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Every trace of my entire youth is engraved with the same name.

When I see the trees on the street and the clouds on the horizon, I will think of him unconsciously.

I remember the bubble tea he ordered for me, and the sparklers he lit up for me.

Those memories supported me through difficult days and made me think I was special at one point.

When I was young, I often wondered, is it possible? Even if it is one in ten thousand, what if I am the heroine in his story?

I have said goodbye to him countless times, on the phone, on WeChat, face to face, every time without pressure, because I know there will be another meeting.

But this time is different, Xu Jiamu, this time I really want to say goodbye to you.

“Goodbye, Xu Jiamu.”

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Short Title:SHJM
Alternate Title:沪上嘉木
Weekly Rank:#8456
Monthly Rank:#8982
All Time Rank:#9752
Tags:Female Protagonist, Modern Day, Secret Crush,
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  1. I'll give a comment even though I haven't dared to read it. From the synopsis as well as the existing comments and reviews, it tells me that this is an extraordinary story about unrequited love. This is the same as my story, therefore I have not dared to read it. Just reading the synopsis, the memory of my 'crush' immediately floated, which made me a bit short of breath. Even though it's been almost 5 years without seeing his figure, but to say the words 'Goodbye' that really feels very difficult. I really appreciate the author for inspiring me to truly say goodbye to him with light feelings.

  2. Hy, Author. This is a great story. I feel you. And I'm crying for this story and my self. Thank you, thank you very very much.

  3. Me pregunto porque no lo suelta, claramente hace que se siente inferior y triste porque aferrarte? Por qué te gusta?. Creo que debería haber enviado la carta y soltado, ya se está volviendo un tortura constante. Dices último adiós pero sigue bórralo de todos lados, la vida continua

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