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She is a genius in photography, but she is bullied by her stepmother and her stepsister, unable to display her talents.

He is the young prince of the Edge Group, cold and abstinent, and thunderous, but he has a crush on her.

With a marriage letter, he forced her to marry her, turning her from a fallen Cinderella into an enviable Mrs. Lu Shao, and supporting her to soar freely in the field of photography.

Oppression and anti-oppression, hunting and fleeing.

He and her are destined to entangle for a lifetime…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SB
Alternate Title:光影新娘:陆少,放肆宠
Author:Xia Wanying
Weekly Rank:#1244
Monthly Rank:#79
All Time Rank:#3590
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
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2 Comments on “Shadow Bride
  1. This is very toxic. DO NOT READ! ML is very toxic for those who never believe in FL. FL is burned and miraculously underwent a treatment and got soft skin? Did ML ever suspect that a white lotus would stay at home to have her supposed child? FL is so weak with just one word that she chases ML. This has no romance episodes I jumped to see if it got better, but in the end my eyes are bleeding I wasted my time.

  2. agreed. i'm at ch155 and i keep hoping to see if it gets better but he just does it again and again with no consideration of her. literally she gets in a coma for a week but that doesn't sink in, she deserves his torture. just. no. very toxic cycle with convenient good deeds from ML like it will wash away her brutal sufferings from before. sick.

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