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Scum Man Cannot Redeem Himself

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She followed him for years. Then got tired and gave up. She didn’t want to continue the one-sided relationship.
She was a bad girl and loved to bully people. Among them, the most bullied person was Li Shuangshuang, because she didn’t like Chen Jili treating her well.

While Li Shuangshuang gradually gained a reputation for being gentle and sensible, she gained a reputation for being domineering and arrogant.

She had a bad reputation. Everybody said no one would marry her.

Ning Qing snickered, she never cared about her reputation, anyway, Chen Jili would marry her.
After twists and turns she married him as she expected.

After marriage, everyone said that she would not please her husband and sooner or later she would be abandoned.

Ning Qing put full effort. She had to show everyone that she would live a good life, give birth to a bunch of children and then the husband and wife would love each other for life.

However … this time, everyone was right. She failed, and indeed a good girl like Li Shuangshuang was worthy of Chen Jili.
She admitted defeat!

She was a bad girl, so she should leave in disgrace and live the life that a bad girl should live.

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Short Title:SMCRH
Alternate Title:《渣男洗不白》
Weekly Rank:#9228
Monthly Rank:#6204
All Time Rank:#6558
Tags:Abusive Characters, Adultery, Betrayal, Cowardly Protagonist, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Masochistic Characters, R-18, Weak Protagonist,
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4 Comments on “Scum Man Cannot Redeem Himself
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  1. Dont be fooled by the low rating. Its rlly great novel with good story. Just the story itself is quite sad. Event tho i dont rlly like ML loving her wife just bcs she is like the ex. Even if she received life from the ex, it's still subsitute! So sad. And the mother of NQ, didn't listen to her daughter wishes at all! Just one thing i dont understand is cj and nq ending. I think they r back tgt? Hmm

  2. I didn't love the ending at all with zhong something author stop confusing readers if it's not a tragedy novel coz if feels greasy

  3. Aaah why does zhao lingxue has tk change her personality to be loved. And to show it like a nice thing the author has to kill a person. And serioudly even ml showed signs of scum man like how he still associated with fl even after he gets a fiancee. And doesnt even comfort the fiancee even after being seen together with fl. She really didnt get respect until ml starts seeing the signs so obviously he also falls in scum category with a low moral line.

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