In this dead city in the Forbidden City, there is no day and night, only loneliness and despair. , There is only pain and helplessness. There is not even a person to confide in, and the full of words...only to the Buddha.

"It can be considered a blessing in disguise. The emperor has already made an order. Since the Anning Temple is burned down and it takes time to rebuild, he will let you go home in advance."

"Thanks to the emperor for Longen, thanks for the grace of the ancestors." Mei Li answered cautiously.

Her manners were too thoughtful, but Xiaozhuang's eyes fell down, "Get up. You haven't been home for more than two years, and Di Jingxuan of Prince Qian's Mansion has helped with it..." Seeing Mei Li's eyes slightly After shrinking momentarily, Xiao Zhuang paused regretfully, and sighed, "You should go back and have a look. Take a good training for a few days before entering the palace to see me."

"Hey." Mei Li Fushen, she thought she wouldn't feel heartache when she heard his name, but now it still doesn't seem to work. It's funny, the obsessive dream has long been awakened, why is her heart so slow.

Just when she took a few steps back and was about to turn around and leave, Xiaozhuang stopped her again, "Mei Li, blame the emperor, and blame the ancestors?"

She stood up straight and said without hesitation: "No."

"Oh?" Xiaozhuang looked at her half-dangling face, her long and curled eyelashes drooping, sincerely calm.

"Old ancestors, the slaves and maids have been alone in the deep palace for the past two years, calmly read the scriptures and worshipped the Buddha, and learned a lot of truths that they did not understand when they were young. The slaves are sincere thanks to the emperor and the ancestors. The suffering of Miri is more than the loss of her life because of Miri The old woman, the family of the old woman who lost her relatives because of Miri, is too insignificant. Even if the emperor asked Miri to pay her order, the slave and maid are very grateful for the grace of the emperor and ancestors for the reincarnation."

"I hope you are telling the truth." Kangxi's cold and calm voice came from outside the door. Before the voice fell, people had already entered.

Mei Li hurriedly knelt down to give a big gift, but was impatiently stopped by Kangxi.

"Forget it." He walked to the kang and sat down, Xiaozhuang blamed him reproachfully for why he didn't make the palace official, Kangxi smiled at her, and looked down at Meili again, "If you really think so. , The cold palace for more than two years has not been in vain."

"Yes." Miri lowered her head.

"Go back, in the future... I'll do it for myself."

Mei Li retired respectfully, doing her own thing, and doing her own thing. This is the instruction she has heard the most in her life.

Turning out the door, she never thought that there was still a person standing in the corridor. He was carrying the light and his face was blurred, she hung her head quickly, she didn't need to look, she knew who it was.

Chaos and heartache, only for a moment.

She stood decently and bowed to his blessed body. Now he is the prince and she is the lowest class of Grid. According to the rules, she should kneel and kowtow.

"Forget it," he said coldly. He hadn't seen him for two years, and he was full of extravagance and power when he spoke.

She took two steps backwards, ready to turn around.

"Your carriage is outside the Xihua Gate." In the past two years, he seldom thinks of her, even if he thinks of it, he is relieved that he has broken her unwarranted entanglement. Hearing that she was released from the palace ahead of time, he briefly thought about all the things he had met with her, but he was so angry that he yelled at him for ruthlessness, and insisted on asking the emperor to punish her heavily, or the stalker. The stinky temper is still lingering, shamelessly obsessed with him... but I never thought that she would be so plain. When he regretted saying this to her a little bit, for fear that it would arouse her infatuation again, she smiled at him faintly when she heard the words.

With a twitch of his heart without warning, she could even smile at him?

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