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Shao, one is to follow; the other is to guide.

In 1127 AD, the Northern Song Dynasty perished. Immediately, Zhao Gou, the ninth son of the emperor, ascended to the throne in Shangqiu, inherited Song Tong, and changed Yuan Jianyan.

However, within three months, Li Gang stopped the minister, Chen Dong was killed, Yue Fei was expelled from the army, Zongze was abandoned in Tokyo, and the Hebei anti-golden arrangement was completely abolished… After so much effort, the Manchu civilization finally unified the mind. , Set a brilliant anti-golden route to support Zhao’s family going south from Huaidian to Yangzhou

But as soon as he set off, after paying homage to Taoist ancestors at the Mingdao Palace in Bozhou, the official Zhao fell into the world-famous Jiulong Well. After he got up, he didn’t recognize who his henchman was!

I want to fight against gold! But where are my confidantes? !

This is a sincere cry from the soul nine hundred years later. After he reluctantly inherited the name of Song Dynasty, he wanted to lead the imperial court and the world on a new path.

So it is called Shao Song.

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Short Title:SS
Alternate Title:绍宋
Author:Grenade is afraid of water
Weekly Rank:#8650
Monthly Rank:#9348
All Time Rank:#9426
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Imperial Harem, Kingdom Building, Politics, Power Struggle, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strategic Battles, Wars,
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21 Comments on “Shao Song
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  1. i'm like 50 chs in, and honestly it's a shitshow. so to give a short summary, the mc is a random normal student who basically has no experience in anything gets thrown into the chaotic period of the late northern song dynasty. so first lets talk about the expected outcome of this story everyone reading will basically expect the outcome of him eventually fixing the empire and turning the situation around and blah blah, the problem is it makes no sense when you assume the follow premise above. its like saying which is more likely do you think a experience general or a random nobody will turn the situation in a war? answers obvious. likewise in this scenario idk what the author is thinking any normal person thrown into that situation wouldn't be able to do shit that's the biggest plot hole in the story. this is precisely why when you write these novels they are traversers because the whole point is to give the mc a fundamental advantage to turn the situation around. ex in rebirth business novels often the mc is rebirthed with future knowledge of business trends so they use that to make a fortune, in other rebirth dynasty novels the mcs are rebirth with either technology knowledge, future history, governance and management, or a combination of these. what of these does the mc have aside from a bit of future history thats not even detailed? basically the author gave him nothing.

  2. ch 350, the author is honestly straight up retarded. the mc if i'm reading it right is mentioned to be a engineering student, i'm not in engineering but i'm assuming they would have basic knowledge in mathematics and physics. for whatever reason the mc never introduced any of these? the closest he has come is settling a dispute between the ideaology of qi and such. honestly the mc could definetely set up a modern education system. also i get that at the start everything was a mess so he really didn't have any room to maneuver but so far he has won 2 battles and pretty much the country is in a much more stable state he definetely has room to make changes. as a engineering student i don't see why he can't make simple invention, i'm not asking him to go and shit out a computer. but for gods sake can't he make something simple. lastly i really don't understand why he doesn't implement towards a more modern system and don't give me that bs that he doesn't know shit he literally grew up in the modern system.

  3. Oh my god, I'm having a headache from reading this novel! you're an mtl admin, looks like you're not good at word editing!

  4. Bahasanya campur aduk gitu,susah membacanya padahal ceritanya seru loh,mohon bahasanya di perbaiki jd bahasa baku agar lebih menarik perhatian banyak pembaca lain nya.

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