The altar was placed on a stone bridge.

The bridge is old, and the guardrails on both sides are stripped by the years. The loose stones are covered with brocade, vines, and pteridophytes... like beards from the folds of the old man’s face, thickly downwards. Phi, hung into the turbulent turbid current of Snake Creek underneath.

Li Changan came just by chance.

The ceremony has just begun.

The lively preaching paused, and the messy gong sounded.

A team of horses and horses carried three animals and set foot on the stone bridge. The leader was a richly dressed man. He stepped up the steps out of breath, bowing to the ground in a reverent gesture, and his whole body was bulging out under his colorful clothes.

At a glance, it was no different from the fat pig **** with red silk next to it.

Then came the high-pitched suona.

The eccentric and gorgeous witches appeared more and more and appeared on stage.

He sang vague prayers while dancing around like a snake.

Wait for him to babble up to the center of the altar.

Suddenly shaking the handbell, the audience immediately picked up a few white flags. The cinnabar characters on the flags were all ghost symbols, and only a few words "dragon" or "snake" could be vaguely recognized.

Suddenly, the waist drum slapped again, and the agile man climbed down the bridge with his bare hands amidst the exclamation of audiences on both sides of the strait.


The liveliness of the play on the bridge, the whispers of the play under the bridge.

A corner of the crowd.

"Huh? Strange. It's not about repairing a new bridge, so why are you tossing on the old bridge?"

"No wonder, just pick up the old bridge to make the new bridge good."

"In order to save money for stones? I heard that this master puts on a table of water for many days to repair the bridge. He has enough fish, meat and rice, and he is very generous, not like a stingy rich man who is waiting for him."

"I don't understand, there are too many people who don't understand! There is something to say here."

The talk was closed, and the one next to him hurriedly asked for advice.

"Brother speak a little bit, turn around and invite you to have a drink."

"Oh, it's not me who likes to chew the tongue. I also heard from the brother Yizong. His mother-in-law's uncle is the cousin of the rich man's concubine. Talk about it!"

He cleared his throat after receiving a bet and swearing around him.

"To say that there is a certain number of people’s blessings, this end has to be too many, the other end has to be short. For example, the master of bridge repair, his family’s surname is Zhou, and his ancestor only served as a small official, not very blessed, but from his great grandfather Since the beginning, the family’s land fortune is more than one generation, and at the same time, the generation is thinner than the generation. By his generation, he is already a single seedling, and Master Zhou is himself, in his sixtieth birthday, and has ten children under his knees. Not a single one. Seeing that Wanguan’s wealth is getting cheaper for foreigners, I feel anxious. I don’t care about a handful of old bones. I always ask for brides every year. They are all women who seem to have good births. I didn’t think about it in recent years. , Let alone a boy, there is not even a girl..."

While talking, someone interrupted.

"I know, I know! It's not that they were dead, but they were all given to the Dragon King as intercourse! Someone picked it up and saw that the girl was all bruised and beaten to death, saying it was to scare the girl, so don't go anymore. His family was reborn."

"No! Don't dare to talk nonsense, it's a lawsuit!"

The speaker gave a distracted look, carefully looked around, and then continued to speak.

"Just a few days ago, there was a mage, who was on the stage, and when he arrived at Zhou Mansion, he saw the crux of the matter at a glance."

"The mage said that our grandfather Dragon King is not only a shelter for dead babies, but also boys and girls who are about to reincarnate.

"The Zhou family's problem lies here."

"This stone bridge on the ground has grown old and matured. It has become an immortal. But you can also see that the stone bridge is very ruined, and the whole body is about to become a snake's nest. The bridge immortal is angry that we can't walk alone. Xiu, but didn't embarrass the mortals, so he only cast his anger on Grandpa Longwang under the bridge. Grandpa Longwang was also annoyed, but his old man was kind and didn't bully the poor, so he only picked the Zhou family who had the biggest face on the ground to spread fire. Knowing that his family's male Ding is young, he just gave his family his daughter, so that the Zhou family will cut off the incense!"

"So, not only is the Dragon King worshipped on the bridge this time, but also the Bridge God."

Just after speaking, there was a burst of cheers from the crowd onlookers.

"It's out! It's out!"

Everyone hurriedly stood on tiptoe and looked around.


It turned out that the man who had walked down the bridge had drilled his "beard."

The skill is still as agile as an ape.

There is a rusty old sword with sheath in his hand.

This sword is called the "Sword of Slashing the Dragon". It is a local custom. Every time the bridge is repaired, it will be hung under the bridge.

The man climbed onto the bridge and respectfully presented the sword to a big man who was dressed up as a god.

At this time, all blowing sounds are pressed.

The audience immediately understood that the climax of the ceremony was coming.

So everyone was silent, only the mage held his neck up, hissing and exhaling.

He said:

"Please Dragon God!"

So the three animals were removed, and a small dragon king statue made of colored paper was brought up.

Then, the wizard began to chant the spell in a weird tone while walking around the idol.

To the effect, one is to tell the bridge **** that people are ready to build a new bridge for it, so that it will no longer hinder the Dragon King, or it will be completely demolished.

The second is to tell River God that Bridge God’s trouble has been solved for it, so that it should not be messing up, otherwise...

The gongs, drums and suona came out together.

The wizard stepped back, and the "God General" stepped onto the platform.

He took a T-step to the "Dragon King", as if he was in the execution ground at the gate of Autumn City. He raised the Dragon Slashing Sword aloud to the cheers of the audience, and was about to draw out the sword to stab the "Dragon King" to death.



Suddenly, there was a stern call.

The "God General" was taken aback for a moment and stopped; the musicians forgot to play; the crowd split, and a disheveled and disheveled woman came out and threw herself under the bridge.

She cried and screamed:

"You let her go, don't move her, she is your own flesh and blood too!"

The audience under the bridge hadn't figured out the situation yet, Master Zhou, who had been bowing down on the bridge, suddenly bounced, his red cheeks half hurried and half angry, pointing to the servants around him.

"Stop that crazy woman! Stop her quickly!"

The servants hurriedly rushed up, grabbing the woman with their hands and feet, but they didn't stop her mouth.

"My daughter, my daughter is inside the Dragon King statue."

Master Zhou jumped anxiously.

"Hurry up!"

"You kill me, you kill me!"

"Don't let her shut up!"

The woman's cry was finally blocked, but it was too late.

Someone in the crowd recognized that the woman was Master Zhou Xinna's concubine, and the buzzing discussion immediately spread among the crowd, and all kinds of eyes of scrutiny, suspicion, and sarcasm gathered on the bridge.

Master Zhou's face was blue and white, and then he gave the musicians a vicious look.

"Why?! Don't pay for it? Go on!"

Under the gaze of everyone's eyes, they didn't even excuse one or two, and insisted on continuing the ceremony.

So the music played again, but the "general" who was responsible for killing the dragon king fell into hesitation, staring at the woman's direction, and lingering with his sword.

When Master Zhou saw this, he was furious, rushed to the altar, pushed away the "divine general", and snatched the Dragon Slashing Sword.

Draw the sword.

The rust is dead and can't be pulled out.

Simply hold the Dragon Slashing Sword upside down as a hammer.

Hold the "Dragon King" with one hand, and hold the ancient sword high with the other.


Smashed down hard!

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