Did you buy a garage?

Does the job make money?

Did you find someone?

Even Li Changan, who has the ability to visit Jiutian at the top and ask Jiuquan at the bottom, can't escape the interrogation of the seven aunts and eight aunts during the festivals.

He has always been self-aware.

I have no car, no house, no savings, and no object.

Does killing demons and eliminating demons count as work?

Count the ball!

A proper homeless person.

So this year's "New Year's Eve" is still sad.

It just so happens that the "ancient world" is also approaching the Spring Festival, where is the New Year not celebrated? It's more clean here. So after completing one task, Li Changan simply stayed, and Xiao Huangshu was rarely empathetic and did not drive him away.

It's New Year's Eve, you can't treat yourself badly.

He left the deep mountains and forests, walked all the way to the prosperous area, and arrived at a place called Liucheng, where he found the most famous restaurant in the area.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he was stopped by the second shopkeeper.

The younger brother had a business-like smile on his face, but his eyes were swirling around Li Changan, revealing a trace of suspicion.

The Taoist understood immediately.

He had just killed a ghost in a cave, and then chased the tiger demon up half of the mountain. It is not surprising that he is now gray-faced and ragged.

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"You are... Daoist Li Xuanxiao?!"

Li Changan made a move.

"Little brother recognizes Pindao?"

The shop assistant was delighted and greeted him warmly as he entered the door, while shouting "VIP guest is coming".

Directly leads to the backyard seat.

After a while, the shopkeeper's Yiliu Xiaopao came to accompany him personally and arranged the order.

Not asking what do you want to eat? Instead, he asked what his taboos were. Besides, all the other good wines and dishes were served on the table. If Li Changan sternly refused, he would have almost invited the sister from the Qinlou Chu Pavilion next door to pour the wine.

This meal made the Taoist stupefied and flattered. He had made a trivial achievement in the work of slaying demons and slaying demons, but it was not worthy of the warm reception of the people with such fanfare.

He is not a bad master.

"The shopkeeper, how much is this meal? I can't eat yours for nothing."


"Don't worry, Taoist priest, the money has been paid for you in advance."

At this time, the second outside the door came up to report.

"Master, the carriage that came to pick you up has... huh?"

The dining table was empty, the windows of the private room were wide open, and the Taoist was nowhere to be seen.


The so-called diligence for nothing is not a traitor or a thief.

Inexplicably favored by others, is it good luck? No, it's trouble!

Li Changan is not afraid of trouble, but he doesn't like trouble either.

So he walked 200 miles through the mountains and forests overnight. He was hungry on the way, and instead of going to a city restaurant, he found a noodle restaurant with the best "reputation" in the market.

Just ordered a bowl of lamb noodles.

The green onion floats on the white jade soup, and the aroma is so fragrant that the index finger is moved.

He hurriedly took a sip of the hot soup, dispelling the chill, and excitedly raised his chopsticks...

"You are Daoist Li Xuanxiao?!"

Li Changan reluctantly put down the tableware and chopsticks, turned his head and saw the old face of the shop owner mixed with a look of 70% doubt and 30% excitement, and sighed deeply.

"There are many Taoist priests surnamed Li in the world, and there are many people with the Taoist name Xuanxiao, and there must be more than one person named Li Xuanxiao, but Li Xuanxiao, who is always helped to pay the bills, is probably only one poor Taoist in the world."

"Hey! It's really Li Xuanxiao!"

These words were like poking a hornet's nest, and the Taoist priest was surprised to find that the whole market was boiling over it.

Vendors from all walks of life rushed to bring melons and fruits, pastries, cooked food, and snacks to his table, and even those who sold chicken, duck, and fish came to join in. Next to it, the old shopkeeper smiled and accepted them one by one, and went to his stove to clean up all the ingredients.

In a short time, several tables were set up in front of the Taoist priest to eat. The merchants who arrived first were happy, and those who arrived later were eager to try things. There were also a few little dolls hiding behind the adults, staring at the delicious food, and keeping Harry.

The Taoist finally burst into laughter, and simply called on the people around to solve it together.

After drinking and eating.

Li Changan propped up a bench to bask in the sun, and asked the shopkeeper next to him, whose eyes were almost full of laughter.

"Father, I have eaten, and you have made money. Now, I have a fact that I can't figure out. Can you help me?"

"Don't worry, the Taoist priest." The shopkeeper made a guarantee, "The old man knows everything."

"When I was in Liucheng, someone paid for me. I walked 200 miles overnight to your place, as if waiting for me here, or someone paid me. I'm curious, what is the holy place?"

"Does the Daoist know?"

"What should I know?"

"Everyone has spread the word, whether it's our township or the Liucheng you said, if there are inns, restaurants and restaurants in the nearby prefectures and prefectures, someone will pay a deposit with your portrait of the Taoist priest. I asked us to treat you with the best things, and then make the settlement three times later, you are our God of Wealth!"

I think it's just a boy who looses money.

It's just other people's money.

After getting the answer, Li Changan breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that they are not being monitored and followed, nor are they being calculated by people, but that some rich man has smashed gold and silver mountains.

Li Changan was a little curious as to what the other party wanted from him.

So when the carriage came again.

Li Changan did not leave quietly.


The carriage drove to a nearby fort.

There are high walls and deep moats outside the walls, and pavilions and pavilions inside the walls. According to the accompanying people, the owner of Wubao is a powerful family in the state and county, and his ancestors also had several prime ministers.

Li Changan asked, but the host who greeted the guests said that they were not the main lord, and this dock was just a place for Taoist priests to rest.

And when the Taoist priest came, the master moved to the side courtyard and vacated the main courtyard for him.

The hospitality was equally attentive and never rushed, as if a Taoist priest could treat Wubao as his own and live as long as he wanted.

So the Taoist stayed for only one day, relieved his physical exhaustion, and set off on the road again.

This time by boat.

It is a passenger ship converted from a building ship.

There were nearly a hundred boatmen, cooks, musicians, servants, and maids on board, but there was only one guest, Li Changan.

The big boat was going up the river.

Every time I go to Kanjin, there are traders flocking to bring local famous products, and local people come forward to invite them to travel together.

Li Changan ignored everything, just stayed in the quiet room, arranging the magic tools and talismans.

After going south all the way, we finally landed and took a carriage to our destination, Hucheng.

As soon as the carriage entered the city gate, Li Changan smelled a familiar unease in the air.

The New Year is approaching, but the market is particularly sluggish. Pedestrians are walking in a hurry, and their faces are all startled.

There are few old and weak women and children walking outside. Occasionally, they can meet the curious eyes of children behind the windows or between the doors. The Taoist priests did not have time to smile, but listened to the elders scolding and then closed the doors and windows.

The carriage went all the way.

What Li Changan saw was mostly closed doors and stickers of door gods glaring at them.


The carriage arrived at a mansion, and the person leading the way said that the master would come after him.

The rest are lackluster, the same mansion compound, the same servants in groups, also prepared a large table of wine and food.

Li Changan declined the service of the servants and let them eat together at the table, but they didn't dare to shirk. Only the driver, who looked so carefree, agreed.

So, let the servants divide the wine and dishes, leaving only a few dishes, and the Taoist priest and the driver share the drink at the same table.

The driver is not too old, he is extremely talkative, and he can relate to anything from all over the world.

Li Changan talked about this strange encounter, and he asked quietly:

"Aren't the Daoists worried?"

"worry about what?"

"There must be something to the ceremony!"

"It's okay." The Taoist priest grabbed a roasted chicken, tore it into two pieces, and left the chicken head and chicken cockroach to the other side, "I'm also curious, the master smashed down this golden mountain and silver mountain because he wanted to hear something from Pindao. What's the response?"

The driver didn't dislike it at all, grabbed the roast chicken and asked:

"What if the Taoist priest is asked to do something that hurts the heavens and reason?"

Li Changan smiled.

"This person does bad things mostly because of high desires. The so-called 'people and gods are very pure, but their hearts disturb them. People are very quiet, but they want to lead them.' If the host's family insists on doing things alone, the Taoist priests have to help him to be quiet and quiet."

Hearing this, the driver was stunned for a moment, then laughed and shook his head, put down the roast chicken in his hand, and stroked his heart again and again with his hands.

"Good luck! Good luck!"

"Although I am far from being quiet and inactive, I have never wanted to harm the world."

Li Changan did not show the slightest surprise.

As soon as they met, he knew that this fellow had a strange identity.

His face is ruddy and his skin is delicate and fair, where does he look like a coachman?

Now that he has revealed his identity, he is not in a hurry to speak, but first resigns.

After a while.

When people stepped into the room again, they had already changed into a suit.

Wearing a yellow scarf, wearing a brown robe, feet on cloud shoes, cloth belts around the waist, holding floating dust, just like a solemn appearance of Taoism.

"Heavenly Master Dao Yu Douzhi sacrificed wine and Tongchen to see fellow Taoist Xuanxiao."

This time, Li Changan finally showed some surprise.

When Zhang Daoling founded the Heavenly Teachers Education, he broke down the mountains and fell temples in Shu. There were twenty-four rules to divide the dioceses and to lead the congregation.

Later, it gradually faded away and gradually became in name only.

It was the first time Li Changan saw a live Taoist sacrificial wine.

"Dangtang is also making a living as a driver of the car?"

The opposite Tongchen didn't take it seriously, and he smiled, and immediately pulled the solemn appearance off.

He hung the dust on his belt again, picked up his sleeves and served it on the table, grabbed the unfinished roast chicken and nibbled it again.

"I can't help it either. In order to invite you, I have spent every copper I can use. Later, I found out that I have no money to hire a driver. Fortunately, before I joined the teaching, it was also an ancestral driving skill, so I simply Come by yourself."

Li Changan didn't believe a word.

"Zheng Yi is the leader of Xuanmen, and there are countless real people who have attained Taoism. Taoist friends are expensive as sacrificial wines. Naturally, they have a wide network of people and countless money in their hands. Where do they need a wild Taoist Li Moujie?"

Tong Chen wiped the oil on his mouth and shook his head again and again.

"Brother Daoist is too modest, beheading Buddhas, removing evil dragons, who in the world does not know the name of Taoist Xuanxiao?!"

"Besides, I am indeed a famous school, but because I am a famous school, there are more things to deal with in the world. No matter how many talented people in this school, how can I take care of such a remote and small ruler like me? "

Li Changan nodded slightly.

It is said that since the collapse of the world, the imperial court has been unable to control the place, and the Tianshijiao picked up the "twenty-four rules" and established some additional rules.

Yu Douzhi is not among the traditional twenty-four governances, most of which are newly established small governances, and it is also possible that they are not taken seriously.

Tongchen said again:

"As for connections and money, what role do they have in front of demons?"


When he entered the city, Li Changan noticed that although the market was depressed, it was not dilapidated. From his experience, it was either bandits or demons.


Tong Chen sighed, not eating the chicken in his hand.

"It's good that fellow Daoists know that my predecessor, Yu Douzhi, was Yu Dou Temple outside the city on Yu Dou Mountain. Under the watch, there was a patriarch who subdued a great demon, but the world was in chaos, and the demons rose and disappeared. The great demon took the opportunity to get out of trouble and gathered five They only use powerful demons as minions, and they gather ghosts in the mountains, threatening to break the city and come in to eat people..."

Tongchen was about to elaborate.

There was a sudden commotion outside the door.

A Taoist boy stumbled over, his face turned pale.

"Oh no!"

"The demon has entered the city!"