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Seventy-two Changes of the Evil Spirits

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There are seventy-two changes in the evil spirits, and every general change is a magical power. A magical yellow-shell book sent Li Chang’an back to the ancient world. Every time a monster was killed, he gained a magical power.

Painted skin ghosts, zombie kings, spider demons…one by one the demons fell under his sword.

Tongyou, swordsmanship, slashing demons… a number of magical powers are obtained from the book.

When he slayed a hundred ghosts and drew his sword and looked around, he realized that all this was just a small wave before the tide.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:STCES
Alternate Title:地煞七十二变
Author:Sacrificial wine
Weekly Rank:#9826
Monthly Rank:#9464
All Time Rank:#9279
Tags:Ghosts, Male Protagonist, Mythical Beasts, Mythology, Weak to Strong,
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  1. World Setting: Modern, Ancient The protagonist is from the modern era (judging from descriptions of computers and such). He finds a weird book and is suddenly transported to a world similar to ancient china. He also gets the ability to see, hear, and touch ghosts. There, he encounters ghosts and is saved by a cowardly old taoist who takes him as an apprentice. They go around towns and villages to help people and earn money for food. After killing a ghost by himself, he is transported back home to the modern era. I think the rest of the series will be him traveling back and forth between the world but I will have to keep reading. This is the preliminary summary base on the first 10 chapters.

  2. Add this novel is in the style of way of the Devil Link:https://m.biqugee.com/book/47195/index_3.html Title:I'm really not evil Alternate Title:我真不是邪灾啊 Summary:Fairs and demons, evil disasters come to the world, I am the lord of disasters] evil disasters, the source of chaos and madness, can pollute the breath of all things and become strange demons. Shen Yu carries the panel attributes to rebirth, integrates and upgrades martial arts, incarnates evil calamity, and blows everything up. Fire Alchemy Body + Green Wood Longevity Skill + Reggae Skill = Heretic God Wu Forbidden Art Iron Cloth + Barbaric Immortal Body + Wanjun Bone = Immortal Evil Body Heretic God Martial Forbidden Art + Indestructible Evil Body =? ? ?

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