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In her previous life, Mu Yanxi fell in love with Yi Jingming like a bewitch, flattered him, and cared so much for him. Only after she died did she realize that she was just cannon fodder in a certain novel, and she deserved everything to make the protagonist.
Once reborn, Mu Yanxi said that she would not cooperate. Waiting for her to cooperate internally and externally to inherit the inheritance, right?
All right, then she wants to marry Yi Wulan right away, even if Yi Wulan dies, Yi Jingming’s family property will not be his turn.
Mu Yanxi ran back to the main hall of the Yi family before the engagement was terminated. Yi Wulan was sitting in a wheelchair with a long skirt sweeping the floor, with a dignified temperament, and a pair of stunning peach blossom eyes showed a sense of rejection and alienation.
Mu Yanxi was confident and chattered nonchalantly. She touched the roof of her tongue with the tip of her tongue, and her eyes, which were red from running, flickered: “I like you so much, of course I want to marry you.”
Yi Wulan:? ? ?
From that day on, Mu Yanxi, who couldn’t live without flirting, took advantage of Yi Wulan’s sleep to give her healing powers awakened in another world. The next day, when she was found to be shaking hands, she could shyly slap her: “I knew you had a deep affection for me and wanted to conspire against me.”
Yi Wulan: …
Later, on the night of Yi Wulan’s recovery, Mu Yanxi, who failed to escape, was forced to bite the divorce agreement and cry, her eyes turned red.

Yi Wulan (attack) VS Mu Yanxi (receive)
Note: Gong Shou is 1V1 Shuangjie, the Lord Shou has no children, and Gong Shou is 6 years older than Shou

Content tags: City Love Rich Family Rebirth Sweet Text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Mu Yanxi; Yi Wulan ┃ Supporting roles: Bai Yu’an; Mu Yanqing; Yi Jingming; Yan Che ┃ Others:

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Short Title:SL
Alternate Title:明撩暗恋
Author:Drunk Talk Xinglan
Weekly Rank:#3062
Monthly Rank:#4066
All Time Rank:#8362
Tags:Absent Parents, Acting, Age Gap, Beautiful Female Lead, books like upgrade specialist in another world, Charismatic Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Determined Protagonist, Disabilities, disability, Doting Older Siblings, Entertainment, Famous Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Forced Marriage, Jealousy, Love Contract, Marriage, Marriage of Convenience, Overprotective Siblings, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Rebirth, Secret Relationship, Sibling's Care, Special Abilities, Wealthy Characters, wealthy family,
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  1. Comment trouver les chapitre manquants? Ou mettre l’URL original merci How to find the missing chapters? Or put the original URL thank you

  2. It's normal im mtl so get used to it. Also I think it's probably because in chinese, uhm, they don't have a word used to refer to specific gender of the person being referred to. I also once read that in a novel. Like, when the host of the show asked MC of her partner, everyone thought that her partner's a guy because of that same reason.

  3. m.shubaow.net/276/276123/ just use Google translate or a browser addon to translate whole pages. It's basically what this site does anyway

  4. Please fix the broken chapters. I'm about to go crazy because I feel that you're purposely leaving out the important chapters and I can't take it. I need the good stuff.

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