When Li Youyou was young, he was extremely cold, and he didn't like to talk to anyone. He had a straight face when he saw anyone, and he was very guarded.

It was only later that it slowly and slowly changed.

Ye Tianxin doesn't think that a woman has to get married and have children to be complete.

For Ye Tianxin's mother, Li Youyou's happiness is the most important thing.


Li Youyou pressed her lips, her eyes were deeply moved.

She, Li Youyou is much happier than others.

Really very happy.

In her previous life, she did not have a good pair of parents, so she didn't know that she could be a parent in this way.

It wasn't until she met Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang's parents that she knew that her parents were like this.

Parents who can be friends with their children.

They never force her to do anything, they will only become the strongest backing behind them.

What Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin have been saying to Li Youyou is that you can do whatever you like without any psychological burden.

"Mom, I actually have someone I like."

Li Youyou said this deliberately.

Ye Tianxin was surprised, ah, there is someone who likes, "Yo Yo, that's OK, you find a time to show us, if appropriate, maybe you can also hold a wedding with your brother, you two brothers and sisters together. The wedding is also a very pleasant thing."

"Mom, I like a girl."

Ye Tianxin still didn't change her face, and said without a heartbeat, "What's wrong with girls you like? Your uncle and them have had a good life."

"Mom, don't you worry that others will call you?"

"What about me? Yo-yo, this is not a shameful thing, it's just that the person you like is just the same **** as you. What does this have to do? Your mother and I are not such a pedantic person."

Li Youyou covered his face and laughed hahaha, "Mom, why do you believe me so? You believe everything I say."

"Silly girl, you are my daughter, I don't want you, who do I believe?" Ye Tianxin quickly reacted, "You just lied to me?"

"Yeah, Mom, I just lied to me, how could I like girls."

Ye Tianxin gave Li Youyou angrily.

Li Youyou didn't feel annoyed, she put her arms around Ye Tianxin's arm and acted like a baby, "Mom, I don't have a relationship between men and women for Tang Xiaoxiao. He is a very good teammate, nothing more, and I don't want to talk about it in love."

"You will feel lonely in the future by yourself." Ye Tianxin said.

Li Youyou inexplicably thought of her marriage to Feng Chen in her previous life.

"Mom, the loneliness of one person is better than the loneliness of two people."

Ye Tianxin always feels that Li Youyou has seen all the people in the world. She asked Li Youyou, "You are still young, what if you meet someone you like in the future?"

"Mom, there is actually one thing I haven't told you."

Li Youyou told Tang Xiaoxiao about his experience when he thought of being in a houseboat on the sea.

She didn't plan to hide anything from Ye Tianxin anymore.

"Mom, I have memories of my past life."

Li Youyou blinked, admiring Ye Tianxin's surprised face.

"Did you always have it? Or did you remember it later?"

Li Youyou said softly, "I always have."

Ye Tianxin held her daughter's hand distressedly and patted gently. She always remembered that they had told her that Li Youyou had suffered a lot in her past life.