Old man Li is dead.

The news was like a stone thrown into a pond, with a little turbulence.

Old man Li is also a famous person in a few miles around, not only because he is an old intellectual, but also because of his tough temper.

Many years ago, some developers looked at the site of the village and wanted to build a high-end community. Other villagers took the demolition money one after another and left, but Old Man Li refused to move alive. Seeing the magnificent buildings rising from the ground, Old Man Li’s two-story small foreign buildings were fixed in the center like nails.

Isn't this cheating?

However, the developers tried every possible means, but the old man just didn't move away, and the developers were so anxious that they had sores on their heads and bubbling on the soles of their feet.

Now, when the old man kicked his legs and let go, the developer immediately reacted. He drove the excavator in one hand and a bunch of "black suits" with the other hand.

The excavator drove up the small dam in front of the house. The heavy tires crushed the dam and the bucket was about to hit the brick wall.

Suddenly, there was a clamor of gongs and drums, and a team of people wearing filthy filial piety came out of the oblique stabbing.

The black suits were about to step forward to stop them, and a few people wearing linen and filial piety threw a few strings of firecrackers from a distance, and the crackling suddenly made the black suits jump.

Taking advantage of this turmoil, several sturdy guys carrying a large "duang" were blocked in front of the bucket. Upon closer inspection, it was an uncovered thick wooden coffin with old man Li lying straight inside. , The look is much more peaceful than before.

The current firecrackers are cutting corners, and there is no movement after a few bursts. In this case, a black suit was also embarrassed by the bombing. Even the developers who hid far away were also hit by the fish. He flew over and landed on his shiny big back, and he changed his hairstyle with a "bang".

The developer's face suddenly turned dark, and the boss in the black suit couldn't count the number of holes in the clothes that were blown up. He hurriedly pulled open the neckline, revealing the developed chest muscles and tattoos, and opened his mouth and cursed: "Your dad..."

The words are not finished.


The few women over there with high and bright voices have already made their heads.

Then the chaotic other voices are like harmony, "God doesn't have eyes, you are not cold, there are **** to bully your children and grandchildren and demolish your house!"

After roaring this round of cantata, women, children, old and young gathered in it, crying and throwing paper money into the sky.

Qing Zhuang blocked the periphery, revealing his own steel pipe, machete, shovel handle, table legs...

"Bah!" The boss in the black suit spit on the ground disdainfully. Since he entered this line, he hasn't seen any formations. He wanted to scare him with a few broken sticks and blades? He has always been the only one who throws dung in front of people. Where can anyone dare to throw firecrackers on him?

It's irrational. Hey!

Boss Hei shakes his pectoralis major and is about to give this group of "filial sons" a good-looking one, but one of his subordinates quickly grabbed him.

"What are you doing?"

"Boss." The subordinate pointed at the pile of people with a nervous expression.

Boss Hei took a closer look, and there were a few young people half-concealed in the crowd, and the guy he was carrying was actually a dirt gun.


The black boss turned around and said to the developer, "Don't be familiar with these gangsters, bad luck!"


Although one party is to protect the house and the other is to demolish the house, they are all just for money.

The two parties quickly argued with each other to come up with a specific number. The developer was afraid of what would happen in the future, so they simply asked people to withdraw cash from the bank. Here, the Li family was unambiguous, and they quarreled and divided the money on the spot.

A little bit for you, a little bit for Li Changan, only a few crumpled pieces of Grandpa Mao are left.

The uncle who divided the money was a little embarrassed, and the aunt holding the child hurriedly said: "Chang'an, you don't think you are too young, we are divided according to the head."

Oh, no wonder you even carried your natal child.

Li Changan smiled and said nothing.

He has been unfamiliar since he was a child. Although it was his grandfather Li, who brought him up with one hand, he still relies on his uncles for the many expenses of school and living, so he didn't plan to compete with these relatives at the beginning.

"no need."

Li Changan pushed the ticket back.

"I'll just pick something in the house later."

"That's what you need!" The big aunt snatched the money and stuffed it into her pocket with a smile, her face bright.

The valuable things in the house have long been moved away.


"One, two, three, get up!"

Several uncles who were in their prime of life raised the coffin with chants.

A gang of people came over to kill the generals with filthy filth and filial piety, and then returned with the pots, pans, tables and benches that they had raided from the house.

Li Changan, who was walking among a group of people who were contented and grinning, looked back.

Amid the roar of the excavator, the small building carrying many of his memories collapsed into a pile of rubble, and it also collapsed, and it seemed that there was his last bit of nostalgia for this land.

"Forget it, go back!"


It was night, and the banquet was scattered in front of the mourning hall.

The elders call their friends to play mahjong, and the younger ones get together to play mobile phones and watch TV.

Li Changan shrank in a bedroom alone, holding an old thread-bound book in his hand.

This is one of the little gadgets he brought out from his grandfather's house. Most of them are worthless, and he just used it as a souvenir.

But this book is different. Li Changan chose it from the house because he had no impression of the book.

He grew up in that house since he was a child, and every object in every corner is too familiar. When Li Changan found the book, he was lying quietly in the bookcase, like everything else in the bookcase, full of dust, but there was no trace of it in Li Changan's memory.

This made Li Chang'an a little puzzled, he looked at the book carefully.

The book case is a yellow crust, with layers all over it, and the pages in the middle are already yellowed. And the thread of the spine is also not regular, it looks like a hole drilled by oneself, a thick twine thread through it.

Li Changan turned the first page.

There are densely written small characters on it, two characters in groups, covering the entire page, but it seems so old that the ink has faded.

Li Changan made the lights brighter and carefully identified each word.

"Through the quiet, drive the gods, bear the mountains, forbid water, borrow the wind, spread the fog, pray for sunshine, pray for rain..."

"Isn't this the seventy-two magic trick of Taoism?"

The Seventy-Two Skills of Earth Evil, or another more famous title, Seventy-Two Changes, Sun Dasheng's housekeeping skills are part of the Taoist method of change.

This method of change is not simply a man-to-girl, or a man-to-goat, but a spell that changes everything, such as moving clouds and raining, moving mountains to boil the sea, and stealing the sky to change the day. It is regarded as the foundation of all Taoism.

Knowing what it was about, Li Changan didn't look at it anymore at the moment. He turned to the second page, but there was a picture of an ugly ghost drawn on it.

"Could this be a book of ghosts and monsters?"

Li Changan turned the back pages, but was surprised to find that they were all blank.

"This is really inexplicable..."

Li Changan shook his head and was about to close the book.

Suddenly, as soon as his eyes left the page of the book, Li Changan's mind suddenly became groggy with a "buzz" in his ear.

He just felt dizzy, all shapes in front of his eyes began to be distorted, various colors melted and mixed together, making people feel bored. I also thought of a lot of words in my ears, but I couldn't hear them clearly, I only heard all kinds of weird Southern accents. As if a gong sounded, Peking opera, clappers, yellow plums, flower drums... all began to sing together, and the noise came into the ears, and Li Changan's stomach juices were tumbling.

But when he was about to be unable to hold it, when he came to a live broadcast, the ears in front of his eyes suddenly cleared. He hurriedly supported the table and breathed for a few moments, finally slowing down...Huh? table? Wasn't you still lying on the bed just now? Where did the table come from? He raised his head suddenly, but he was dumbfounded...My God, where is this?

Li Changan found himself in a small and simple house. The walls of the house were rough but yellowish, and the bamboo stalks in the wall could be seen vaguely. This was actually a mud wall made of bamboo, straw and mud.

Looking up, a few logs erected the roof, but most of the roof tiles were gone. The cold moonlight cast down, and Li Changan looked confused.

"Is it possible?"

He muttered blankly and lowered his head.

The moon shines on the ghost portraits on the pages of the book, and the outline lines seem to come alive, making the portraits more alive, and they must jump out of the book and choose people to devour them.

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