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Serve as Contrast Team in a ‘Dad with Baby’ Show

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Lin Momo hasn’t had a father or a mother since she was very young and lives with the grandmother who picked her up after being thrown away. One day, a person claiming to be an agent approached her and asked her to pretend to be the daughter of a certain star and participate in the recording of a reality show, and she would be given 20,000 yuan after the filming was completed.

Looking at her poor family, Lin Momo thought for 2 seconds and agreed.

This reality show is called ‘Living with Dad’. Dad takes the baby and randomly draws a family background to experience a different life every week.

The night before the recording of the program, Lin Momo had a dream that after the program was broadcast, only the team of the former singer—Lin Cheng—had bad reviews: the daughter is not cute; the father has no fatherly love; and the father and daughter have no communication at all during the whole process.

The audience pointed out: ‘He doesn’t know how to take care of a baby at all’; ‘It’s really embarrassing’; ‘There is no sense of presence’, ‘I hate this pair the most’; ‘It’s not good-looking at all, I suggest you go offline’ and so on…

Later, more black material popped up, Lin Cheng’s career and reputation collapsed completely, and Lin Momo’s 20,000 yuan was also lost. She was forcibly sent to an orphanage with the ‘help’ of Internet celebrities and caring people.

In order to keep her 20,000 yuan, Lin Momo was determined to perform well.

However, the father-daughter combination of Lin Momo and Lin Cheng still became the contrast team and the audience reaction is palpably different:

Other teams: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute!
Contrast team: Hey, my daughter is so sensible.

Other teams: It’s great to be a star.
Contrast team: The life of outdated stars is so miserable.

Other teams: This is a parent-child interactive program.
Contrast team: This turned out to be a survival show?!

Other teams: Dad, come on, raise your children.
Contrast team who drew the [Unemployed Families] card: Daughter, come on and support Dad!

Lin Momo: “I have to work hard to make money, otherwise my father will starve to death.”

Lin Cheng: “I have to work hard to make money, otherwise I will have to take my daughter back to inherit tens of billions of property.”


Lin Cheng, who hasn’t ‘appeared’ for half a year, received a call from his agent and was given a contract.

Lin Cheng: “Appearance fee?”

Agent: “None.” The appearance fee is 100,000 yuan, but the backer was invited to dinner for 300,000 yuan, so the remainder is negative.

Lin Cheng: “Script?”

Manager: “None.” The program team didn’t have time to write one.

Lin Cheng: “Draw lots?”

Agent: “Still no.” As the contrast team, there is no right to choose the family background.

Lin Cheng: “Is there a child?”

Manager: “Yes.”

Looking at the ‘fake’ child who looked too much like him, Lin Cheng had a weird feeling.

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Short Title:SACT
Alternate Title:在爸爸带娃节目里当对照组
Author:Xian Yu Lao Ren
Weekly Rank:#992
Monthly Rank:#1205
All Time Rank:#5353
Tags:Abandoned Children, Acting, Celebrities, Child Protagonist, Childcare, Clever Protagonist, Cute Protagonist, Determined Protagonist, Entertainment, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Modern Day, Mysterious Family Background, Poor Protagonist, Showbiz, Singers, Tragic Past,
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  1. Tried reading the first few chapters but I couldn’t bring myself to continue. 2D characters, sidecharacters have no personality or thinking, they are just there to move the plot along, there is no logic or emotion to their actions except to emphasize things to push a point across. The agent comes to the MC’s house, the old and young are pitiful, MC’s face has obvious marks of being slapped, and the guy doesn’t even blink. Agent signs contracts on the behalf of their artist without consent and the artist? Either he’s stupid or stupid, the act of saying no and being troublesome is only to showcase how “cold” and “indifferent” he is, and how “circumstances” are what forced him to follow the plot. The way they plan to gain fame is to pretend he has a daughter? Give her makeup to cover her injuries, not a mention of a doctor or treatment, give her a script to memorize, changing her age. I don’t know, I don’t like how unscrupulous the entertainment sector is there, everything is false. The coldbloodedness atmosphere which tells me “only if you are strong, popular and powerful, do you deserve to be loved” rubs me off wrong. Most novels are like this though, what with the cannonfodder and mindless faceslapping. I dont know, maybe my opinion is too harsh but the unsatisfactory beginning failed to show promise so I will not force myself to continue.

  2. https://m.shubaow.net/220/220989/.If the link doesn't opens copy the alternative title given below the short title of this novel put it on the search bar and u will find it on shubaow.net

  3. Hye! does anyone know a novel in which the frozen female lead awake after a generation and become grandmother.that story is very similar to this novel petite mother of 4 bigshots and 5 bigshots kneel down and call me mother. Novel please help me to find its name.

  4. NEED HELP!!!! I can't remember the name of this novel but it's about a girl who dies and she's reborn in the same world she lives in as her male god's wife I think he'san actor. She knows he doesn't love her so she continues to support him the same way she did as her previous self who was his first fan and the ML starts to fall in love with her when he figures out she that special fan. Please help me with the name I've been looking for HOURS.

  5. assistant director came over and said. The team leader nodded in agreement, thought for a while, and then asked: "How about we issue a statement and directly tell the audience that Lin Cheng's segment was not arranged by the program team?" This proposal was immediately rejected by the chief director. "It's even worse. The audience might think we're trying to cover up when we make a statement directly." The chief director squinted his eyes, knocked on the table and whispered: "It's best to think of a way to throw the blame on Lin Cheng and the others. Myself." On the other side, Lin Cheng and Lin Momo didn't know what countermeasures the chief director had discussed. However, when the 'father and daughter' returned to their place of residence and were about to enter the house, they were stopped by the staff of the on-site director team. "Please wait a moment, both of you." "Is there any question?" Lin Cheng asked. Generally speaking, after the recording of the program starts, the director team will not easily appear on the scene or interrupt the recording. "It's like this. According to the regulations of our program, during the one-week life experience process between the celebrity father and the child, the father needs to earn money to support the family through corresponding work. Just now, Lin Momo went to the waste station to buy waste products, which does not meet the requirements of the program group. Therefore, the 28 yuan and 50 cents she earned at the waste station are considered 'illegal' income, and the program team will temporarily confiscate it." Twenty or so yuan, let alone a star like Lin Cheng, is an ordinary adult It's not a big deal for people, it's not a big deal for the program group to temporarily confiscate their money.

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