I used to be an emperor. You may not believe it.

   At the beginning, I was convinced. Later, my confidence was shaken. Because everyone around me said I was sick.

   I know that I am not sick, but if there are more people talking about it, I also believe that I am really sick, and that the illness is not mild.

   Everything comes from the dream I once had.

   In that dream, I clearly remembered that I accidentally stumbled in a Taoist temple called Mingdao Palace and fell into the Nine Dragon Well in the temple.

  Before the fall, I was King Kang, the emperor, and fled south with a group of ministers, soldiers, horses, and concubines.

   There is a big river in front and chasing soldiers behind.

   Bianliang, I don’t want it anymore, and I’m left behind; Huaibei, I don’t want it, but I’m also behind me; even Jiangbei, I don’t need it. As long as the golden man can't catch up with me, as long as I can not hunt like my father and brother.

   Although it's hard to escape, it's hard to escape, and you get used to it after a long time.

   As for the Banbi rivers and mountains that I left behind, the people of the Song Dynasty who have lost their homes, alas, I want to take them to the south, but after all, their feet can't run the golden horse. They can only ask for blessings. Carrying them is a burden. Carrying them will only affect the speed of my escape, and I may not be able to run with them.

   What kind of business, so, without a trace of nostalgia, I went lightly and threw away all the baggage. I know that as long as I escape from Huaibei and across the river, it doesn't matter if everything north of the river is lost. I can still stay in the south of the Yangtze River.

  Half of the country is also a country.

   It's a pity that a misstep has become an eternal hate, that **** prince guard duty, that **** big guard duty, they are not by my side when I need help the most.

   With my temper, I must have cut that Yang Hezhong. As for the big **** class, I forgot his name. After all, it’s been too long, and some people, some things, are no longer as clear as yesterday as they were at the beginning.

   I flee during the day, and when there is wind and grass in the evening, I flee immediately. I have been running so hard, I have been escaping in the dark for so long, and the skill of escaping has been deeply embedded in my bones, and it has become an instinctive reaction of me. I'm about to flee to Jiangnan soon, I'm about to see the light-

  What a special one, I fell into a well. Destiny made a joke with me, and this joke is a bit big.

   In fact, it is not terrible to fall into a well. The terrible thing is that there is no one around you when you fall into the well.

   It doesn't really matter that no one is around, as long as the well is not so deep.

   This well is very shallow. But I feel that it has been falling for a long time...

  The darkness overtakes me before the golden man’s iron hoof.

   I fell into the boundless darkness before dawn.

   That darkness is really black!


   I just feel a splitting headache. Before I opened my eyes, I yelled, "The big escort..."

   But the flattering voice like the drake's throat didn't respond to me like it used to be.

   just heard a woman's exclamation: "My son, you finally woke up, scared mom to death..."

   I barely opened my eyes. My eyes are accustomed to the darkness, but they are so bright in front of me that I can't adapt to them for a while.

   This must be an illusion, yes, it is an illusion. I rubbed my eyes, trying to get rid of this **** hallucination.

   But, my left hand was held tightly by someone else.

   My heart sank.

   Then, a drop of warm liquid fell on my face.

   I opened my eyes again, trying to repel the brave man who held my hand.

   At this time, I saw her, a middle-aged woman, and she slowly became clear in my eyes. She looked at me with concern, tears in her eyes.

   But I am very angry, there are always people who want to harm the alliance!

   I was about to drink her back, but I saw her hairstyle and her dress at a glance. There is no pearl hairpin on his head, it must be a national girl. But what is going on with that strange outfit? At that time, my brain buzzed and went blank.

   I stared at her blankly, but my heart was overwhelming: Who is this? where is this place? What is she going to do?

   Everything around is so strange, not just this strangely dressed woman.

   I swallowed the suspicion that I was about to blurt back into my stomach.

   Although there are 10,000 Dawanliang horses whizzing past in my heart, "The Emperor's Self-cultivation" tells me that at this moment, even if the Taishan collapse is in front of my eyes, I must pretend to be calm.

   The safest way to deal with it now is not to respond, not to refuse, not to speak, and to observe more.

   The Minnv talked in a whisper, her lips kept moving. The sound disappeared from my ears.

   Then, I saw a woman in a white hat and white coat standing beside my bed.

   They were communicating with each other. I obviously heard every word they said, but I found sadly that I couldn’t understand a word...

   But, I slowly understood.

   Here, it is no longer the Song Dynasty.

   And I am no longer the emperor who only knows to escape.


   A few days later, I was discharged from the hospital.

   The handwriting on the summary of discharge is flying and dancing. Just like Zhang Xu's "Four Posts of Cursive Script" which I once collected. House leak marks, folded hairpins. Having practiced calligraphy and calligraphy since I was young, my writing is not as good as my father, but it is also unique. Everyone who has seen it said yes.

   The words on the "Cursive Script Four Tie", although flamboyantly shocking, like a dragon, but I can barely understand it, but I can't understand this so-called doctor's order.

  What did the girl explain to the girl? I vaguely heard words such as rhapsody and amnesia.

   Before leaving, the girl glanced at me and whispered to the middle-aged woman: Don’t forget to let your son take medicine.

   Min Girl took me home. As a result, I not only got an extra mom, but also an extra dad. They always circled around me and looked after me in every possible way. As for me, I always look at them blankly.

   This world surprised me and dazzled me.

  I gradually indulged in it.

   Time passed day by day.

   I personally sat on the toilet and learned to use the toilet.

   I took a shower myself, wiped my body with foam, and then washed it.

   I personally brushed my teeth, bared my teeth, grinned.

   I watch TV...

   I play mobile phone...

   I forgot that I was an emperor.

   I reluctantly miss Shu.

   Until one day, I completely melted into this world.

   When facing the citizen girl, I yelled: "Mom..."

   She cried with joy.


   I always feel that someone is following me.

   This makes me very uncomfortable.

   At first, I was a little nervous.

   Sometimes, I was walking down the street, and suddenly I looked back, trying to see who was following me. But every time I get nothing.

   That look is like a snake. I'm like a thorn in the back.

   Later, I got used to that look~www.mtlnovel.com~ as if I was used to that I was no longer an emperor. Since you can't get rid of it, treat it as if he doesn't exist.

   But I still want to separate myself from the past. Everything starts from that well, so everything in the past or everything in the dream also ends from that well.

   I stepped into that classical garden.

   The ancient trees in the garden are towering, covering the sky and the sun.

   There are very few tourists, and there are a few bird songs in my ears from time to time.

   I walked in the direction of Jiulongjing.

   I am only a dozen meters away from that well.

   Suddenly a blue-clad wooden bun turned out from behind a tree and stopped me.

   The old man with gray hair and white hair didn't speak, but just turned sideways slightly, and the whisk in his hand pointed to a sign with red letters on the white background.

There are eight characters on   : Men and dogs are not allowed inside.

   I finally failed to stand in front of Nine Dragon Well and mourn my past. The old way is like a shadow, but polite but stubborn.

   I stepped out of the gate of this Taoist garden. After walking a hundred steps, I looked back and saw that the old Taoist bowed, as if sending me away in a gift.

   I have never seen that old way again. I have never been to that Taoist garden again.

   There is a grave in my heart, where the survivor is buried.


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