Master Zhou waved down the hilt of his sword.

His posture was resolute like a blacksmith hammering a stone, and the sound of the feedback was also like hammering iron.


A scabbard wrapped in copper skin suddenly came out, and it was placed under the Dragon Slaying Sword. A muscular hand held the other end of the scabbard as steady as an anvil.

Master Zhou narrowed his eyes.

"Dog guts! Who dares..."

Before he finished speaking, he only felt a pain in his wrist.

The Dragon Slaying Sword came out of his hand and was thrown high.

Immediately after.

A black shadow rapidly enlarged in front of him.


The two posterior molars, together with the 200 jins of fat, flew down the altar in a whirl, and rolled down the bridge all the way down the stone steps.

The servants who were loyal to the lord were blocked by Wuyangyang, and they were knocked around like bowling balls, but they stopped the momentum and didn't roll down the river all the way.

Lying on the ground, dizzy and dizzy for a while, he tried his best to turn over, only to see clearly that it was an unfamiliar Taoist priest with short hair who was meddling with his business. The Taoist priest was looking at the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand, then he casually put a sword flower around his waist, and reached out to the Dragon King statue.

Master Zhou's full of anger suddenly panicked.

His lips were trembling, but he didn't make a sound.


Loud cry stunned the ancient bridge on both sides.

After a brief silence, the crowd boiled.

"There are really children!"

"Tsk, what a vicious heart."

"Shh! Don't let his family listen."

The buzzing of the discussion is getting higher and higher, and the emotions of doubt, anger, and ridicule spread among the whispers, but most of them are excitement.


Where can you not be excited?

From the woman showing up and crying, to Master Zhou wielding the sword with his own hand, to the Taoist coming to the stage to stop it, and finally the baby cried, things developed ups and downs, as if the stories and characters in the book had been brought into reality.

This kind of strange thing is rare, and the spectators under the bridge almost cheered and rewarded money.

However, in the center of the "stage", Li Changan was much calmer. After all, the reason why he went to the bridge was because he smelled the human scent wafting from the statue of the Dragon King.

But he couldn't say he was completely calm, because when he really saw the deity, he was a crumpled, ugly baby girl who was crying with short arms and legs.

Young Taoists are inevitably at a loss.

After panicking for a few seconds, he noticed that the baby was in the cold autumn wind, and there was no swaddle on his body. He quickly took off his Taoist robe, wrapped the child, and gently wrapped it in his arms.

Sometimes, Li Changan wondered if he had thorns on his body, but whenever a child fell into his hands, he would not stop crying.

Just like the girl in his arms, after coaxing him a few times, he cried even harder. He was really helpless, so he had no choice but to go to find the child's biological mother, and when he turned around like this, he met Master Zhou in the eye.

At this moment.

The red marks on Master Zhou's face from the scabbard were still there, but his expression changed from panic to hideous.

He stared at the Taoist priest stubbornly, his face was piled up with flesh and blood, it was really suspicious, whether all his muscles grew on his face.

"Grab that bull's nose!"

"I'm going to skin him!"

The servants rushed forward.


They are all ordinary country men who don't need to see blood.

Li Changan was too lazy to draw his sword, so he lifted the scabbard, and spun the one in front of him.

Unexpectedly, children's emotions and anger are just like women's. There is no reason and no reason. Seeing people whirling in circles and screaming in pain, they clapped their little hands, "Yeah" and burst into laughter.

The Taoist priest was so invigorated, and tried to make each "top" spin a few more times, and each circle turned more beautifully.

However, the "tops" were really not beaten, and after a while, they all lay down and pretended to be dead and refused to get up, leaving Master Zhou still stunned in place, the flesh on his face collapsed and loosened into a big " stay" word.

With such a character and such an expression, it is common for Li Changan to travel south and north, and the next development is not unexpected.

Apologize first.

"Wait~ Don't come here, don't come here!"

Then there is the clamor of sternness.

"You can't touch me! I am the head of the Zhou family, the county magistrate is my brother-in-law, and the prefect is an old friend of my family..."


"It's not my attention, it's not that I want to kill the child, she is a sacrifice requested by the bridge god... What is my child to do with you, I want you to mind your own business... Leave quickly and leave the child, I can forgive the past. "

As Li Changan approached step by step, Master Zhou collapsed to the ground, and gradually became incoherent. At first, he shied away from his pleas, but his taste changed later.

The Taoist priest didn't want to talk to him, but the stubbornness and stupidity of this man made people laugh.

He shook his head and laughed.

"Idiot, the Dragon Slaying Sword cannot be stained with human blood. Which bridge **** do you worship?"

When Master Zhou heard the words, he paused in his mouth and slowly lowered his head.

Li Changan saw that his face was like a steamer, it quickly turned red, and then he raised his head abruptly and looked at him fiercely.

"You demon! Fake bull's nose! Never try to lie to me. The master clearly said, as long as you put..."

As he spoke, he was abruptly stunned, and then he shouted loudly as if he had caught a life-saving straw:

"Master, Master!"

However, no matter how he shouted, how he raised his neck and looked around, the master he mentioned was nowhere to be seen. But fortunately, there are hundreds of pairs of eyes on both sides of the stone bridge to help him find.


Taking off the conspicuous colored clothes, the wizard who slipped off the bridge at some point exposed Xingzang.

He lowered his head to hide his face and wanted to leave quietly, but the spectators all pretended to be nothing, and moved their steps in unison to block the road.

After several times, until Master Zhou gave a hopeful cry, the wizard finally accepted the reality that he could not escape.

The wizard turned around helplessly, looked around the audience on both sides of the strait, and took a deep breath.

"Fathers and fellow villagers~"


"Master Zhou sacrificed that child for the Zhou family? No! It's for the big guy, for everyone present!"

"This bridge has been too old, and it has become a monster. With a magic method, it has harmed the Dragon King's grandfather and caused the Dragon King to bring disaster."

"If you don't quickly use human sacrifice to break the magic method and make the Dragon King angry, everyone will suffer!"

Saying that, he suddenly pointed to the crowd.

"Xu San'er, are your cats and dogs howling every night for no reason lately?"

The crowd whispered softly.

"Zhang Laohei, does your hen's new chick have three legs?"

The crowd whispered.

"Woman of the Zhou family, does your newly born grandson have white eyebrows and hair?"

The crowd buzzed and talked non-stop.

"These strange things are all signs of Grandpa Dragon King getting angry!"

He again pointed to the Snake Creek winding under the bridge.

"The biggest omen is the river itself! Fathers and elders, it has been raining intermittently for several months this year, and several sections of roads in the mountains have collapsed. As usual, the river should flood the fields. But now, the bridge piers None have passed.”

"Look, this is what the Dragon King is warning us, if we don't break the magic law, there will be drought in the coming year!"

Li Changan nodded while listening on the bridge.

The flow of water in Snake Creek is indeed strangely low.

The so-called "if something goes wrong, there will be a demon", but I didn't notice it myself.

This is the case on the bridge, let alone under the bridge.

"Iron evidence is like a mountain", there have been a lot of voices in the crowd who agree with the wizard, and many people have talked about recent strange things, such as "playing leaf cards and losing money", "not being able to pay the public food", etc., it turns out that the Dragon King has provoked disaster.

Seeing that the fire was almost over, the wizard hurriedly set the fire on Li Changan's head without further delay.

"That Taoist priest was transformed by the bridge demon. It was him who wanted to cause us to lose everything in the next year and break our family..."

At this time.

"evil creature!"

"An dares to confuse the crowd."

Suddenly shouted.

Fayan strode out from the crowd.

In three or two steps, he reached the wizard.

Reaching out and grabbing, he firmly pinched the wizard's neck.

The wizard was also a burly man, and he couldn't break free, so he had to shake his lips again.

"Wow! No wonder Laoqiao didn't do anything in the early days, and he didn't do anything in the evening, but at this time, it turned out that he hooked up with the spirits in the mountains. Folks, this monk was transformed by the old bear in the mountains, hurry up and kill him! "

Most of the surrounding villagers have been bewitched by the words of the sorcerer.

The old man persuaded the monk to let go of the wizard.

The reckless ones are already gearing up to surround them, no matter what is right or wrong, let's take down the person first.

Fayan was unmoved, but...


A Buddha chanting seemed to suppress the din of the crowd.

"Don't show up quickly!"

The voice just fell.

The surrounding people suddenly dispersed like a flock of birds flying in the grass, and a man who stumbled over himself was sitting on the ground with a pale face, shaking his finger and pointing in Fayan's direction.


But seeing what Fa Yan was holding in his hand, there was no other wizard, it was clearly a big python.


The python spit out a long snake letter, wrapping the long and thin body of the sea bowl around Fa Yan, and then slowly tightening it.

This kind of strangulation is enough to grind the rocks and grind flesh and blood into mud, but Fa Yan is like a guardian angel cast in steel in a temple, and the corners of his clothes are not even wrinkled.

On the contrary, when his iron palm clenched slightly, the python spat out in pain.

"Bald donkey, you are afraid that you are a nun? Use some strength! If you can't kill your grandfather today, I will swallow you alive tomorrow."

Fa Yan is as calm as ever.

"Snake demon, who asked you to incite human sacrifice here."

"Hahaha, the bald donkey and that bull nose, it's too late!"

"What's so late?"

"When you take down the Dragon Slaying Sword, you are already too late!"

The snake demon's answer was clueless, and he kept poking out the snake letter and making a "hissing" sound, and the words were vague, but Fa Yan extracted a sense of unease that taught him to be creepy.

The palm of the hand unconsciously exerted force, squeezing the snake demon's eyes to bulge, but it opened the snake's kiss and spit out a wild laugh.

"I'm coming!"

what is coming? !

However, there was no need to ask questions, Fayan had already heard part of the answer.

It was a "rumbling" sound that came from nowhere, like a drum beat, getting more and more urgent and denser, and even the ground beneath his feet began to tremble and vibrate like a beaten drum surface.

Fayan raised his head suddenly.

The birds in the mountains and forests in the distance were frightened, and all kinds of beasts ran wildly among the forests and neighed, and the surrounding crowd was already in chaos.

Some people run amok like headless flies.

Some people were lying on the ground, not knowing which gods and Buddhas they were worshiping.

Others cried out loudly:

"The Earth Dragon has turned over!"


Fa Yan intuitively told himself that it was not so simple. He couldn't help looking at the stone bridge, looking for the person who might be able to give him the answer. Li Changan stood by his sword, staring into the distance. See so good.

As if the sword gave birth to a ray of light.

He couldn't help but follow the Taoist priest's gaze.

Behind him, where the layers of green hills meandering from the Snake Stream, the boundless Qingdai is being smeared with a large piece of white.

The white color is not the clouds rising from the mountains, nor the rain curtain falling from the sky, but the monstrous waves rushing out along the river!

The raging torrent rolled up the waves, whipping the mountains and making a rumbling sound, and then turning over to the sky to connect with the clouds.

Just like the Milky Way.

Like the sea and the sky upside down.

Ordinary floods could never have had such power.


At the height of Hongfeng, a huge snake head like a hill emerged from the waves.

This is the Great Snake!


There is a river beach outside the east gate of Yuhang City.

The flow of water slows down here, causing siltation and giving birth to large swaths of reeds.

If in autumn, on a bright moonlit night, the fine waves on the river are like the gurgling moonlight flowing, coincident with the opening of reeds, and the clusters of plain white velvet sway with the wind, just like snowflakes swaying in the moonlight.

It is a rare beauty, but few people are willing to enjoy it, especially at night.

Due to the terrain, floating objects from the upper stream often run aground on this river beach. What is floating on the river these days? Just dead.

However, tonight, there were two visitors to this lonely beach.

It was a woman who was carrying an oil lamp and a cloth skirt. She was in her twenties and approaching her thirties. Her outline still had the beauty of her youth, but her brows showed years and exhaustion.

Yes, there is another little guest, a **** cat nestled in a woman's arms, with a round head and a fat belly, and two green eyes that are piercingly alert to the surrounding movement.

One person and one cat just arrived by the river.

The woman let out a short exclamation.

A monk was lying on his back on the river beach, his eyes were closed, he was motionless, his body was wet, and most of them were stranded objects floating down from the upper stream.

After being surprised, the woman was not afraid, but approached cautiously, put down the cat, and leaned over to probe the monk's breath.

"Don't worry, girl, the monk is still alive."

The woman shivered with fright, and hurriedly raised the oil lamp.

Ahead, the reeds swayed, and a short-haired monk emerged.

The short-haired monk was drenched all over, holding a baby in his arms, wrapped in dry reed velvet flowers, swiping his thumb, and sleeping soundly.

"Don't be afraid, girl, this is not a bad guy." The short-haired monk said again, "Is there a doctor nearby? This child seems to be sick."

The woman listened carefully.

Only to find that the baby's cheeks revealed an abnormal flush.

Come up quickly.

"let me see……"

The words just came out.


The black cat jumped out abruptly and roared.

The woman walked up to him for a while, and looked at the short-haired monk carefully, and her face instantly turned pale.

Suddenly he picked up the big cat and ran away without even caring about the oil lamp.

It disappeared like a gust of wind.

Leaving a short-haired monk or saying that Li Changan is inexplicable, he said that he doesn't look like a bandit bully, and even during the festivals, when the seven aunts and eight aunts introduced him to a blind date, they praised him for his looks like Zhou Zhengli, no matter what happened. As for scaring the big girl away?

He looked left and right for a long time, and finally found a clue.

The moonlight shines brightly in the sky, but I can't see my shadow under my feet.


Li Changan suddenly realized.

I turned into a ghost.

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