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Seeking Good Fortune and Avoiding Misfortune Starts From Tianshi Mansion

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[I traveled through time and entered the Taoist holy land Tianshi Mansion to practice. 】

Lei Jun: “This is a good start.”

[Late in getting started, late in practicing, mediocre in abilities, and slow in cultivation. 】

Lei Jun: “This is a bit bad.”

[Seeking good luck and avoiding bad luck, luck predicts the future, and choices determine life. 】

Lei Jun: “My golden finger is very powerful.”

[Top sign: …to get a fifth-grade opportunity, move secretly, and have no worries, good luck. 】

Lei Jun: “This is good, are there any others?”

[Lower sign: … Before you get any harvest, you will encounter a big disaster, you will be in a dangerous situation, and the casualties will be unpredictable. It is fierce. 】

Lei Jun: “Very good, I choose to sign.”

From now on, the benefits will not be lost, and the troubles will not come to you.

Life is in a simple mode, and you can watch others’ thrilling clouds rise and fall indifferently.

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Alternate Title:趋吉避凶,从天师府开始
Author:August Flying Eagle
Weekly Rank:#3391
Monthly Rank:#2613
All Time Rank:#9299
Tags:Cautious Protagonist, Cultivation, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  1. For people who want to read this with the chapters not messed up go here: https://wtr-lab. /en/serie-5575/seeking-good-fortune-and-avoiding-misfortune-starts-from-tianshi-mansion

  2. Someone help me find a Novel name about A MC weird cultivation world. where Eye cultivation u need to eat eye. And if u cultivated long time u became Weird . And Human skin book for skin cultivation stomach world and disease to cultivate etc.help please it good novel looking it for soo long can't find it.

  3. This is good story. The MC is normal, not arrogant, sly, ruthless, decisive, calm, friendly, cautious, sometimes have some funny thoughts, and intelligent. 10/10 👍

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