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Shadow Bear Tibbers’ Plane Journey

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Tibbers’ confession:

I am a shadow bear! An extremely powerful shadow bear! A shadow bear that is expected to become the king of shadow bears in the future!

I am arrogant in the shadow world! Bullying the male and the female! No one dares to oppose me! Because the bear or other creatures who opposed me are dead!

However, I never expected that I would fall into the hands of a two-year-old human girl!
It was a sunny afternoon…..Forget it, let’s not mention that day!

I was forced into a contract to become a teddy bear without bear rights! She named me Tibbers!

The one thing I want most now is: more unscrupulous creatures to provoke my master, so that I can often come out and let go…

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SBTPJ
Alternate Title:暗影熊提伯斯的位面之旅
Author:Shadow Bear
Weekly Rank:#1931
Monthly Rank:#2028
All Time Rank:#2124
Tags:Action, Aliens, Beast Companions, Child Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Cosmic Wars, Cunning Protagonist, Cute Protagonist, Demon Lord, Elemental Magic, Elves, Empires, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, Harry Potter, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Lazy Protagonist, Magic, Magic Beasts, Magical Space, Marvel, Multiple POV, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Pirates, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Spaceship, Strong to Stronger, Wars, World Hopping, World Travel,
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38 Comments on “Shadow Bear Tibbers’ Plane Journey
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  1. The story was good and i feel funny about her however the only make me annoyed is that she didnt think like a genius girl was, dont forget she is a genius beyond what you are thinking for but she act like a low iq, her parents might teach her a lot of things like dont trust anyone easily or other teaching... Yoi know what she did might endanger those people like that hrrmion, she give a magic book that record some of her spell but dont foget this bool was very important to wizard world so of course some people will covt this book and might do a lot of conspirasy or any other even if she leave a spell to prptect the owner but uts not enough.. so im qiuete annoyed about her.

  2. I enjoy reading this but after a while i decide to stop because she was to naive and seems like she didnt care although she was still young but a geniis and her parents also will teach her what human characteristic are or other races or a thing that must be teach is dont trust anyone or believe his or her easly to avoid being fooled or being use, dont forget her parents was high magician and with there experience they will sure to teach there child this.... Its not being selfish but instead its better to be careful and also its good not to give them spell that will attrack attention, and not to mention that she already help her enough and thats enough...

  3. Just another wish fulfilment, but he mc is a little girl this time and not a sex driven harem seeking retard. Only read for a short while before it becomes boring( for me personally) idc that she became super op but at the start you could of at least made her power lore accurate, i mean with what she has shone in the first 30 chapters i can only think of like 7 lol characters that can beat her when in reality she is mid to low in combat power. If you are curious as who i think those 7 are. They are sol, bard anivia(maybe), voli bear( maybe), nocturne, fiddlesticks, kennan, ornn( maybe) ,vel koz( maybe) and maybe zoe... well that is a little more than 7, but after thinking about it i added a few. But you get the idea she was made to powerful to be considered lore friendly at the start, and people in marvel were weakened more so then they usually are in the mcu compared to there comic counterparts

  4. This is so underrated. People are wasting their time on other useless fanfic. This is definitely one of the best fan fiction I have ever read in my life. No nationalism no racism no arrogant master no stupidity . This is cute story of cute (& ruthless) little girl with a cute(& savage) little toy bear journey to various worlds . All the characters are lovable. No stupid asspulls in the story with logical, cunning and cute MC destroying bad guys and enjoying her life in different worlds . Also the storyline is very detailed and explained well and gives the feeling of nostalgia of the favourite movies and games. Hands down 10/10🌟

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