"Mom, you are comforting me."

Li Youyou leaned in Ye Tianxin's arms, she thought, she probably couldn't see her two children in her entire life.

"No one can tell about the future."

Even if Li Youyou and Tang Xiaoxiao both have very good physical qualities.

But after soaking in the sea for so long, Li Youyou and Tang Xiaoxiao both stayed in the hospital for several days before being discharged.

Tang Xiaoxiao was taken away as soon as he was discharged from the hospital. He was a lone wolf, but he had never participated in the production and trafficking of drugs, and even provided clues many times to end the drug den.

In Tang Xiaoxiao's heart, his father's surname is Tang.

That honest, restrained, and steady father is his father.

In order to redeem his merits, Tang Xiaoxiao also handed over all the assets, contacts, and financial resources he inherited from his biological father to the government.

A deep-rooted drug trafficking team was wiped out.

Even if Li Youyou does not pursue Tang Xiaoxiao, Tang Xiaoxiao is still sentenced to two years in prison.

On the day of the sentence, Li Youyou went to see Tang Xiaoxiao, and through a thick glass, Li Youyou looked at Tang Xiaoxiao who had been cut to an inch.

"This hairstyle is suitable for you."

Tang Xiaoxiao touched his hair and grinned, showing two beautiful dimples.

"Yo Yo, you don't need to blame yourself. I chose this path myself. I am very happy to spend such a time with you in the houseboat. Thank you, you will be happy."

Tang Xiaoxiao was calm, his birth was the original sin.

In this way, I cleanse my sins, and from then on, I am innocent.

"Tang Xiaoxiao, this is the book I brought you. Take care of yourself."

Li Youyou has prepared a lot of books, all of which are financial.

After Tang Xiaoxiao was released from prison, it was obviously impossible to continue to return to the army. After two years in prison, he also needed to refit in this society.

"thank you."

Ye Jinyu and Shangguan Anning's wedding took place in the autumn of golden osmanthus.

It is a great event for Shangguan's family to marry a daughter.

On this day, Shangguan Anning was sitting in her room, watching relatives and friends hang a pair of gold dragon and phoenix bracelets on her body, she suddenly felt like a moving golden mountain.

"Mom, this is too much."

Shangguan Anning roughly counted, and at least two hundred pairs of dragon and phoenix bracelets were hung on his arms and neck.

Fortunately, she was sitting on the bed in the bedroom. If she stood up, she would definitely not be able to move.

Quietly stroked Shangguan Anning's head gently, "Silly boy, not much at all."

"Mom, my neck hurts."

Quiet and helpless, he had to take off all those hanging around Shangguan Anning's neck.

Downstairs, there was a burst of firecrackers.

"The groom is here!"

Li Youyou wore a black suit with a bouquet of groom's corsage on his chest, and was blocked outside Shangguanling's gate.

The descendants of Shangguan's family all stopped Shang Li Youyou.

Ye Jinyu, the real groom, jumped in from the window with ease.


Shangguan Anning heard Ye Jinyu's voice and was taken aback for a moment, "You are..."

"Those of your relatives have never seen Yo Yo, and regard Yo Yo as me."

When Shangguan Anning heard Ye Jinyu's words, she suddenly covered her lips and smiled.

Ye Jinyu shook Shangguan Anning's hand and said in a low voice, "My father-in-law thinks that I have abducted his beloved baby. This is going to be a cause for trouble!"

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