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This novel is also known as Shang Li

In the imperial garden of jade tiles and red walls, the flowers have bloomed. A childish girl shyly confessed, “Jingxuan gege, I like you.”

Jingxuan indifferently retorted, “But I don’t like you!”

Years later, when they met again, the immature girl has become an elegant lady. He said to her affectionately this time, “Your husband will only be me, and I will not fail again.”

She stared at him with tears in her eyes and said, “You should have understood that I have already lost the courage to love you.”

Her affection had been so deep, yet he missed it in full bloom. Now that he’s persistent, she has already grown cold.

One step forward, two steps back. They are two people who never meet in between— they always miss each.

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Short Title:SG
Alternate Title:殇璃 / Shang Li
Author:Xue Lingzhi
Weekly Rank:#5708
Monthly Rank:#7759
All Time Rank:#8055
Tags:Adapted to Drama, Ancient Times, Cold Love Interests, Confinement, Past Trauma, Selfless Protagonist, Wars, Weak Protagonist,
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12 Comments on “Shattered Glass
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  1. Cried my eyes swollen like walnut 😭😭😭 I cried from the first chapter till the end, Truly tragic love and heartbreak. Recommended to people looking for abuse, don't worry there are about 2 paragraphs in the last chapter where at the very last you will have some bandages for ur injuries. I just hope the story didn't end too abruptly.

  2. Yeah at least give one chapter just for closure between the FL and ML and the child, if not, it'll be like an open wound after so much abuse we endure. There's a little closure at the end but it's just not enough for me.😭 QwQ

  3. disappointed the end, fl died but broke the "magic" with the death of ml it would be better for ml to live and suffer with the death of fl

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